2017 Homilies (Written)


Matthew 21:28-32; 9-27-2020 (As Built; Amite #418)

  1. Lip service, lip service.
  2. It's the 1970s. Her name is Mary. She lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. She's got two great parents. One by trade is a biochemist, he also kind of likes to dabble in being an author of books, if you will. His wife, the consummate mom, consummate nurse, and also kind of an editor of papa's books. Mary will tell you that she had one sister, but the one thing they had in common, she was Catholic and still is, with a big c. As a result of it, she'll tell you that high school was a little tough. First, she starts out in Honolulu. Then, she ends up in Australia, and when you ask her what was her problem, she says “I’m an introvert's introvert. I don't even like eating by myself, I won't even go out in public by myself. To this day I have to have somebody with me. I’d just rather be left alone.” Her mom said but in high school she came to me and said “Mom, I would like to do two things, I like the ballet, and I love drama.” She said “Well, you know your lifestyle would fit ballet, but if you want to get into drama and theater or whatever, then you better do it more than give it lip service because it's just not who you are.” She decides to get into a play, and remember now she's in Australia, and it's called Christmas in the Bush, you know the nickname from Australia. As a result, it kind of gives her a little bit of a name, gives her a little bit of confidence, a little momentum. Then, she decides well, I’ve got to make that leap of faith, and then she finally gets in a little movie called a Country Physician, a Country Practice. It did okay. Then she found another one called Like a Five River Creek. Okay, nobody saw it, but that's okay. She was in another show called Vietnam, and then all of a sudden, man, the big step came. Man, can she do it? Can she can she go out on that step, and boy could she. You know what's amazing, my brothers and sisters in Christ? Most people don't even know what Chanel Number Five is, but once she got her face on it the world definitely changed. Do you know to this day she got the record for being paid the most money for a three-minute commercial, four million a minute. My brothers and sisters in Christ, she was in shows like Days of Thunder, she was in Golden Compass, she was in the movie Batman Forever, Cold Mountain, look I didn't memorize a dozen of these things, I ain't even seen the movies, I’m just trying to get you there. Yeah, you know her as Nicole Kidman. My brothers and sisters in Christ, you know what's amazing about her? It's her humility, it's her Catholicism. When they were putting her handprints in her star, you know, in the walk of Hollywood, she said “I’ve never been so proud to have people walk on me.” and then the reporter picked up on it and he said, well, something about what about is that like how your Catholicism is, and she said “No, I don't give my Catholicism lip service. I’m a Catholic. I’m a practicing catholic. I even go to regular confession.” She goes to regular confession, just to make sure you caught that. Matter of fact, she even got an annulment from Mr. Cruz. My brothers and sisters in Christ, she doesn't give it lip service. 
  3. That is exactly that gospel. I want you to make sure you understand, the good lord is making a statement to the Pharisees and Sadducees and to the scribes that prostitutes and tax collectors will enter the kingdom before you because you pay me nothing but lip service. Now stop, make sure you understand. They are in a synagogue, the people have lined the walls because they know he's going to be there, there would be a certain section just for those that have the clout, Pharisees, Sadducees, scribes, and he's using what he calls a parable. Now remember, in a parable you got to look for the twist, for something that doesn't seem logical. That's where he wants you to go. A parable was written why? Because ninety percent of the people in the day are illiterate, and the only way they could pass it on generation to generation is like passing on a story, so he says there's two sons in a vineyard, one says yes and then doesn't go, the other says I won't go and then does. He says you are the one that says I’ll go, but then I don't. You give lip service, you gave it to John the Baptist, your forefathers gave it to Ezekiel, you just heard it, they even gave it to Jeremiah, and now you're giving it to me. That is why the judgment will be harsh. 
  4. My brothers and sisters in Christ, look, go back in scripture. Think of all the greatest players in our day. No matter how great your power is, if you give the good lord lip service, you will pay accordingly, my boy Pilate, can you imagine you have the guy beaten to an inch of his life, he's got so many beatings and scourgings that you got the unmitigated gall to say what is truth? The truth is standing right in front of you. You can actually touch the truth, you can actually converse with the truth, and you actually wash your hands in a bowl and towel and feel that exonerates you? Lip service. But I tell you for everyone that had the power that didn't get it, there's one that does get it, King David, the minute that that he kills that man's wife and marries her and loses his son, in seven days he loses his son, he's in sackcloth and ashes, he's not given good lord lip service, he knows he must repent. My brothers and sisters in Christ, no matter how grave your sin is, don't fall victim to giving lip service like Judas. You were so depressed and slipped into despair, and you did that why? Because you didn't think he could ever forgive you for what you've done, and you went and hung yourself and the last thing the good lord says about you “Had been better you've never been born.” You took the test and the teacher said have been better you never took the test, you think you passed? My brothers and sisters in Christ, but for every one of those, there's one that knows what it means to be all in. Mary Magdalene, she has all seven demons, none of the apostles had it, none of the prophets had it, none of the fallen away had it. Pride, anger, gluttony, lust, avarice, sloth, and envy, but yet she's the first to see the risen Christ. She's not giving him lip service, she's all in. My brothers and sisters in Christ, it doesn't matter how late it is in life, think about the good thief. Man, he's a minute away from having his legs broken, and as a result he will suffocate and die an absolute miserable death. All he can get out of his mouth is “Just remember me lord. Have a thought of me, a passing glimpse or understanding.” He's so sorry he can't even get the word sorry out. “This day you will be with me in paradise.” Yet just next to him Gestas, his partner in crime, he's yelling at him, he's complaining. “If you're God, get me and you off.” You're gonna die in a minute, why wouldn't you talk to him and beg for his mercy even if you didn't think so? You've lost nothing, but you yet you gave him lip service. It doesn't matter how old you are, when the good lord calls you to change your direction, or do something else, or get more involved. My brothers and sisters in Christ, Peter is late in life, he's married. Why? Why now lord? I’ve got my boats, I’ve got fishing, I’ve got my house, I’m set. 
  5. Here you and I sit 2,000 years later. My brothers and sisters in Christ, do we give our good lord lip service on what we believe? Do we give our good lord lip service about being Catholic? My brothers and sisters in Christ, there are seven sacraments. They are non-negotiable. I don't care if you like them or you don't, it's not up for you and I to decide. Jeremiah said it, Ezekiel said it, Paul said it, Christ said it, and now I’m echoing it. Go back and read scripture. Hebrews 5, “I’ll choose priests among men for the forgiveness of sins. No one is to take it upon himself.” You either in or you're out. You either believe the church or you do not. You've got to stop negotiating what you think is reasonable and logical. That's why we're in the suit. This is why we have somebody running for president with a big cross on his forehead thinking somehow another it makes him Catholic. How disgusting can that be? That some point this has got to stop, that you are either in the church or you are out. It is the same with our speaker, you are either catholic, or you are not. You either follow the seven sacraments, or you do not. You either know the commandments, or you do not. How in sam hill do you think you and I are going to make the promised land when we don't know the big ten? Do you think they know them in heaven? You think they learned them after they got there? It's what kept them from getting there was the fact that they didn't know and they therefore went against them. My brothers and sisters in Christ, how many times have you and I go into confession? We ain't 50 feet out the door, we committed the same sin that we just walked in there with. We judged, or we cursed, or we gossiped. Is that not lip service? Did you just not walk into that confessional and say bless me father for I have sinned and I gave the sins and it's the same sin over and over and over? At what point do you take yourself seriously? My brothers and sisters in Christ, you think it's logical that somehow another the greatest sin of our day is gossip and slander, but yet we don't stop doing it because we justify it. “It's true.” It's irrelevant whether it's true or not, nobody made you the town crier. What is truth? It's him. Love of neighbor, you broke a commandment and then try to defend it breaking it yet again, now we've got multiple sins against the commandment. My brothers and sisters in Christ, stop talking about other people. Stop, just stop it. If someone else's name is as safe on your lips is our own, if it's not shame on us. 
  6. My brothers and sisters in Christ, you and I are about to embark on a great journey. It's going on in our midst, never has our world seen more chaos than they got it now. We have seen the world tremble, we are arguing about everything, now, there is nothing that's not there, and I promise you you and I better learn to plant our flag and stop giving the good lord lip service. We must follow his laws and his commandments. We must vote according to his laws, no exceptions. “Where are my children?” “You don't understand, Lord, we got a great policy. I got a great economics.” “You have nothing without me, you don't even have an essence, you don't even have a thought, you will not have a name, and you will not be born if I don't ordain it and you got the unmitigated gall to somehow another bleed on me and say ‘you don't get it, step away because there's more issues than that’? No, you’re either in, or you're out.” and I leave you with this. May your actions speak so loud, may your actions speak so loud that they never hear your words. Stay away from lip service. 
  7. Amen.



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