2017 Homilies (Written)


Matthew 14:13-21; 8-2-2020 (As Built; Amite #410)

  1. Share, share as in sharing.
  2.  It's the year 1901. Buffalo, New York, the home of the pan American expo. Oh no, be careful here. It is the expo. It's the expo around the world. Over 1 million people will come to this thing. It covers over 300 acres. They've got everything. They've got rides, they got entertainment, they got music, they got shows, they even got all the newest inventions- the inventions. Rumor has it, Edison himself will come. He will light over 200, excuse me, two million light bulbs using the water from Niagara falls 30 miles away. People are coming just to go to hear it. Matter of fact, there's another rumor going around that the first roller coaster will be used. Well, I got to tell you, William Roentgen has said “Well if they're doing that, and Edison’s going to be there, and they're going to have a roller coaster which I’ve heard so much about, I need to go.” They even going to have the ship in which the guy is going to go around the world. The ship is called the Spray. I bet you it's not more than 40 foot long that's going to be on display. He said “I got to get a booth, I got to get my product out there” and to top it all off, who's the guest speaker? President McKinley himself. Man, they get crowds after crowds after crowds. The first evening over 1 million light bulbs are lit thanks to Edison. Man, the show is a big hit. William McKinley comes in and he gives a talk, and you should have heard his words y'all, they were so profound. He said “Expos are the time keeper of the world's events. It's a record for all the inventions. A timekeeper of all the inventions and records kept for the world.” Man, he gives a talk, man, people couldn't believe it. They were so ecstatic. He's going through shaking people's hands. Out of nowhere, a man stops, shoots him twice. Man, panic ensues. Man, one group of people jump on the shooter. Another group of people picking up President Buchanan. You know what they planned? Unbeknownst to everybody they built a full-scale emergency room thinking with one million people surely they're going to have problems. Who would have thunk, man, the president has been shot. Man, they're rushing him over. They're getting him in the room. Man, the first bullet goes in, hits a rib, and leaves. The second bullet they can't find. Man, panic is ensuing. Man, they're getting everybody cleared out. They're trying to save the president. William Roentgen, who's one of the little display people is going to them and saying “Man, look. I can help you. Let me share it. Take my invention. You can keep it. I don't care, just use it.” “We can't. You don't know what the side effects are of your equipment. We just can't.” He said “Compared to what? Lead poisoning? You can't find the bullet. What do you have to lose?” “We can't risk it.” President McKinley dies eight days later. My brothers and sisters in Christ, two inventions were not allowed to be used for years after that show. The roller coaster never made it because they were afraid people were going to fall, and William Roentgen's x-ray machine, which could have saved the president's life if they had just used it, shared it, or just borrowed it. 
  3. My brothers and sisters in Christ, that is exactly that gospel. My brothers and sisters in Christ, did you hear what the good lord said, looking up to heaven? Stop, that's why you see me hold the gifts and bring it up like this and I look up. That's where we get it from. He blesses, he breaks it- that's why I break a piece of the host and put it in the chalice- and then he feeds them. My brothers and sisters in Christ, did you not hear him? Bring the gifts to me. Five loaves of bread and two fish. Now stop, stop. You are a first century Jew. You and I have all the knowledge of the old testament. We are Jews by descent. We know Isaiah, we know Elijah, Elisha, we know them all, and as a result this is what you need to understand. This event takes place on Sunday afternoon, on Sunday actually. A foretelling of what is to come.My brothers and sisters in Christ, he feeds 5,000 men, Jews only count the men. This is why they don't count women and children, because it's closer to 10,000 people. Five loaves of bread, two fish. To a Jew, The number five is very significant. It represents the first five books of the bible, but you notice there are also two fish. The good lord is saying “Yes, there's the old testament, but now there's the new.” They will now come to know that the number two is hugely significant. that's why we have two candles, the old and the new. My brothers and sisters in Christ, you need to understand that Genesis started on a Sunday. Creation of the world on Sunday, the resurrection on a Sunday. If you and I would go back to Leviticus around chapter 25 or so, you will hear Moses say that on the seventh day, you will worship, but it is also okay when you go to Jerusalem in particular that when you go to Jerusalem you do it on the eighth day. Sunday is the first day, the eighth day is Sunday yet again. Go back to the Acts of the Apostles around chapter 20. Saint Paul’s letter to the Corinthians around chapter 16. My brothers and sisters in Christ, they're talking about the first day of the week is the day that they are celebrating. This is why you and I celebrate the mass and the Sabbath on Sunday. Even the Jews were arguing on whether Saturday was the Jewish feast or the Sabbath. The Pharisees and Sadducees believed it, but they were very political. The Essen Jews, John the Baptist, believed it was on Tuesday and Wednesday, so therefore my brothers and sisters in Christ, when we say “Why did we not celebrate it on Saturday?” Because Christ is the lord of the Sabbath. The Sabbath is not lord over him. I started the world on a Sunday, and I resurrected and built a new creation on Sunday. My apostles celebrated on Sunday, and it is a perpetual institution as you heard in the very first reading from Isaiah. My brothers and sisters in Christ, you and I need to understand. Everybody thought that Isaiah was the man. Everybody thought Elijah was the man. Everybody thought Elisha was the man. They even thought Moses. Remember, no matter how great Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, or Elisha are, none forgave sins. Yes, the blind see, the lame walk, the dead rise, but yet no one forgives sins. Why is this important? Listen to me. Everything in the old testament has to be less than everything in the new testament. The new testament is a foretelling of what is to come. It is Christ himself. The new testament must always be greater. A man and woman are drawn to a tree, as I spoke to you earlier. They brought sin into the world. Man and woman drawn into the tree at the crucifixion of Golgotha and even in Gethsemane, they brought salvation into the world. My brothers and sisters in Christ, in the Garden of Eden, they didn't have names. Once they sinned, they had names. He brought in the book of life. They raised their hand to steal from the tree, he raised his hand to bring us the tree back and to restore it. He gave us life, life everlasting. Elijah, yeah he wore camel skin, but all he talked about was the coming of the savior. John the Baptist wore camel's skin, and actually pointed to him. My brothers and sisters in Christ, the twelve tribes that Christ, that God set up, one being the Levites, none of them cured. None of them forgave sins, but the twelve apostles, the blind see, the lame walk, the dead rise, and forgiveness of sins, so when Christ starts to forgive sins, he's telling everybody in the Old Testament “I can do what Moses, Elijah, Elisha, and Isaiah do, and tenfold more.” This is why he tells the man “Pick up your mat and walk.” and they're saying “Who are you? Only God can forgive sins” and he said “So that they will know that I am. Pick up your mat and walk. Your sins are forgiven.” so that they would know that he is God. My brothers and sisters in Christ, for him to take the bread- Now remember, go back to the old testament again. Elisha feeds about 200 people with a hundred loaves of bread, so for him to feed ten thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish, it's greater than. Therefore, he's driving home the point that if they got blessed bread in the desert, how can ours be a relic or theory or conjecture because it would be less than. It can't be. This is why he says “My flesh is true food and my blood is true drink. If you do not share it with me, you will not have eternal life. Communion in the Greek, communio in Latin, conomia, means to participate in his sacrifice. That is why you and I must partake about it. Give us this day our daily bread. He is the word made flesh. The good lord said “This is my body.” He didn't say it's a relic, a theory, a conjecture, an understanding, just kind of get with it if you can, just whenever you pass me. Don't you understand? He's trying to say that if you do not share my body and my blood, you will not have eternal life. There is nothing I can do for you if you do not participate. It's your soul, and it's mine, and I’ll hold you accountable for it because I told you where I sit. I will be with you to the very end. My brothers and sisters in Christ, you heard the good lord say “I’m the God who was, who is, and who is to come.” the same Greek word stin. Did I mean that theoretically? That I’m not coming back? I highly doubt it. Look at the world we're in now. My brothers and sisters in Christ, he's talking about that you need to learn to share among one another. 
  4. Look, go back in scripture. Say what you want about Mary Magdalene, but you know the gift that that woman shared with you and I? The gift of perseverance. She said no matter how bad things got, you could have beat that woman, you could have rented her out, which they probably, did you could have cursed her, maligned her, and beat her down. That woman is showing up on Easter Sunday. She does not care there are guards in the way, she doesn't care there's a boulder in the way she can't move, she doesn't care that the guard she meets or the same ones that brutalized her before. She'd rather be near a dead savior than live people. That is the gift of perseverance. The first to see the risen Christ, even before Peter himself. My brothers and sisters in Christ, do you know the gift that peter gave you and I? The gift of being resilient. Say what you want about him, we do, I do, man, we always using peter as the stepchild, the doormat. Man, that's Peter. You know first he thinks he can take care of a boat when the storm's coming, can't do that. Thinks he can walk on water, well didn't really accomplish that. Tries to convince the good lord that that's really not the body blood soul divinity, the good lord calls him Satan. Did you ever find it ironic that in scripture when the good lord says “My flesh is true food and my blood is to drink. If I’m not in you, and you're not in me, you do not have eternal life.” It is Peter that goes to him and says “Lord, lord, we're going to lose these people. They're going to probably think that's cannibalistic.” Christ rebukes him by calling him the name of the greatest nemesis. Not “Peter you're disordered. Peter you're misunderstood. Peter you're just not thinking it through.” He said “Satan put that in your head and you pitched it to me. If I’m not in you and you're not in me, you will not have eternal life.” My brothers and sisters in Christ, “and then there were those who walked away. John 6:66. Some irony? Coincidental, or theory? 40,000 faiths in the world today, and only one has remained true. My brothers and sisters in Christ, you know what the good thief gave you and I? The good thief said “You're never too late to say you're sorry.” Seconds before they break his legs “Remember me lord.” He's so sorry he can't even say sorry. Just remember me Lord, just have a thought, an understanding, just remember my essence. This day you'll be with me in paradise.” You're never too late to say you're sorry. You know what Judas gave you and I that the words I’m sorry outside of thank you are probably the greatest words in our vocabulary. Not texted, said. My brothers and sisters in Christ, he's two words away from still being Saint Judas today. “I’m sorry.” My brothers and sisters in Christ, you know what Matthias who took Judas’s place, you know what his gift to you and I is? Just when you think nobody can touch you, just when you think nobody cares what you're doing, just when you think you've been with the disciples and the apostles, the last three years you have seen the blind see, the lame walk, the dead rise, you have had to seen part of the crucifixion, and the resurrection, and the assumption into heaven, and nobody gave you your 15 minutes, and then all of a sudden they got to replace Judas and Matthias is chosen. My brothers and sisters Christ, he taught you and I that the good lord will give you your due when he wants you to receive it. It's his gift to you. It's your gift that you and I are using. Matthias told us to hang in there, to finish the race. 
  5. My brothers and sisters in Christ, here you and I sit 2 thousand years later. What gifts do you and I share with your family and friends, with one another? My brothers and sisters in Christ, every time you meet somebody, every time you talk to somebody, every email, text message, every time you even drive by somebody, you're either sharing a vice, or you're sharing a virtue, every time, because you are never neutral to him. You're either walking towards him or you're walking away from him. Every conversation, thought, email, or text message, everything you do either brings you closer or away. Therefore, if everything is on that line, then therefore you and I are either given a vice, or a virtue. Well let's see, My brothers and sisters in Christ, what about the virtue of justice? Would you treat everyone the same. Period. Because that's what Christ did? Rich or poor, tall or short, black or white, this country or another, will you treat everybody with justice? Will you treat everybody with prudence? The right thing, the right way, which means probably saying absolutely nothing. Will you temper your desires to do what you want, so that others can do what they want? My brothers and sisters in Christ, will you give them the virtue of fortitude? That means that you will dig your heels in and you'll do whatever it takes for the good of the greater of all, and less about me. We live in a world where we are narcissistic. Everything begins and ends with how it impacts me. The problem is, we don't stop thinking about how it impacts everybody else. We are quick to bring out advice. Man, pride, anger, gluttony, lust, avarice, sloth, and envy. Which one of these demons is the ones that haunt you, and you're lucky if it's only one? Do you have to win every argument and that's what you bring to the table? That you're going to win the argument at all costs and you don't care who you trample, you don't care whose throat you step on, you're going to win because we're keeping score? Oh we're keeping score, and he's the only keeper of the score. Are you so angry that you can't have a conversation without bringing four letter words into it? You know back in the day of the Jews, we couldn't even say the word God. We had to say Yahweh or Adonai. Today we use God as a curse word. We use the fu. You tell me that's not out of the mouth of Satan. Did you bring the vice of over drinking to your family, and food? Have we brought slothful and being lazy to our family and spread it, that we no longer work for a living, we depend on somebody else to pay us? Are we envious of others so much so that it dominates our conversations, that we gossip and slander so bad that we do it just so tongue-in-cheek? Do we bring the vice of complaining to the table? If you complain more than you say thank you or I’m sorry, we're disordered. We complain way too much. I bet it's not cold out here, I’m just saying. My brothers and sisters in Christ, here lies the point. At the end of the day you and I have been given a gift. Love of God, love of neighbor. You and I must share the Eucharist and then we must share it with other people. Think about what I’m telling you. The only way we will ever grow is that you and I share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. We share the Eucharist and what it means with others, because one day you and I are going to be judged, and we're going to stand before him, and he is either going to say one of two things. “Welcome home my child. Where have you been? I have waited and waited for you. Welcome to my table of all of my saints!” or “Depart from me, for I do not know you. Yeah, you yelled my name, you proclaimed me, but your love of neighbor was nowhere to be found. Be gone.” that's it. All eternity. The only good gift is a shared gift. If you get to some pearly gates or a set of gates, and you do not recognize anybody inside those gates, then you're at the wrong gate, and there's nothing I can do for you because in hell you won't recognize anyone, because we will be grotesque and animalistic according to the saints, but if you make it to the pearly gates everyone that you helped and is now going to help you. 
  6. Remember brothers and sisters in Christ, we're going to get to heaven on somebody else's coattails, so I’ll leave you with this. In a few minutes you and I are about to receive the Eucharist. It is the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ. It's not a relic. It's not theory. It's not conjecture. You know better. It is him. I can feel it. I’m telling you. You can touch him. He's making his essence known. It's his glorified body, be respectful of him and receive him. Give me this day our daily bread. 25% of the Catholics still remain true to the teaching. Hold your ground, finish this race, and I promise you, you will share eternal life with the king of kings, and welcome to my table of all of my saints. 
  7. Amen. 



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