2017 Homilies (Written)


John 20:19-23; 5-31-2020 (As Built; Amite #401)


  1. Fingerprints, fingerprints.
  2.  It's the year 1950, 1955. His name is Brendan. Brendan lives in England. Man, his life doesn't even get started, and then all of a sudden becomes tumultuous. He gets the bad news. His parents are gonna get a divorce. Then, he gets the really bad news that he's now gonna move, well excuse me he's from Ireland he's now moving to England, and as a matter of fact an Irish guy in England, well, it doesn't bode well. As a matter of fact, he gets a nickname that sticks with him most of his life called Irish. It's almost like he said, I got a fingerprint before I even get there. He said High School was a pretty uneventful. He went to De La Salle High School. To this day, Brendan is a devout Catholic. He'll tell you he was an altar server all the way through high school. But when he's decided that something just wasn't right, he just didn't know where to go to college. He speaks with his mom and they go see a movie called Goldfinger. Man, all of a sudden, man, he says that's what he wants to do. He wants to act. His mom said well that's great, but you need to eat. (Audio cuts) He gets a job as a brusher. I don't know if you've ever heard that. A brusher is, if you ever happen to be in New Orleans, you're lost and you find your way to Bourbon Street. We're in church, I've read a lot about it, there you go. As a result of it, you see a guy that's pretending to be the Statue of Liberty. One guy's singing, one guy's dancing, a brusher, and that's what you do. That's what Brendan does. He does it for almost two years, then he's decided that he's got to do something else. He becomes a fire-eater for three years, and then all of a sudden he's decided, man, there's not enough money. He decides to be a manager for a stage company. Setting up, taking down, doing different things. He's so good at it, they gave him a part-time job in a movie called “the Red Devil”. It piques his interest. He's decided, man, I think I can do this. They give him another part in a movie called “a Long Good Friday” and as a result of it, man, he decides, man, this is something that he could do. He meets his wife, who is a Bond girl, and as a result, he said, man, his life forever changed, and in a good way. She gets him a part in the movie called “Seraphim Falls” and if you hadn't seen it, it's that (Audio Cuts) He gets into that movie, and then the next thing you know, it seems like everything he touches somewhat. (Audio Cuts) He goes from “Seraphim Falls” to another one called “Mrs. Doubtfire” Oh, this doesn't look good. As a result of doing “Mrs. Doubtfire” he gets in another call “Heat” with Woody Harrelson. Then, he gets another one called after sunset, man, brothers and sister in Christ, he was in a movie called the Thomas Crown Affair. Okay, look. He's James Bond, my brothers and sisters in Christ, “Die Another Day”, “Goldeneye” You know him as Pierce Brosnan, and for the ten people who knew that God bless you. But you know what's amazing? They interviewed him not long ago and they asked him “Man, tell me two things in your life, or three things, or one thing, that totally left a fingerprint on your heart.” He said “Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.” And they said “Man, you know you never speak to it.” He said “I know, and that's on me.” and he said “I got to tell you, there was actually three things,” he said “It was my wife when she passed with cancer.” he said “My whole life changed. It's almost as if she left another fingerprint.” he said “Those three things changed my life.”
  3.  My brothers and sisters in Christ, that is exactly what Pentecost is all about. This is why in the gospel, even though the gospel is about Easter Sunday, the gospel speaks to the life of Christ. As the first century Jew, make sure you make the (Audio Cuts) That's why they say “That day he goes to the Apostles, and they are afraid.” They are doubting. That's why he's got to show him his wounds. So much for being just one doubting Thomas. When he shows him the wounds, he wants them to touch him, and then he breathes on them so that they could feel the Holy Spirit. Remember, the Holy Spirit comes twice. He comes on Easter Sunday, breathes on them so that they can receive what they come to understand is the church. The sacraments. Did you hear him on Easter Sunday? He told them “Go out there and forgive them of their sins.” He's starting the sacrament of reconciliation. You never heard Christ say “Go out and tell them just come to me. Skip you because you're not going to help. Go directly to me.” He never said it, he never implied it. He did say go out and heal them and forgive them of their sins, so when you and I take it upon ourselves to go directly to him, what we basically told the good Lord is you're confused. You're misdirected. Please, just step to the right. Let me just go directly to you. This is why Christ doesn't baptize anybody. He's only gonna be here for three years. If I baptize you and I hear your confessions you will not go to my apostles. That is why I have to leave and send the Holy Spirit. That's why I need to start the church, so that I can continue to feed you. My brothers and sisters in Christ, If you think about it for a second, this is the start of the church. This is when the good Lord now breathes on the apostles on Pentecost and the tongues of fire come down. This is why this happened, so that they can have (Audio Cuts) the second understanding. Imagine you're a fisherman. Think about it. I mean, you might know one or two languages. You don't know the theology of Christ, much less the theology of heaven. This is why the Holy Spirit has to come twice. One to give you the understanding of the church and the sacraments like he did on Easter Sunday. Then, he's got to come a second time to make sure you understand about Cherubim, and Seraphim, and Thrones, and Dominions, and about heaven and hell, and yes there is a purgatory. He's gonna send them out to go do what they need to do. My brothers and sisters in Christ, go back in Scripture. All of our best players are those that if (Audio Cuts) they do. Regrettably, so do the people that don't do well. My brothers and sisters in Christ, Judas has left his thumbprint on the world. I say 30 pieces of silver, you know exactly who I'm talking about. For the love of money, how many people do you know that dictate their whole life by the decimal point? That is the thumbprint they are going to leave. My brothers and sisters in Christ, if you are Pilate, you suffer from the thumbprint of pride. You actually believe that washing your hands would resolve you of all wrongdoing. How prideful could you possibly be? That's the fingerprint that you left. My brothers and sisters in Christ, if you are Herod Agrippa, this is the one that Pilate sent Christ to to be judged, only for Herod Agrippa to send it back to him saying “Uh-un, I'm not dealing with this.” He left the thumbprint, or the fingerprint, of being slothful, my brothers and sisters in Christ. But for every one who left the wrong fingerprint, there's somebody that knows how to leave it. If I told you that he left the tomb, that way Christ could be buried, you'd say Joseph of Arimathea. That's the fingerprint he left. If I told you that she took her one veil, and as a result brought it to Christ to wipe his face, that's the fingerprint she left for you and I that you could still see on Easter Sunday in the Vatican, then you would say, man, that's Veronica. 
  4. My brothers and sisters in Christ, if you look at all the great players from Peter to the Apostles to the Blessed Mother, you would see that they all left their fingerprints and that you and I still recognize them to this day. The question for you and I today is what kind of fingerprint are we leaving for other people. When we leave, will people know that we were here, and in what capacity will they know? My brothers and sisters in Christ, if I ask somebody to describe you in ten words or less, how would it come across? What would be the thumbprint, or the fingerprint, that you and I leave for our family, our generation, for our family and children to come, our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren? What is the measure? Everywhere you and I go, in every conversation we have, every email, and every text message (Audio Cuts) Fingerprint. Thats not what I'm telling you. Every conversation you meet with some, when you walk away, when they turn around and say “Now that with a disciple of Jesus Christ.” or when they turn around and say “What the - was that?” My brothers and sisters in Christ, every email (Audio Cuts) when I sent (Audio Cuts) our thumbprint and our fingerprint on it. Think about every conversation you have. You are never neutral to Christ. In everything you and I do, we’re either walking towards him or away from him. You need put this in your mind. You need to make sure you're disciplined with it because you'll be driving down the road and somebody will cut you off, and then pretty soon you want to drive up and let them know what you think. Pretty soon you want to give them some sign of... peace. (Audio Cuts) 
  5. On judgement day, you and I will stand before him. We will be naked and alone, and there will be nobody there. It will be you and us, and he will stand there, and there will be no arbitration, no mediation, no nothing, and he’s gonna take every one of our fingerprints, every time we talk, every time we spoke, every time we wrote an email or text message, and he’s gonna put it in front of us and say “Now my child, explain it to me.” What are we gonna say? My brothers and sisters in Christ, it’s all a lie. Man, I shouldn’t have said that. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have looked the other way. I should have been more prudent. Lord, I should have just prayed for them. Yeah, you should’ve could’ve would’ve but didn’t. My brothers and sisters in Christ, that’s the whole point. You and I leave our fingerprints everywhere we go, in every aspect no matter how trivial it may be. You don’t want to be tied to money because you don’t want to be tied to a decimal point. My brothers and sisters in Christ, will they describe you as “Man, everything he says there is a cuss word that comes with it. My brothers and sisters in Christ, you don’t want to  be tied to someone that's always got a bad attitude, that every time somebody tries to get you to do something, man, it’s almost as if you could suck the life out of Mother Teresa. My brothers and sisters in Christ, is the glass always half empty, or do you even know if you have a glass? My brothers and sisters in Christ, anything and everything we do we will be held accountable for. That's the point. Don't you see? It’s either a sin or it's not. You can’t remain neutral to him, so if you and I decide “Oh, it’s just a curse word.” then where does it stop? “What you don't understand is that it is a white lie so to speak.” When does it stop? My brothers and sisters in Christ, do you even know the commandments? That's the whole issue. Those things keep you from getting to heaven. My brothers and sisters in Christ, the Holy Mother Church is giving you and I a great gift in the sacrament of reconciliation. When is the last time you've been? The average holy person, and I'm not saying you're not holy, I'm saying what Proverbs taught you and I, the average holy person sins seven times a day. Don’t go to confession for a month thats 200 sins. Don’t go for a year that’s over 2400 sins. How long you can have a relationship with Christ with 2400 sins on your plate? And if you keep going to confession with the same sins over, and over, and over again, it begs the question how sorry were you? My brothers and sisters in Christ, there's to be a day, and there will be a judgement, and I'm telling you, you and I came in on this day, and we are going home on this day. You and I got one job. Why is it so hard? Our job is to get to heaven. That’s it. There is no other job. Your profession dies with you. What is going to be your excuse? “Well Lord, I had to work. I had to do this. I had to do this.” and his answer is gonna be “So did I.” 
  6. My brothers and sisters in Christ, I read this on a plaque in a shop and the person who said it, but it is so true. Everywhere you go, everywhere you go, every word you say, everything you write, every action you portray, every thought you have leaves the fingerprint good or bad. Signed, Elvis Presley. Fingerprints. 
  7. Amen.



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