2017 Homilies (Written)


John 4:5-42; 3-15-2020 (As Built; Amite #390)
A. Small steps… Small steps…  
B. The year is 1969… His name is George… He’s actually in a hospital room… He’s on a gurney… He’s looking up at the ceiling… He is totally and ultimately depressed… He just can’t believe that he ended up here… Man he’s starting to wonder about it and he the pain is starting to seeping in… the medicine he’s taking has come and gone… Man life’s too short for this… He remembers what his dad said son… small steps… He starts thinking back and he starts remembering back in grammar school uneventful… things are OK he’ll start telling you in high school not so good… You see how can I explain… How can I describe George… George is a wimp… he had penny loafers and he loved cherry Coke… That didn’t fit well in high school my brothers sisters of Christ… He decides to talk to his dad… And then his dad pulls him to the side and says George we’re gonna have to start taking some small steps in today I’m gonna need you to start picking your head up… You are so mechanically inclined… You have to build cars you love to race cars… And someday you’d like to do both… Build and race cars so why don’t you use that skill… Man he goes to high school he starts helping with little cars tinkering with this one and that one… Maybe tweak it and make it a little faster a little better… man pretty soon people love George say what you want about his shoes and what he drinks at the end of the day you had a nice ride… And who better to help you than George… And if you would ask George man tell me what is that you like to do… He said man I love to put on my penny loafers and drink a cherry Coke… I like to work on cars and there’s nothing better than pulling up to a stop sign and seeing a cute girl… Spin those tires and blow that smoke and just flat get after it… Then all the sudden he remembers now this is how he ended up in the hospital… Man he’s decided he’s got to do something… When he comes out of the hospital his dad said George I’m telling you… The thing that you gotta do is continue to take little bitty steps… Small steps… I want you to go to college… Well dad I’m not college material… He said yeah but just hear me out… You go and finish you don’t owe me a dime… But if you go and you don’t you pay me that’s not fair enough… He goes to junior college falls in love with photography… George is so good he gets like a little small scholarship to USC… Man and of all people to meet Frances Ford Coppola… And as a result of such… he started to like him they start getting along and Francis Ford Coppola says look I’ll start I’ll help you… He puts up a couple of small movies or documentaries if you will… And he does two of them one is called RED TAIL and the other RADIO LAND… Man it just didn’t work… Man George is frustrated he’s about to give it up in man Francis Ford Coppola says man I’ll give you one more chance… And then all of a sudden he remembers what his dad said man it that extra step… what if I just take one more… Francis Ford Coppola asked him if we’re gonna do one more I need to know where you’re going with it… I’d like to do something back in the day man how the girls had the big hoop dresses and the saddle oxfords and the guys wore penny loafers and rolled up jeans  and even rolled up their sleeves and put the cigarettes in it… He said I just got a couple young actors out there Harrison Ford and Richard Dreyfuss… He said we’re gonna call it AMERICAN GRAFFITI man George has hit a homerun to this day for the amount of money they expensived they made it still on the record books… As a result of it… man George is a household name… He’s doing things that most people would never have dreamed of… He helped produce movies like INDIANA JONES he produced what they were looking for was a current day Flash Gordon… You and I would call him Luke Skywalker and Hans and Chewbacca… Yeah right he’s George Lucas… STAR WARS… 
C. My brothers is in Christ that’s the gospel… The gospel is about small steps… The good Lord is at a well… now remember… He’s at the well but He’s not really saying a whole lot… Now imagine… The lady comes upon Him and just think… In one hour… In one hour… Put yourselves in her shoes how far has she traveled in one hour only… First she sees a man sitting by the well… Then she finds out well He’s a polite man… And she finds out that He’s a Jewish man then she finds out that He’s a prophet and then she comes to know that He is the great I Am… In one hour… Now my brothers sisters in Christ.…  Now stop you’re a first century Jew… And as a result of being a first century Jew you know these things… First of all Samaritans and Jews well they don’t play well together… Samaria is the Jews that have fallen away and married either like a Syrian or Babylonians and have intermingled… And as a result they have their own faith… they have their own priesthood… They have their own mountain if you will… And as a result… As a matter fact as a Jew you wouldn’t even walk thru the territory… You would literally cross over the river walk all the way around even if it cost you more time just to not be tangled with the Samaritans… It’s just how they were… It’s amazing isn’t it if you think about a little bit further as a Jew… Everything is significant… The fact that He’s at the well at noon remember it’s the sixth hour of the day… When Christ finally says He is the great I Am it’s the seventh hour… Seven to the Jews is the most complete number in the world… My brother and sisters in Christ… and for a Jew you would’ve recognized how important the well is to the people in the Jewish faith… This isn’t just any well… This is Jacobs well… Jacob is the one who’s name was changed to Israel… Jacob is the one who married Rebecca at this well… It was also Moses who was at this well and married Zipporah… My brother and sisters in Christ the good Lord marries this woman… In no uncertain terms in a manner of a religious marrying the Church…  She is now been through five husbands she is working on her sixth… When He says what He says… She becomes His seventh husband… She ultimate becomes a religious… 
D. My brother and sisters in Christ it’s the small steps and go back in scripture… All of our best players are people who made small steps… Imagine… You’re Simon of Cyrene… And I remember now… We only know his front name… Simon… Cyrene is just northern Africa… it’s where he’s located… Here he goes on one day he’s out in the field with his two sons and as a result he sees a commotion… He takes a few small steps to go garner what’s it all about… when he gets there he is conscripted which was common practice… That a Roman soldier could conscript you into the army and as a result of it for a day or several days… You had to do what you were told… As a result he’s now carrying a cross for what he believes to be is a thief… And then he comes to realize after walking 1 mile… Now remember the crucifixion was 1 mile… In 1 mile that man goes from thinking that He’s nothing more than a common thief and murder… To the fact that at the end of the day that maybe He’s something to maybe He’s just not as bad… And then by the time he gets up to Golgotha he realizes that man maybe truly this Man is the Son of God… My brother and sisters in Christ in one hour… That’s how far he’s gone… Imagine if your Longinus… You’ve been given the orders by Pilate… We have three criminals today make sure you do what you do make sure you bring them through town make sure you have the appropriate people in that their spots… For example there might be every bit of 100 soldiers encircling all three… You would have a town crier up in the front town up in the front telling everybody what their sins were… or what their crime was… That way everybody would know… They not only want to beat you physically they want to beat you spiritually… Psychologically… And as a result he’s got his orders bring these three criminals through town make sure there are no more disturbances put them up on the cross make sure you get them down for 3 o’clock… My brothers sisters in Christ Truly a son of God… My brothers sisters in Christ… It probably starts close to nine… By the time Longinus gets them through town it’s probably close to noon and Christ is on the cross for what we believes is three hours and He dies at the third hour… He goes from believing that he’s just got a job to do to the next step that OK it’s three criminals… To the next step well maybe it’s just to criminals and well one maybe not a criminal… To making the step that as he says in scripture “truly this Man was the Son of God”… 
E. My brother and sisters in Christ… Here you and I sit… We live in a world where people just… we just gotta make that extra step… If you have a problem with pornography… Will you take that one extra step to get help… To reach out to that group that anonymous group to get help so that you can continue to go on… Because we are killing our families we are fracturing at the very core… because we won’t take that extra step we won’t admit that addiction we keep pushing it off and kicking the can… We won’t admit that that one beer is more than enough to get us where we don’t want to go… We want to take that small step to go to counseling because it’s not my problem it’s your problem… It’s both people’s problems we become one… And as a result we have an obligation for our families and for others and to make sure that we take the small step… Will you make sure to take that small step if you are an angry person… That you’ll take that small step not respond to every email that crosses your desk… That you don’t have to win every argument that you somehow keeping score… Oh there’s someone keeping score make no mistake about it… And it’s not who you and I want to keep score… The good Lord is ultimately going to make a judgment… And He’s ultimately gonna keep the score…  My brothers and sisters in Christ… Can you take that small step to walk away… That our language doesn’t have to shrink to four letters or our volume doesn’t increase so much that we can’t even stand to have a decent conversation… Are you willing my brothers and sisters in Christ to take that small step to come home a day early or excuse me an hour earlier or make sure you spend an extra time with your family my brother and sisters in Christ what I’m asking you to do is take small steps… Remember you are never neutral to Jesus Christ… At no point are you and I neutral whether it’s an email text message going to work driving down the street going to Walmart at your job going home sitting at the dinner table every action is either directed towards our Savior or it is away from Him… And as a result of such if you are going to the same number of Masses that you went to last year then you are neutral… If you went to the same number of confessions that you went to last year you’re neutral… If you’re not controlling that ability to curse or to get angry… man my brother and sisters in Christ you are going backwards… And as a result of such you are falling away from our Savior Jesus Christ… I am begging you to take that extra step… And no matter what it is there’s always one thing that we need to stop doing and one thing that we need to start doing… And remember this…
F. And I’ll leave you with us… At the end of the day even the snails… even the snails made the ark… 
G. Amen…



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