2017 Homilies (Written)


Matthew 5:38-48; 2-23-2020 (As Built; Amite #387)

A.  Internally Strong… internally strong… Strong enough to turn the other cheek… Are you strong enough to walk away… Are you strong enough to ignore the negative comment…

B.   It’s the 1970’s… His name is Gavin… Gavin lives in Benton Illinois… And he will tell you that he is about one in about 3 or 4 children… He’ll tell you that his parents didn’t do great but they did ok… I mean there life was good… They owned the Benton Daily News… And as a result of such… you know things were pretty easy… He said he enjoyed grammar school… he enjoyed high school… He was if you ask Gavin he was a great athlete… He’ll tell you that he absolutely loved football… he adored baseball… He really thought that was where his career was headed… As a matter of fact… he thought that until his dad said son… the only reason you like football the only reason you like baseball is you like how you look when you play baseball and football… Do one thing more in high school… He decides he’ll join the drama team… He gets in a play called THE CAROUSEL… he loves it… He gets out he goes to college… Gavin does he gets out of college… He’s decided I’ve got to get to New York City… Man it’s all about Broadway… being on the plays… He gets a part in a movie called DEATH OF A SALESMAN… He gets the lead part… nails it… He becomes so popular everybody is gravitating towards him… And then he’s decided man there’s an issue… let’s be honest… There is money on doing plays but there’s more money in doing movies… He’s decided it’s time to leave Broadway… It’s time to go out to Los Angeles… He’s looking for Hollywood… He gets a part in a movie called IN MY HEART… It went nowhere… Then he gets in another movie called IN A FUNERAL… every bit as good as the first one… As a result he’s about broke… He’s trying to decide should I go back to Broadway… but now it’s been a couple of years… their not gonna know him… Or do I fight the fight… He’s decided man I gotta eat… So he begins working in a Chinese restaurant… rolling egg rolls… I pray you figure this guy out… and when you do… If you would have seen this guy in a restaurant you would have walked in sat down looked at him turned around walked out and said no way am I eating an egg rolled by this guy… Because when he plays the bad guy… he plays the bad guy… Man its synonymous… as a matter of fact brothers and sisters in Christ… he starts playing the bad roles only because a producer sees him running an errand and says man you just got the look of something evil and sinister… And he’s thinking man I’m just riding a bike… And he says so he gives him a part in the movie DANGEROUS LIAISONS… As a result of being in that movie man next thing you know it starts growing legs… and the next thing you know he’s in CON AIR as Cyrus The Virus… Man my brothers and sisters in Christ he’s in the movies RED 1 and 2… He’s actually played many parts in PLAYING JOHN MALKOVICH… He is John Malkovich my brothers and sisters in Christ… Ok google him and look him up.. But if you saw this guy you would say man he plays a great bad guy… You know what’s amazing… they interviewed him after so many of his popular roles and they said why is it that you play bad guys… He said I can’t stand it… He said man I’m like a humanitarian… I like helping people… He said it’s hard… He said well how do you do it… He said because internally I’ve got enough discipline and strength to play the roles… Otherwise he said it would eat me up… And they said well man is it true that you 70 lbs in 60 days… to play a bad role… And he said yeah I did… How did you lose that’s almost a pound a day… Is it true that you ate Jell-O only for 70 days… he said yes… He said you know but they do have colors… that was his answer… Now you understand where he is… he’s internally strong… That’s the gospel…

C.  My brothers and sisters in Christ… the Good Lord is making an argument to His apostles… That’s who He’s speaking to… You heard it said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth but I’m telling you it’s no longer that way… That if they hit you on your left I want you to give them your right cheek to… Now stop… You’re a Jew… And you and I know old testament like the back of our hand… If I am to hit you on your right cheek I have to backhand you… And He’s saying if they hit you on your left you give them your right… So if they backhand you again you just take it… Now stop here’s the rule… When you and I were with Moses in the desert for 40 years… Here’s the rule… You and I own an ox our ox gets out and he gores a slave… He breaks his arm… He knocks him down… The rule is whoever owns that slave he can come into our family and break at least one arm if not more arms in the family… That’s a rule… A little over compensation… Morris Bart would have a field day back in this day… Man my brothers and sisters in Christ… if the animal that you and I had gored him and he had lost an eye… You can go to the family and blind several people… This is why Moses said no more an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth… If you gored to slave and you killed him… Your ox killed him… Then they can come into your family and kill several people… And Moses saying no more of that… It’s an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth… And just so you know the rest of the rules if you kill a slave or you injured him and he’s not worth anything anymore… You got a pay 30 pieces of silver… Now you know why Judas sold him for 30 pieces of silver… Because he wasn’t even worth that of a slave… My brothers and sisters in Christ throughout Scripture the good Lord is now trying to say no more of this eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth there is no more compensation you just need to turn and take it and be internally strong…

D.   If there is one guy in Scripture who can play that role… And always seem to turn the other cheek that’s Joseph… And let me tell you… My brothers and sisters in Christ imagine your Joseph… Your spouse comes home after spending Three months with Elizabeth… She comes home pregnant… Don’t get mad don’t get angry don’t start asking a bunch of questions… Don’t start super imposing what you think the problem is… As if we already know… All he wants to do is walk away… He’s just gonna take a hit… I’ll be seen as a dad that walked away from his obligations but she won’t be seen in any other light do you think that’s good… My brother sisters in Christ when the good Lord is two years old… An angel appears to him and tells him take Mary and her Son… And go to another country… Not down the street not to your in-laws not down to your relatives I want you to pack your mule go through the desert and go live in another country for a couple years… Let me tell you what that would be like that… I want to get up after this mass walk out to your car… Don’t be picking up the phone telling the family where you’re going because you can’t do that… Because then they’ll know where to find you because Herod is chasing you… I don’t want you to go pick up anything at your house don’t get any extra money… I want you to get in your car and I want you to drive to New Orleans I want you to take the first flight out of the country and that’s where you land and that’s where you’ll be for three years… He doesn’t complain he doesn’t throw a temper tantrum he doesn’t say what in the Sam Hill have you gotten me in woman he says nothing… He just does his job… And if that ain’t bad enough… Imagine your Son is 12 years old… One out of three times during the year you and I have to travel to Jerusalem… When we go to the Passover meal this is the rule…. you and I have to go home in separate ways… Once were in the temple we offer the sacrifice and then we do the Passover meal… you women will go out of the city one-way you men including myself will go out another way… We will not meet until about three days outside the city… That’s when Mary and Joseph find out what do you mean He’s not with you… well I thought He was with you.. they’ve lost the Messiah for three days… Can you imagine what the conversation would have been between most couples… Man you left the Messiah where… Well I don’t know I thought you had Him… He never gets upset he never gets angry… Even when they find Christ Joseph is internally strong… His ability to take the hit and realize that only things that come from God matter if you and I really believe the argument that what other people think of you is none of your business which is how it should be… If we really believe that we would not care about one thing we only care about His thing… We wouldn’t care about what other people say about you and I… We would only care about what He thinks… We wouldn’t care what they text message email… We would only care about what He thinks… We wouldn’t care whether they had a bonfire to roast you and I… We would only care about what He thinks… My brothers and sisters in Christ… Are you and I internally strong enough to walk away from the argument… I’ll tell you what…

E.   Let’s take a test… I so love this part of it… My brothers sisters in Christ… There will be seven questions… If you get five out of seven you pass barely… If you get six out of seven you’re on your way… If you get seven out of seven… Wednesdays are confessions I’ll look for you… Here we go… When you get into an argument are you internally strong enough not to raise your voice but to keep it at the same level… Yes… Or no… You can’t have it both ways… You either do or you don’t… Not most of the time but all the time… You either do or you don’t… My brothers sisters in Christ when you get into an argument are you internally strong enough not to curse… If you use the GD or MF… That’s mortal… That’s out of the mouth of Lucifer himself… Remember what Christ says in Matthew your yes be yes and your no means no anything else any other adjective is from the evil one… Are you internally strong  not to curse… When you get into an argument are you and internally strong enough to not make it personal… And start bringing up other things… My brothers sisters in Christ are you internally strong enough when you get into an argument not to win at all costs… Father you don’t understand I got a win that argument… I mean we’re keeping score… Oh He’s keeping score make no mistake about it… You’ve got to win every argument… Are you internally strong enough in an argument not to have the last word…… Or you just have to… You just gotta say it… Well then you just must have to sin… My brothers and sisters in Christ are you internally strong enough that when you get into a disagreement with your family member that you’re not gonna take it and spill it to somebody down the street… After it’s over… You get into an argument with your spouse and then you go tell your closest friend an email a text message… Are you go to work and you spill your guts there… Or worse you come back home and you spill it at your dinner table… My brothers and sisters in Christ I can tell you all we did was just spread the gossip and slander and we defamed people for no reason… My brothers and sisters in Christ… Are you internally strong enough that when you say I forgive you you’ll never bring it up in another argument ever again that you’re true to your word… Now brothers sisters in Christ that seven questions I don’t know where you landed but I’m a tell you what because it’s Sunday I’m gonna give you a bonus question… Wait till you hear it brother and sisters in Christ… Here’s a bonus question… When you get into an argument are you internally strong enough to say you’re sorry when it’s not your fault… That is the strength of somebody who is internally strong enough… To say that I don’t care what other people think I only care what the Lord thinks… Remember thoughts leads to words… words lead to actions… and actions form habits… My brothers and sisters in Christ… You need to be on guard that if someone wants to badmouth you then let it be so… If somebody wants to argue with it and somebody raises there voice… Just because somebody throws garbage at your feet nobody told you to pick it up…

F.   My brothers and sisters in Christ I leave you with the words of Gandhi… Of all people… Nonetheless Gandhi… He said an eye for an eye will leave both people blind… My brother sisters in Christ give them the right cheek internally strong…

G.  Amen…



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