2017 Homilies (Written)


Matthew 5:13-16; 2-9-2020 (As Built; Amite #385)
A. Salt… As in salt of the earth… 
B. It’s a 1950s 1960s-ish… His name is Dennis… That is his name… Dennis… Dennis will tell you he’s one of three children he lives in Dodge City Kansas… He’ll tell you that his life was pretty uneventful… Now they had a simple life that wasn’t a lot of money because his mom well she took care of the family she was a lifeguard his dad worked for the post office… He’ll go so far Dennis and he’ll tell you grammar school not too big of a deal… High school a little different he said man in Dodge City that’s one thing… But when we moved to San Diego… Man the word fast lane doesn’t describe… I was overwhelmed… He said it was my kids it was more people it was more action… So I get involved in the drama club… just to do something… I got involved in the choir… never did I think that it would be as involved as it was… He gets the award in high school most likely to succeed… Next year he goes to college he becomes a drunk and fails out… He goes to his dad… Dennis does and tells his dad I’m going to New York because I can get work… He said son anybody can get a job in New York… What you’re doing in New York is what’s gonna bother me… He said no I need to go… He said fair enough… He goes he does the taxicab thing for a while… He waits tables he was one of those bike courier’s… As a result of it he said man he’s starting to struggle… He said he meets a guy by the name of Vincent Price… who he said I’ll get you on one of the plays in New York… He said to this day he’ll tell you that Vincent Price opened the door at least got him on the stage… He gets two bit parts in two movies one of them HELL TO TEXAS… Then he gets another part in THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE… He says I think the world has come to my door and then I get nothing… He said pay the rent I can’t pay the water bill… He said it’s all over with but the shouting… I’m trying to figure out how do I get home… He said and then I meet somebody that is “the salt of the earth”… John Wayne… He said I’m going to get you a part it’s not a big deal but it’ll keep you fed… You’re gonna play a bad guy in GUNSMOKE… He said ever since that day he said I play bad guys I love playing bad guys… Then I’m in TRUE GRIT then I get into WATERWORLD… And then I’m in APOCALYPSE NOW… Then I got a movie called SPEED which helped a lot and pushed me along a little further… And then as a result… my brothers and sisters in Christ… his name is Dennis Hopper… You know what’s amazing he’s talking to his son later in life… his sons in high school… And he says dad I get it… you’re an actor and that’s what you do… But the whole bad guy image… your killing me in school… Man every time there’s a movie you’re the bad guy… people are giving me grief… I mean it’s like I can’t go anywhere… And he says son… You like school… yeah dad… You like going to that school verses another one… I mean it’s ok dad… He said ok… He said ok do you like wearing clothes son… He said well yeah… How about the car you driving son… you like the car… Oh yeah dad… He said well good because me playing a bad guy is how you get there… And if it wasn’t because of the salt of the earth John Wayne I could promise you… you wouldn’t be here and neither would I…
C. My brothers and sisters in Christ that is the gospel… Good Lord is talking to His apostles and He’s talking to them in a very isolated area… Actually in a room and telling them you are the salt of the earth… My brothers and sisters in Christ salt cannot lose its taste so for Him to say if this happens I’m gonna trample you underfoot so for you to fall away from Me and I’ll allow the world to do with you what they will… Now stop you’re a first century Jew... you and I know old testament like the back of our hands… We just know it… We know all the scripture… Whenever you hear the word salt as a first century Jew… the words from Ezekiel the one that gave us the four Gospel writers the painting that you see in the back… From Deuteronomy Leviticus… every time the word blessed salt is used… It is what the high priest would use and making the bread offering for God… So only the high priest would be using blessed salt… So He’s telling them… You’re now the priest you’re now My priesthood you’re now the start of My Church… And I’m gonna hold you accountable… Now stop… Let’s just say you and I am nare a clue of Jeremiah Ezekiel Deuteronomy or Leviticus…But you know salt in the ways of the world… You men… If you worked for the centurions and you work for Rome Caesar… You would’ve been paid in salt… Because paying you and I in money and going into battle what would be the point… This is where we get the name salarium or salary… You and I would’ve been paid in salt because it’s food and guess what you could so use it to purchase whatever you may need… You ever heard the saying “are you worth your salt?”… That’s because they would use it to purchase slaves… Jews or Gentiles… My brothers and sisters in Christ this is why you and I use the word salt at baptism… When you come and bring your child comes I will put the blessed salt on their tongue… So that there Tongue becomes consecrated… This is why when I do the consecration I use blessed hands and then I put it on your blessed tongue… That was the whole point on why we do that my brothers and sisters in Christ… Don’t you understand blessed salt is important to you and I even two thousand years later… So for Him to say if you lose your taste I will throw you out and let the world be done with you… Look my brothers and sisters in Christ… Next time you see a picture of the last supper where all of the apostles are getting ready for the photo shoot they all get up and stand on one side… Look at the elbow of Judas… He’s knocked over the table salt… That’s where He’s going with this… 
D. Look go back in scripture… All of our best players are those that are worth their salt… I did I bet you I can describe the person without giving you his name and you would know where he was by his actions… In one morning seven sons and three daughters he loses… He loses 7000 sheep 5000 cattle and 3000 camels… In one afternoon and all that man ever says is naked came I into the world and naked will I return… That is a man worth his salt… You would say oh that’s Job… If I told you that he married a woman that was going to bring the Messiah into the world and was going to leave her because she was pregnant… Not knowing how she became pregnant… So that she would not be seen as anything other than who she is… He decides to walk away… Until an angel appears… you say oh father that’s Joseph… Talk about a man worth his salt… He would rather walk away and seen as a deadbeat dad then cast a shadow of dispersion over how she got pregnant… If I told you my brothers and sisters in Christ he walked away for fame and fortune money and prestige he was the greatest scholar of his day everybody wanted this guy to speak in the synagogue… Everybody wanted him to debate… He was greatest debater of our day… Even though he struggled early on… And he would say oh man that Saul who became Paul… Exactly… Everybody that’s worth their salt has their name in the book of life… 
E. Now here you and I sit 2000 years later my brother and sisters in Christ… are you and I worth our salt… Well let’s see… At work are you worth your salt… In other words as a good Catholic when that thing comes down the channel at work and they ask you to do something are you willing to do it even though it’s not your job description… Even though you might not get paid for it…Whoa to you… Who puts a decimal point to your name… The last guy that did that… Judas’s name is not in the book of life… In the words of our Savior it’s better that he had never been born… So my brothers and sisters in Christ… when you say I’m not doing it because I’m not getting paid you just put a decimal point to your name… Are you willing to do what is asked because you can do it and because Christ asked you to do it… Do you want the Grace or not… Sure it’s sacrificial but that’s the point… If you do it without complaining then you receive the Grace… If you’re going to complain incessantly about it about what you’re doing then what’s the point… You’re no longer with yourself… My brothers and sisters in Christ are you worth your salt with your family… Did you make sure that you spent as much time with them as you do at work… That you will make sure not to take your family problems at the dinner table and bring it to work… Or worse bring your problems from work and spill it out on the dinner table… My brother and sister in Christ are you worth your salt as a student… In other words because of the bills are being paid are you putting forth your best effort… My brother and sisters in Christ therein lies the point… Are you or are you not a good Catholic… Do you know your faith… Are you worth your salt as a Catholic… Oh… Oh I see… It’s not your job to defend the faith it’s my job… It’s our job… My brothers sisters in Christ every time I hear the argument… Father the Church told me and my priest told me growing up not to study scripture… It’s not up to me to defend the faith… Let me help you with that… Nope you’re wrong… Guess what my brother sisters in Christ it is your job to defend the faith… It’s your job to learn it… If you know more about your job and your profession than you do about Jesus Christ… Then you’re in trouble… Because of the day of your death your job is irrelevant… Your profession equally so… My brothers and sisters in Christ do you know the seven sacraments… Oh I see we only go through six because father I have a relationship with Christ…I go directly to Him… Who makes this up… Do you buy it just because somebody said it… Did He not say I came to full fill the law not to change it… Leviticus five and six confession was already in the game… Brothers and sisters in Christ there’s got to be an outward sign to an inward reality… Every sacrament has to have an outward sign… At baptism water will hit your head so you will know that the sin is forgiven… When I anoint you after Mass you know that the sin has been removed because I put oil in your hand… You will receive communion and you will gnaw on it chew on it and swallow it… My brother and sisters in Christ when you go to confession you hear the words your sins are forgiven… Nowhere in scripture did Christ hear a confession… Never did He baptize anyone… So where is it that you and I presuppose that we can go directly to the Man… You know He never even fed the 5000 people… Which was really 15,000 people with the 5 loaves of bread and two fish… He fed 12 people… And then they went and fed everybody… Do you know the Commandments… They keep you from heaven… My brothers and sisters in Christ which one is going to be your card… well the church never taught me or they told me not to study them… It’s your soul… 
F. My brother and sisters in Christ let me leave you with this… Whenever you feel that the world has just got you… When you feel like you’re overwhelmed and you can’t move one more inch… When you feel that everything you do is going to go south… No matter what you do it’s going to end up being wrong that no matter what happens at the end of the day that you feel like you’re on an island and you have been cut loose and left to drift… I am begging you to take a pinch of that salt when you leave here and put it on the tip of your tongue… And the same is true in adoration… And allow the good Lord to be inside of you and have something blessed within you… I’m telling you… this isn’t make believe… and this isn’t hocus-pocus… If Elijah use it to decontaminate a well that is still clean today… If exorcist use it for exorcisms and we use it for baptism why wouldn’t we use it now… Take a pinch salt and put it on your tongue… Now if that doesn’t work… They may I suggest… You cut a lime and get a little shot of tequila and call it good… 
G. Amen…



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