2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 2:22-40; 2-2-2020 (As Built; Amite #384)
A. Patience… Patience… 
B. If you knew Mr. Roberts you would know how much he hates Robert Edwards he despises him I gotta tell you I don’t think Mr. Roberts could mention his name and ever think that he’d ever speak to him again… As a matter of fact it got so bad that anytime anybody would say Robert Edwards he would go ballistic… Not just a little cursing or a little upset here a little upset there… I’m talking the Fourth of July… I’m telling you this guy would just lose it… You know what’s amazing… They grew up friends they went to school together they were in the neighborhood together they played together… They actually went to the Academy together and actually became engineers together… But the problem Mr. Roberts said that the mere mention of Mr. Edwards name causes him to spit… And he says man here we are in school together and then the Civil War breaks out… He said Robert Edwards goes to the south and he says and I stayed in the north… And he said the problem is I had to walk by his house every day and every time I would see his house I would become just incensed because I was kind of going to the front lines and I’m picking up dead soldiers to go bury… I’m also picking up wounded soldiers all because of Robert Edwards… And he says I just can’t take it anymore… He goes to see Mr. Lincoln… Mr. Lincoln I can’t take it let’s just destroy the house I can’t take seeing that guys it’s got to stop… He said listen to me… He said you need to be more patient… I’m working on that… But here’s what I want you to do every soldier that you have to take off the front line… every Yankee…  I want you to go bring them in the back and go in the front yard of Robert Edwards and bury them there… And then when you are finished with the front yard I want you to go to the backyard and when you’re finished with the backyard I want you to go in their  rose garden and I want you to plant them there… I want you to fill the entire place up with Yankee soldiers… He said that’s music to my ears… But you can’t make it public because we don’t know that… Robert Edwards Lee… Robert E Lee owns that house… Man my brothers and sisters in Christ he’s burying people under the porch he’s burying them in the back his burying them under the house he’s burying them in the front yard and in the backyard… he’s made sure that the rose garden was chockablock full of Yankee soldiers… You know what’s amazing because Mr. Roberts was being patients as Mr. Lincoln had asked him… He was eventually able to get that name changed to Arlington Cemetery… This is where you and I visit today… Robert E Lee’s house all because one man is learning to be patient… 
C. My brothers and sisters in Christ that’s the gospel… Simeon is late in life he’s in his 80s and 90s… Here’s a guy who’s been a priest his entire life and finally says man Lord, You can take me home my eyes have seen the coming of the Messiah… I’m ready to go… You know what’s amazing Anna is the same way… Here she is married for seven years lives till she’s 84 and then as a result of it she too has seen the Messiah… Now stop my brothers and sisters in Christ… you need to understand something you’re a Jew… You and I are in the temple two things have taken place… First of all remember the very first sentence and it’s about purification… for Mary after 40 days or within 40 days after you give birth to your first child or any child you have to go to the temple to get cleansed… that’s why Simeon is there… While they are their the good Lord is eight days old… Which means He’s got to be circumcised which means this is the new baptism… My brothers and sisters in Christ… They are so poor they can’t even afford a lamb… He’s the lamb and they can’t afford a lamb… that’s why they’re offering turtle doves and pigeons… They have no money… Simeon is finally realizing who this guy finally is… You know what’s amazing… I don’t know if you know this… Every priest has to pray seven times a day… We actually have to stop in the day and break the day up in seven parts… The first prayer is the Canticle of John the Baptist the middle prayer is Mary bringing the Savior into the world and the last prayer before my head hits the pillow is the one you just heard from Simeon… Lord my eyes have now seen the fulfillment of Your son… We now know the Messiah has come You may now take me… I am ready to go home… Pray that at night sleep well… Brothers and sisters in Christ better yet be in the hospital and pray that prayer… I have to tell you I prayed that prayer and I said Lord I’m just saying it I’m not praying it… I’m just telling you… Man it’s pretty humbling… 
D. My brothers and sisters in Christ at the end of the day the greatest players in scripture are the ones that are the most patient… You think about all the people that showed exuding patience… My brothers and sisters in Christ… Veronica here she is all of a sudden man trying to wipe the veil of Christ… She’s actually going to hold up the whole crucifixion nobodies has that authority to hold up the crucifixion much less a woman or child… And as a result of it man because she does it she wipes the face of Christ… My brothers and sisters in Christ can you imagine being a leper back in the day… Say you and I heard Christ was coming to Amite… The Mecca of the Diocese Of Baton Rouge… You and I would have to sit on that corner and just hope He was coming by… We don’t know the hour of the day it doesn’t have a big poster that says miracles film at 11… Every hour on the hour… You and I would have to wait and as people would leave the Church we would have to yell out unclean… Which usually means people would be throwing rocks at us because we broke the law of being out in public… You would have to patiently you and I wait hope against hope that we would see the Messiah… That’s patience my brothers and sisters in Christ… You know what nobody thinks about Joseph of Arimathea… He is so patient that he’s willing to give up his own tomb to give it to the Messiah… That’s patience… 
E. Well now hear you and I sit 2000 years later… How patient are you and I… Let’s see… Are you more patient yes or no rhetorically… Yes or no… Are you more patient with strangers or your loved ones… If you’re more patient with strangers that’s disordered… Don’t you not love your spouse your children your parents and your grandparents… My brothers and sisters in Christ if your grandparents call or your parents call and ask you how to work that remote one more time… I can say that with great courage my mother is not here to defend herself… What about that cell phone and why it’s not working or you hit the wrong button did you hit the wrong button… No I didn’t hit the wrong button you had to hit the wrong button… Because it’s not working that’s why it’s not working… because you hit the wrong button…  My brothers sisters in Christ… how patient are you with your children with your parents with your spouse… I’ll tell you what how patient are you when you drive your car and the light turns green are you already hitting that horn… Or do you already have a comment out of your mouth… When you go around somebody do you make sure you give them the look because they’re moving too slow… How patient are you when you’re in the grocery line and people are putting the groceries out on the counter and how many of us sit back and go oh yeah they really need that that’ll work that’s what they need… They need a whole bunch of that… How many times are you in the checkout line and you start counting the items… Because they’re well over 10 because they’re double counting… Yeah you’re right… My brothers and sisters in Christ somebody cut you off in traffic… How patient are you with them… How patient are you with one another… How patient are you at work… When you get to work and they only seem to know you… Instead of all the other employees… It’s your cell number that they know… It’s your problem even though it’s not supposed to be on your plate… How many why is it that they only go to you… Why don’t know Simon… Why do you think… Because the good Lord gave you the gift and the grace to solve the problem… You can’t solve the problem and get the grace and complain while you’re doing it… It mitigates it… You got to be able to solve the problem without complaining about it… My brothers and sisters in Christ… You need to understand patience is not just sitting still… Patience is sitting still with the right attitude… While it takes place… 
F. And I leave you with this… With the words of Johnny Depp of all people… Y’all do know Johnny Depp otherwise it makes no difference what I’m saying… You know he’s Captain Jack Sparrow… That guy… the question was asked so there’s a problem and the person that Captain Jack is speaking to doesn’t get it… And this guy’s attitude he’s run off the reservation… And in only Captain Jack-estqe… he says the problem you see isn’t the problem… The problem is your attitude about the problem… Same is true with patience… 
G. Amen…



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