2017 Homilies (Written)


Matthew 3:13-17; 1-12-2020 (As Built; Amite #383)
A. Time… As in it’s the perfect time… Maybe to make a change… 
B. It’s 1968… 1960s… His name was Richard Hornberger… And he is from Crabapple Cove, Maine… And if you were to ask Richard… tell me something about you… He said I married my childhood sweetheart it’s been wonderful I have five great kids we have a great family unit… He said I’m also a physician by trade… if you were to ask say people that worked with Richard the hospital or the patients… They would tell you Richard is unbelievable… He will drive literally 70 miles just to get to the hospital just to make sure and sometimes he’ll stay overnight… If he feels like I don’t want them to wake up alone or to be without help or somehow or another not have access to me… People love Richard… But if you were to ask him does he have any regrets… He would say yeah I do I have one… I’ve been wanting to write a book my entire life 16 times I have gone to a publisher and editor a producer saying I would like to write a book and every time I’ve gone… 16 times in a row the same answer comes back we’re not writing about a war… It’s just a conflict and doctors lives are just not that interesting… And as a result of it… he says finally his wife says one more time… Give it your best shot if it doesn’t work we call it good… He goes to them and makes the pitch… The producer says the exact same thing… people do not care about war… He said stop it’s not about any war it’s about the Korean War and it’s not about a conflict and it’s also about the doctors lives are pretty important… And a matter of fact if you see it through the doctor‘s eyes at this mobile army surgical hospital…  And as a result of it it’s about one doctor in particular my nickname Hawkeye… It’s all about the movie MASH… It’s about the series… All because one guy that took the time one last time… 
C. That is the gospel… It’s all about perfect timing… The good Lord has decided the time has come… John the Baptist has decided the time to come to step away… My brothers and sisters in Christ the good Lord doesn’t need baptism He’s using the sacrament to tell you and I what we need to do… Now stop… You are first century Jew… You and I we have the ability to transcend time… We’ve been around since Isaiah… Elijah… Joshua… and now were standing there at the baptism… As a devout Jew you and I know scripture like the back of our hands… We know that anything in the River Jordan is significant… And let me make sure you understand my brothers and sisters in Christ.. the spot where Christ is baptized in the River Jordan is the exact same spot that they were led into the promised land by Joshua… And Joshua in Greek is Jesus… My brothers and sisters in Christ did you know that it’sthe lowest point on all the earth… Is right there… So Christ goes from the highest of the high the throne of God to the lowest of the lows… Did you know brothers and sisters in Christ that when Joshua brought the people into the promised land they actually parted the River Jordan and there was a wall of water so you and I would’ve been standing there and we’ve seen this and said the last time we were here Joshua did this and his name is Jesus and all the sudden He’s in the same spot that we crossed over… Then we would start thinking more… Will somebody would start saying wait a minute… when Elijah before he went up in the chariot up into the heavens did he not part the sea… Oh but he did… He parted the Jordan River as well… And now all of a sudden this guy is more important than Elijah… He parks the heavens… Brothers and sisters in Christ… The last time we heard a dove come into the equation was all about way back in the very beginning during the flood… When a dove was sent out after being caught on Mount Ararat on the boat… Noah… All of a sudden he brings back an olive branch this time he’s bringing life eternal… The dove is coming to God… Is coming to Christ… My brothers sisters in Christ… This would’ve been more than you and I could bared… In the end of the day the good Lord is trying to tell you and I that’s how important the sacrament is… 
D. Now look brothers and sisters in Christ go back in scripture… Go back into everybody that was in scripture… knows that there is a perfect time to make a change… Go back to Saul… Here is Saul he is a Pharisee he has money… power… prestige… He could kill Christians by a simple signature on a sheet of paper… He actually held the coats while they stoned Stephen… For him to go from Saul to Paul he’s got to be blinded for three days he’s gotta be knocked to the ground probably off of a horse or chariot… Perfect timing… My brothers and sisters in Christ can you imagine meeting Peter when he first got started… And then meeting Peter 33 years later when he’s about to be crucified upside down… It took 33 years for Peter to get where he needed to be so he would be willing to be crucified upside down… Perfect timing… My brothers and sisters in Christ did you know that the woman that touch the tassel when the good Lord when she’s hemorrhaging… now remember if you and I are bleeding externally woman or man it doesn’t matter… We cannot go inside the Temple to worship we cannot go into the Synagogue… And matter fact if someone touches us while we are bleeding they are going to be quarantined for seven days up to 14 days… So for her to touch His tassel and let me tell you that’s no easy thing… He’s not wearing a vestment like this He’s wearing a vestment like a prayer shawl… So the tassel is about here and if He’s surrounded by Apostles it’s hard to touch Him… But because she makes a point to touch Him tell me the good Lord doesn’t give her the courage… And when the time is perfect you know who this woman is… oh you do know her… She shows her up during the Crucifixion she’s the one that takes the veil and wipes the face of Christ… And you and I call her Veronica… Or true Icon… So that’s the same woman who touched the tassel… perfect timing for her to go public… 
E. My brothers and sisters in Christ hear you and I sit 2000 years later… How do you and I spend our time… Well let’s see… My brother sisters in Christ how much time do you spend on the cell phone… Texting or talking versus prayer… If you and I spend more time texting per week then we spend in prayer then that’s disordered… You actually spend more time talking to than talking to Him… My brother sister in Christ do you spend more time writing emails then you do praying to our Lord… My brothers and sisters in Christ you and I spent all week putting knots in our rope and we think that we come to one Mass and we gonna get them all out… What world are we in… My brothers sisters in Christ everything revolves around Christ… Not a hair on your head gets touched until He ordains it… So if you have been brought the troubles and you’ve been brought the challenges my brothers and sisters in Christ because He wants it brought to your door… Did you ever think that maybe He’s trying to get your attention… Maybe if you and I said thank you more we wouldn’t have all the challenges… My brothers and sisters in Christ… How much time do you spend reading the front page or the sports page versus reading scripture… My brothers sisters in Christ how much time do you spend in prayer versus time taking care of the things of the world… It can’t be that disordered… That’s why you and I are always in challenges… That’s why we’re always in consternation … My brothers and sisters in Christ ask yourself you and I have the one thing that we need to stop doing and there’s one thing that we need to start doing… The time is now… You can no longer pretend that you came in the world on this day and that this day that you go out is negotiable… This day is non-negotiable the day that you and I are gone is already been written in our souls… So you and I have just so much time… to make good… My brothers sisters in Christ before you go to work on Monday morning do you think you might want to say a prayer before you open the door at work you know how much love is waiting for you when you get to that door… My brothers and sisters in Christ when you come home and you meet all the wonderful people on the road… everybody that’s giving you the sign of peace… or some sign thereof … when you get to the table before you spread all the venom on the table could you not say one prayer… My brothers sisters in Christ when you go out to eat in public do you make the sign of the cross… And pray and thank God… Before your head hits the pillow at night do you thank God for being in the greatest country… being able to worship freely… to be able to have a family and a roof over your head and clothes on your back and be educated in the greatest country in the world… Brothers and sisters in Christ how much time do you give Him… My brothers and sisters in Christ therein lies the issue… My brothers and sisters in Christ if you do not have the time to do it right how else will you make up the time to do it over…
F. My brothers and sisters in Christ I leave you with this… Here’s the bad news… time does fly… Here’s a good news… you’re the pilot… You gotta make time… 
G. Amen…



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