2017 Homilies (Written)


Matthew 2:13-15; 12-29-2019 (As Built; Amite #382)
A. Trust… Trust… Do you trust… 
B. It’s the 1940s and 1950s… You and I are looking into a schoolyard and it’s about the size of this church… We’re looking over about a 6 foot high wooden fence and were watching recess for six-year-olds… Ants on an ant hill… Cleveland Ohio but it’s a beautiful day and man they’re playing you name it they’re playing it… they’re playing kickball they’re playing stickball if they were in Amite they’d be playing travel ball… As a result man everybody’s playing tag… they’re playing chase they are running here they are running there… But we noticed conspicuously obviously there’s one young boy who boy he stands out… He has his little uniform on and it’s pressed to the nine’s… I mean the khakis got the crease down the front he’s got the shirt he’s got his tie he’s got even his pockets got a crease in it… No doubt about it it could stand up on its own… You can tell he doesn’t fit in… He’s getting harassed by the kids you can see it… And as a result he begins to think how did I end up here… he says man I was born in the UK I got seven brothers and then he remembers the story his dad told him… He walked in one day after work and told he said I have to go to the United States and you’re going with me… He said I’m a stonemason and I have no work here… I’ve got to get to the states… The truth of the matter I love fast horses and slow gin… And as a result there was no work for me… He says and now here I sit and you know what’s worse is that he’s from England and as a result they do things a little different… When you ask somebody in England it’s first name last and last name first… So as a result he would just give his last name first… He would say Hope but the kids already knew his first name is Leslie… Oh the hits just get better… Now he’s really getting both ends of the barrel… I mean Leslie… He’s dressed that way and then they put the words together hopelessly… Oh… you thought it was bad before… it’s unmerciful… He goes home one day he talk to his mom and she says listen to me as all good moms say trust me… There will come a day when you will see the light… You’re as good as any and better than most… And someday your name will be a household name… People will recognize you coming and going and they’ll know you from afar and to get you on the right track I’m going to change your name from Leslie to Robert… Bob Bob Hope brother and sisters in Christ… My brother and sister in Christ it’s all about trust… You know what’s amazing later in life he was a devout Catholic his wife even more so… They asked him who do you trust he said I trusted my mom and I trust my wife Dolores he said why do you trust her so much… And he said because she goes to daily communion every day… He said if I make heaven it will be on her coattails… I trust her indefinitely… always…
C. My brothers and sisters in Christ… that’s the gospel… And angel appeared to Joseph not once not twice three times… My brother and sister in Christ to a Jew three is a significant number… Just like seven is the most complete number in the world… Three is the most perfect number in the world to a Jew… it’s not ironic that the angel shows up three times… And did you listen… Take Mary and her child… Not your wife and son… Her Mary and her child… Go to Egypt… Then he comes back take Mary and her child and go back to Israel… Now when you get here take Mary and her child and go to Galilee… My brothers and sisters in Christ… You know how much trust he had to have… This isn’t a dream like you and I dream… This is an apparition… A vision… In other words there are communicating… He’s using names… He’s showing them where to go… Listen to what happens… In the middle of the night you’re going to go to another country… The walk is from here to Texas… on a pack mule… In the middle of the night with no help and no one going with you… You know what’s amazing my brothers and sisters in Christ according to Saint Augustine and Saint Aslem… They had to go through the desert… Because if they go by water it’s a very public it cost too much money … but if they go by the desert they can go freely but who owns the desert robbers… thieves… the good thief… and according to that contradiction small t they actually meet the good thief on the way… Dismas and his partner in crime Gestas and you know what’s amazing he tells his partner in crime he being the good thief that if God would come down that is the child He would come as… He was so taken back by the child that he wanted the child to go free… His partner in crime said no he had to pay his partner in crime to let them go free… And you know what he tells our Savior now remember… Christ is two years of age… He’s still God… He says remember me someday… Should I paths ever cross… And what does he say at the crucifixion remember me this day… My brother sister in Christ you know what the good Lord tells His mother… Albeit at two years of age He says you’ll see them again one of My right and one of My left… This is what makes the statement of John the Apostle so damning if you will… Lord let me sit on Your right and Your left… Trust me John you don’t want that job… But there will come a day… Can you imagine what John did when he saw the two thieves on His right His left… Thank God for unanswered prayers… My brothers and sisters in Christ… He goes to the desert at night on a pack mule with his wife… with Mary and her child… Three times he listens to the dream… 
D. Now stop… listen… go back to scripture… all of our best players all of our best players are people that can trust… Job… Job wakes up he hasn’t even had breakfast yet and he has already been told you already lost all 500 of your cattle 7000 sheep 3000 camels you lost it all… Naked came out into the world and naked will I return… He hasn’t even had another hour and somebody runs up and says tragedy has struck your family… You have lost seven sons and three daughters… Seven the most complete number of the world… Three the most perfect… My brother sisters in Christ you’ve lost everything… His words Naked came I into the world and naked will I return… That is a man after Gods own heart… Trust… My brother sister in Christ what if you’re Noah… And man you’re building a ship 300 cubic long 150 cubits wide 75 cubits tall… For eight people to be safe… You don’t think the harassment that he got from the families and the friends and the villagers were immense… Can you imagine… The good Lord coming to you today and showing up and saying in Amite start building Me an ark… Truly nobody will speak about you not in Amite… They’ll be sky writing about you by the end of the day… My brother and sisters in Christ therein lies the point… Their trust is so great and we can say what we want about Peter… But at the end of the day he did get out of the boat there’s 11 other guys in the boat that doesn’t budge… He gets out and he begins to walk on water… Yeah we all know the story he starts to turn his head because the wind blowing and it begins to sink… But would we have even gotten out of the boat… They don’t trust too… You mean when He said come Peter He meant just for Peter… He meant it for anybody that trusted Him… And make sure you understand this… He may have began to sink… but he does walk back to the boat… Christ didn’t carry my brothersand sisters in Christ it’s all about trust… 
E. And now you and I sit 2000 years later… How much trust do you have in God… Oh so you think you do… Well let’s see… Do you say you trust God… Do you trust him brothers sisters in Christ and the little side things the big things or in all things… Do you trust Him some of the time most of the time or all the time… You either trust Him or you do not… You are either in or out… You either made in on the ark or you did not… You either made it to heaven or you did not… You can’t be a part time truster… If you trust in the little things you need to trust in the big things… If you trust all the time you must trust trust Him all the time… My brother and sisters in Christ listen to me… Remember the words… some people think they are scriptural and they are not… God helps those who help themselves… Scripture doesn’t say it Ben Franklin said it… but scripture didn’t… Yes it is true you do have to help yourself… St. Paul to  Corinthian’s in a manner of speaking… But the fact of the matter is my brothers and sisters in Christ is thee ability of you and I to trust… If we really trusted God according to the parable if you have the trust of a mustard seed you could talk to a tree it would understand you you could tell it to uproot itself it would do so it would walk to the ocean it would go to the very bottom and plant itself and it would grow… At your command a mustard seed of faith…So let me ask you will you pray to the good Lord do you pray and when the prayer is over and when you petition Him with that laundry list of things do you say your will be done Lord… or do you give Him a date stamp Lord it needs to be done by this day I made it bold can you see it Lord it’s right there… Oh and here are the instructions… Well wait a minute My child you don’t even read the instructions to put your Christmas gift together… Well Lord I making sure that you put in the right order… By this date… my brother and sister in Christ that’s the problem… If you have anxiety in this world and you are a worrier… Can I tell you it’s because we lack faith… At the end of the day do you honestly believe that the good Lord is going to send something to your door and He says not a hair on your head will get touched… nothing happens to you… not a bird can fly until I ordain it… so therefore if He sends it to your door He wants you to open it… and He wants you to walk to it if He brings you through it He will always bring you to the end… Therefore you and I must trust… So when you pray do you say Your will be done and that’s where it begins and ends… Or do you constantly go back-and-forth with worry and anxiety… You know what’s amazing… We pray for one human emotion at every Mass every hour of every day in every language… And the only emotion that we pray for out of all the emotions we pray for the removal of anxiety… Were gonna pray it at this mass but we say it so quickly we don’t even listen… Deliver us Lord from every evil… grant us peace in this day… In Your mercy keep us from sin… Protect us from all anxiety as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ… 
F. My brother and sisters in Christ I leave you with this… If you say you trust… But you’re more like a detective trying to figure out what happened what should happen what could have happened what did happen then you don’t trust… And you have no relationship… Trust is like a sheet of paper a clean sheet… And the minute you start the lack in trust you crumble it back up… And as much as you’d like to straighten it back out it’ll never be the same because you lack faith… You and I lack trust… You either believe Him to be the Messiah or you do not… You believe Him to be the savior of the world or you do not… You either believe Him to be the creator of the world and God I Am… Or you do not… Do you not have faith in Me… 
G. Amen…



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