2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 2:1-14; 12-24-2019 (As Built; Amite #381)
A. Names… It’s all about names… You know I gotta tell you… The look on your face is priceless… Abraham’s the father of Isaac… Isaac is the father of Jacob and yall have already cut me loose… I could say Sneezing, Dopey, and Grumpy and yall would all agree… 
B. It’s the 1950’s… His name is Frank… Frank lives in Newark, New Jersey… And if you were to ask Frank what was it like growing up in Newark… he would tell you… tough… tough neighborhood… He said thank God I lived in a tough house… cause if I hadn’t been I wouldn’t have made it through the neighborhood… He said my dad was a forklift driver during the day he was a bouncer at night… He said my mom was a barber… not a hair stylist she was a barber… it’s Newark, New Jersey… He said man you have to do what you do to survive… He said high school grammar school… I’m not a good athlete… He said I’m not very tall so man I do whatever… And somehow or another I need to make ends meet and I get part of a play in New York City… My dad drives me there and drives me back and he says son I don’t know if this is for you but if you want to make a name for yourself that’s on you but you will help provide to the family…  we don’t make that much… As a result he gets on a TV series for children on television… he does ok with it… And then all of a sudden he’s just trying to make it…  He is one of the greatest actors of our day and if you saw him you would never think he could sing like there’s no tomorrow… He can play a guitar unbelievable… He’s got a band called the FOUR SEASONS… Today the band is called the VINCENT LAGUARDIA GAMBINO BAND… Oh that was a huge hint and this doesn’t look good… As a result of it…  I started doing the taxi cab thing I started doing restaurants… I became a barber… I became a manager… And then out of nowhere he meets Martin Scorsese… He gets him a big part in DEATH OF A SALESMAN he says because he does pretty good he says man I got to get you in other movies… Then he gets him in another movie called RAGING BULL… And then he gets them in another brothers and sisters in Christ called EASY MONEY… With Rodney Dangerfield… And as a result he says man this is no problem… Then he hits a wall… And all of a sudden money is not coming in… his name’s isn’t out there in the next thing you know he meets Robert De Niro and then the world starts to open up… He’s in all kinds a movie… Matter fact I bet you… I’m in church… within reason… That if I said a line you would eventually know who this guy is… If I told you that he worked with two detectives in a movie in California and his name was Leo Getz because Leo he goes and he gets… OK OK OK… As a result of it he gets involved in another movie and all of a sudden his lines become pretty good… I mean it was almost like in this one movie he said oh so you think I’m a clown I’ll make you laugh you think I’m funny man brother sister in Christ the next thing you know he’s in a movie with a guy by the name of  a child actor and he said I just did it just to work with children… in HOME ALONE… Next thing you know he’s in GOODFELLAS and the next thing you know he’s in CASINO and then he’s in THE IRISHMAN OK he’s Joe Pesci… My brothers and sisters in Christ it’s all about his name… You know what’s amazing I don’t know if you knew this but he when he got his Academy award he said I just want to say thank you for giving me the privilege to be an actor… to this day there’s nowhere Joe Pesci can go where his name is not recognized… 
C. Brother sister in Christ that is the whole gospel… Brothers and sisters think you’re a first century Jew… You stand up and you’re Homily is that… My brothers and sisters in Christ three sets of 14 generations… who’s listening… My brothers and sisters in Christ what He’s trying to tell everybody is as a first century Jew I have to tie Christ to king David… Did you notice remember brothers sisters in Christ only the men had votes… When they said 5000 men were fed by five loads of bread and two fish… They’re only counting the men… It’s 15,000 men women and children… So when He list four women all of which had shady past… He’s telling everybody that no matter where you came from its where you’re going don’t worry about the past because King David was tied to it as well… Did you notice that only the only people I have titles was King David and the Messiah… He’s trying to get them to understand you need to only know one name and the name that He’s talking about is Christ… 
D. Look go back in scripture… Names are important to people in scripture… If I were to ask you tell me the name of the couple in the garden of Eden… I guarantee you 95% of people would immediately yell out Adam and Eve… And you would be incorrect… The names in the garden of Eden are man and woman… Adam… Adama means ground and a matter of fact they don’t get their names or he doesn’t retain the name Adam and she doesn’t get the name Eve until after they commit a sin… Why because you and I are now accountable for our actions… If we had stayed in the garden of Eden brother sister in Christ we wouldn’t be in this spot names are significant… But the fact of the matter is they are… That’s why Abram was called Abraham… Saul to Paul… Simon to Peter… My brothers and sisters in Christ go back to the story of the rich man the rich man is sitting and eating off a wealthy table throwing the scrapes to the dogs and he steps over Lazarus… as a result they both die on the same day… Did you ever ask yourself why they never named the rich man and they died and the rich man ends up in hell and Lazarus ends up in heaven or Abrahams bosom… Because as a Jew Christ is the only one that is eventually going to open the gates and as a result until the gates are opened this is where you will reside… St Joseph… Isaiah… Elijah… My brothers and sisters in Christ did you ever think it’s ironic that when the rich man dies he yells to father Abraham send him to dip his finger and put it in my tongue… My brother and sister in Christ he still treating Lazarus as a slave did you ever recognize that father Abraham who is the father of all nations the most loving and caring guy in the world… He is the one that negotiated the terms to Sodom and Gomorrah… Lord if I find 50 40 30 20 10 2 Lord… He is telling this rich man no I will not send Lazarus no I will not send somebody to your home… I would not tell your brothers and sisters… Did you ever ask yourself why that gentleman is not named… Because he’s in hell… And there is no book of death… There’s only a book of life… And if your name is not on the book of life then therefore you reside further south… My brothers sisters in Christ did you ever ask yourself when the good Lord went to the tomb of Lazarus why He says Lazarus come out why doesn’t He just yell out Lazarus or just come out… Because everybody will come out of the tombs… He only wants Lazarus to come out… And remember this… Every time there’s a miracle there’s always two miracles… Look for the one behind the veil… Lazarus is dead He waited four days to pull this man out… Because according to the Jews up until the third day you could be resuscitated… He purposely waits until the fourth day… And when He does He calls him by name… did you ask yourself how does he walk out if he’s bound up hand and foot with a cloth over his face… Hence where we get the term swaddling clothes in a manger… The baby doesn’t hurt itself with his hands and his feet… There’s no way Lazarus could come out of the tomb that’s the second miracle… 
E. My brothers sisters in Christ hear you and I sit 2000 years later… I’m asking you how protective are you of your name… That’s all you and I will ever have… You came in on this day you’re going home on this day it’s non negotiable… As a result of it I’m gonna ask you how protective are you of your name… When you give your word will you give your word… When you tell somebody you’re gonna call him or you gonna call him… if you tell them you’re going to go by and go visit them are you going to go by… When your gonna stop and run that errand are you going to do just that… or are you going to keep pushing it off… Do you still have that Christmas gift in the back of your car… It’s getting close… I’m just saying… my brothers and sisters in Christ… How protective of you of your name… Is your name tied to the past… If somebody was going to talk to you every time I talk to that person all they do there is bemoan the past or their talking to you because you’re always worried about the future… When they talk to you is it always the doctor visit the job it’s the contract it’s the work… Your never in the moment… My brothers and sisters in Christ… is the glass half full when they mention your name or is it half empty… Or worse you didn’t even know you had a glass… my brothers and sisters in Christ it’s just that simple your name is either in the book of life or it is does not… Do not blame the Church because you do not understand what it teaches… it’s your soul… Learn it stop pointing the finger… You need to know the faith and get involved… Go to Mass… receive the Sacraments… their is only 10 Commandments… 10… How many do you know… This ain’t baseball three out of 10 is not going to work here… My brothers and sisters in Christ if I ask you who does LSU play this coming up weekend we all know that we can all tell you about Joe Burrow… We can name you 10 things about Joe but Joe ain’t getting you into heaven… He may be getting LSU to the promised land but he ain’t getting us to heaven… My brothers and sisters in Christ therein lies the issue… I’m asking you to commit yourself to your name… 
F. And make sure you understand this and I leave you with this… Two things… One… when an animal dies a lion or a tiger he leaves his skin… When you and I die we’re only going to leave our name… Don’t you ever forget this… And I’ll leave you with a poem ANYWAY written by Mother Teresa… People are unreasonable logical and self-centered… love them anyway… If you are honest people will try you try to cheat you… be honest anyway… If you are happy they will be jealous… be happy anyway… If you’re willing to go the extra mile but they will rob you blind you go the extra mile… then you do it anyway… Give all that you have gives till it hurts… Because the only thing that matters at the end of the day is that it was between you and Him anyway… What will He say to you on your arrival… Welcome home my child how have I’ve waited for you… I have called you by name I knew you in your mother’s womb… I wrote it on your palm… I put it in My heart… Or will He turn to you and I it say depart for Me I don’t know your name….
G. Amen… 



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