2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 23:35-43; 11-24-2019 (As Built; Amite #378)
A. Calm… as in remaining calm… 
B. It’s the 1940’s… our country is embarked on a great world war… World War II… And if you and I were involved in that war chances are we would fall in one of three categories… We didn’t make it… We barely made it… probably may have gotten wounded… Or worst a POW… And if you were a POW less than 1% would ever escape… The point being would be if you and I were captured the first thing we would do before we hit the prison war camp is a psychiatrist would interview us… to know everything there is to know about you and I… our likes our dislikes… are we gonna be trouble… how smart is our intellect… how much motor do we have… can we get things done… their gonna know us inwards and outwards… Then they’ll put us in a barracks… then outside of the prison will be a 15 foot high fence usually barbed wire… Then they’ll go another 15 yards put up another fence 15 foot high… In between it dogs land mines soldiers… and then the Germans would put a pill box about 100 yards away all of them facing inward at the camp… The chances of getting out are slim to none… The British Intelligence finds out look we got too many guys in prison… We’re running short we need more guys we need more information… They call the generals together they get them together and say look I need information on how to get people out of prison… Every lieutenant every colonel every general says the exact same thing… They said you gotta get the guy Clayton… They said man we can’t hold him in any prison… He said he’s always breaking out… He’s got this Houdini complex… He said what is a Houdini complex… He said why don’t you ask him yourself… They bring the POW in this time he’s their own prisoner of war… He said yes I have a Houdini complex and he said what is that… he said well in my world… Harry Houdini came into town one day… He got up on stage and we made this special box for him that there was no way he could get out… within thirty minutes he gets out… He said I lose it in front of everyone… talk about losing my calm… He said I stand up and I told Harry Houdini I bet you $100 that you let me build the coffin I’ll put it in play and you ain’t getting out… He said I tell you what Harry told him I will do it next Saturday you make the coffin… $100 up front… sure enough he gives him $100 next thing you know he gets the coffin made here comes next Saturday Houdini’s on the stage… put the coffin there within one hour Harry Houdini’s out again… He said I was so mad and incensed he said I remember leaving and man I was spitting venom and I told those people that put on the show I don’t see how he got out I paid that man $100… He said no you only paid him $50… He said no I paid him $100… He said no… You paid him 50 because 50 went to the Carpenter that made a box for you… Man brothers and sisters in Christ he said general you got to remember remain calm and these things… Look we have one of our scabies you have to talk to them you need to get her boys out… So I asked him what do I need to know about a prisoner of war… Three things you need to know you have to have money you got I have a Compass and you have to have a map… He said will man put that in like the heel of your shoe and then when you’re running just stop look at your thing and look pull up the Compass and look at the map and look at the map it’s in your shoe and then put it back on one and he said oh stop… Stop… Let me tell you there’s one thing you need to know when you escape… Your Job is to run… And when you’re tired run faster… And you think you’re going to die run triple fast because if they catch you it’s going to be ugly… Then ultimately they’ll kill you… But until then that’s no answer… Man next thing you know Clayton says OK he starts playing with it and then out of nowhere it comes to him he gets with the Red Cross and he said there’s three things that we deliver… We deliver supplies medicine and board games… So it keeps us entertained… He said man there’s our answer… He took a board game he made it about a little bit thicker than normal and then he took a board game and he took within the middle of the board there’s got this rich uncle moneybags that sits in the very middle… Huge hint huge hint… And as a result of it… he said where you gonna put the map he said I’m gonna put the map under Community Chest he said well where are you going to put the money… He said I guess you’re going to put that on free parking… He said yeah probably so he said and then I’m gonna put the compass in just visiting… In the jail… Man you know it as Monopoly… He said but make no mistake about it Mr. Clayton they got to remain calm… Or they’ll lose it… 
C. That’s the gospel… My brothers and sisters in Christ listen to what’s happening the good Lord is carrying the cross 12 foot tall 8 foot wide… He’s carrying it 1 mile… The good Lord alone receives 6666 wounds according to the Saints… They are on a crucifix He’s having a conversation with two thieves who are also on the cross… They have cursed Christ they have jeered Him they have spit on Him they have beat Him and they have stripped Him… To every one of them up there they are trying to destroy them mentally and physically… Yet He’s having conversation with them while all this is going on there about to break His shins to kill him and suffocate Him… Did you listen to the conversation how calm he was… Do you notice that he never versus’ Christ in a mocking way… Like they were doing king of the Jews… He calls Him by His first name Jesus… Just remember me… Brothers and sisters in Christ… stop you and I are first century Jews… Let’s go back to what’s going on over here… My brothers and sisters in Christ to say you are king and to be crucified doesn’t even go hand in hand that’s why everybody is so confused… Why because if you were a king then surely you shouldn’t be crucified… I mean Paul was a citizen they just cut his head off… This is why Peter decides he wants to be crucified too… Albeit upside down… In honor of our Savior who was the king of the Jews… And they missed it… My brothers and sisters in Christ when you heard the words I want to bring you to My Kingdom… Remember when the good Lord uses the word kingdom He’s talking Basileios…In Greek he’s talking about a Basilica… He’s talking about a place… He’s talking about abode… He’s talking about a realm… He’s trying to say there is a place… Don’t forget this part… When He says this day you will be with Me in Paradise… He never said Heaven… Go back to the language…. Pardesemo it’s a garden… it’s an orchard… it’s the Garden of Eden… The Garden of Paradise… My brothers and sisters in Christ this is important to you and I… Because the good Lord doesn’t ascend into heaven until 50 days later Pentecost 50 days later… The good thief is not waiting for Him… this day you will be with Me in paradise… The good thief is not in Heaven waiting on Him as if saying He should be here any day now… The gates of Heaven aren’t open until the good Lord comes… The Jews believe in Abrahams bosom… Which is where did Moses Elijah Saint Joseph go before the good Lord opens the gates… Garden of Eden… Abrahams bosom… Go back and read the story… It is not parabolic… About Lazarus and the poor man and the rich man who died on the same day… And the rich man is yelling out from hell father Abraham Abraham’s bosom… How would he know it’s Abraham he shouldn’t 2000 years before his time… My brothers and sisters in Christ… And I need you to remember this too… You need to remember this as Catholics if you and I are there when we hear the good thief yell out the words remember me you and I our jaw would’ve dropped… And the reason it would’ve dropped is because according to Saint Augustine and Saint Anselm they actually met 30 years ago… Their paths crossed… remember when the angel appeared to Joseph and said take Mary and her son… Not your wife and the child… Mary and her son and leave Herod is coming after them… He has two choices he can go by water which is expensive and public… Or he can go buy land here’s a problem you and I know he went by land the only place to get where he needed to go is through the desert controlled by the good thief and his father… He made his dad look like a Boy Scout… According to Saint Augustine the good Lord is two years old and when the good thief sees Him and makes a statement truly if God could come down that is how He would come… He said the child was so stunning he almost… he wanted to look at him but he was afraid he couldn’t but he knew he needed to or that he should… He just didn’t know if it was appropriate… He even convinced his friend the other thief Dismas same guy as on the crucifix to let them pass… You know what the other thief said… For 40 pieces of silver I’ll let Him go… The good thief had to pay his way and then what does he tell the good Lord when they walk away… Remember me this day… That our paths should ever cross again he saying exact same thing that he says at the crucifixion… You know the good Lord tells His mother when He saw them you’ll see them again one of My right and one on My left… Brothers and sisters in Christ is that a fore telling of what is to come… Even worse imagine you are John at the Last Supper and you yell out to Christ Lord let me be on Your right and left with my brother… Man I can’t give you that… You don’t want that… Oh yes I do… No they have already been given… Can you imagine John’s face when he walks at the crucifixion and sees the thief on either side both being crucified… thank God for unanswered prayers… 
D. My brothers and sisters in Christ it’s the ability to remain calm… When everybody else is losing their wits your ability to stay focused and on the issue… I don’t care what you forgot everything that I’ve told you… I do… But I’m just being nice… My brothers and sisters in Christ there are two things that you need to remember… The garden of Eden and the garden of Gethsemane… In the garden of Eden a man and a woman are drawn to a tree in the garden of Gethsemane Christ and ultimately His mother are drawn to a tree the crucifix… In the garden of Eden a man and a woman went to the tree to take from it… He went to the tree to give back… Himself… In the garden of Eden a man and a woman raise their hand to take it was all about them… He raised His hand to be attached to it… It was all about us… When man and woman were in the garden they were not clothed and subsequentially had to be clothed… He started out being clothed and then strip because our sinfulness… They brought death into the world… He brought life into the world… They closed the garden… Go back and read scripture there’s an angel with a fiery sword that no one else can enter… And now He’s re-opening it… To say you will be with Me in paradise… All because somebody remained calm… 
E. My brothers and sisters in Christ… You and I sit here 2000 years later… How calm are you during the course of the day… When you get up and you go to work you know how much love is waiting for you when you get in that door… Emails text messages demands obligations people yelling screaming they want this they want that… How calm are you worse than that you had to drive to work people cut you off people have got their blinker on for the last 6 miles… Surely they can turn any day now… My brothers and sisters in Christ how does it feel when you pass somebody that has been turning for the last six blocks do you give them the look like no kidding really…  maybe there were driving and you think it’s a Sunday afternoon but it’s a Monday and they are driving half the speed limit… To drive along them and just look at them like come on let’s go let’s hit the long peddle… Yeah that’ll move her…… Brothers and sisters in Christ do you get mad and go through a parking lot you can’t find a parking spot and then you got a park 20 spaces out and then you complain that you haven’t been to the gym in a while… As you’re walking… My brothers and sisters in Christ you get upset because somebody cut you off somebody’s not listening to what you have to say brother sister in Christ when you drive back home and you throw that venom out on everybody at the table… Remember you are copiable of the sin too… So if you caused somebody to sin and they cause somebody to sin you and I are buying in to that… At the end of the day our ability to remain logically… You want to win the argument… You want your point to be heard… You want to make sure people understand… You want people closer to Christ… Then you must remain calm… So they can understand where your going and the logic and the reason that it takes… When everybody else has lost their minds… 
F. And I leave you with this… Never… Never argue when you are angry… It will be the greatest speech you will ever live to regret… Stay calm… 
G. Amen…



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