2017 Homilies (Written)


Matthew 24:37-44; 12-1-2019 (As Built; Amite #379)
A. Prepare… As in are you prepared… 
B. It’s a 1930s and 1940s… His name is Erle Gardner… Erle is a prominent attorney and Ventura California… He’s in his early 40s he’s got all the bells and whistle‘s he’s got a great intellect he thinks well on his feet and say what you want about Erle but the man is prepared… He’s in a court  room everybody’s getting situated he’s sitting next to his client he leans over and he whispers to his client… Let me make sure you understand here… here’s the issue… One she’s going after you because you were slanderous and blasphemous and she’s going to come after you… Second of all she had a nervous breakdown Because you went after her… And third and last but not least she feels that she can’t get remarried because of the nervous breakdown and because of things that happened… And before you tell me that it wasn’t your fault we have no evidence to the contrary think about what’s going to happen in this trial… It’s uphill both ways… She’s going to get on the stand she’s going to be dressed to the nines she’s an attractive woman she’s going to make a great stay… Then they’re going to put all the counselors on he says I know the counselors and guess what they are worth their salt… And then at the end of the day she’s going to claim that nobody will marry her… We need to pray as prepared as we are we need a miracle we need something to happen so that they can see it’s not gonna happen until cross examine… I can tell you… We have no evidence… The trail goes on as it’s going on man and then finally it’s time for the cross examine… He gets up and begins to talk to her… Every question he asked she responds… every question that looks a little misleading she’s corrected… she’s got a good game with her… Man out of nowhere the room begins to shake… It’s California… As a result of it people are getting nervous they’re getting concerned… Erle is still asking the questions she still answering them… Calm as a cucumber… Next thing you know things are happening… Dust is falling from the rafters the lights are starting to move… People are starting to get worried like man we know what’s coming… Erle is asking the questions and she’s got an answer rock solid… Pretty soon the chandelier starts moving Erle’s associate dives under the table the other attorney jumps under a chair Erle is still asking the questions she still answering them… Man that lady’s composure unmoved… Pretty soon the judge hits the gavel and yells earthquake… It’s like organized mayhem getting out of the courthouse… All of a sudden the world starts to settle he gets everybody back in… The judge finally hits his gavel and says look I just need your closing arm arguments we just had an earthquake you just need to make your pitch… Erle gets up and says your honor… here we are in the misted of an earthquake… She’s a ledged to have a nervous breakdown… So much so that she’s got to go to counseling so much so that she can’t get remarried… And brothers and sisters in Christ he says I’m telling you your honor I turned around and I asked a question, calm as can be…  The light start to move she ain’t budging… My two buddies one jumps under the table one jumps behind the chair she still giving great answers… We should all be so lucky as to have a nervous breakdown like that… He wins the case as a result of it… I bet you if  you took 80% of Erles cases they had something different with them… Like he had one case about the caretakers cat he had another case about a sleepwalking niece… They are so eccentric… That he actually writes a book about his cases… They take the book and they start doing a series… Sometimes he’s an attorney in a wheelchair and he goes by the name Perry Mason… Please tell me you know who Perry Mason is… 
C. It’s all about being prepared that’s the gospel… The good Lord is talking to His apostles and to the people and He’s telling them you need to be prepared… For My second coming whenever your were second coming may be you may not wait until the true second coming… How prepared are you… Now stop… You’re a first century Jew… You know Hebrew Scriptures backwards and forwards… Noah is NOT a parable… Every time the good Lord uses a proper name He’s not being parabolic… My brothers and sisters in Christ I know what you’re thinking… Wait a minute father he built this massive structure and two of every animal walked on it and they didn’t eat one another… Stop… My brothers and sisters in Christ the Bible wasn’t written to explain how things were done it’s not a put together book… The Bible is written to explain why things were done… My brothers and sisters in Christ Noah is a proper name… Why would you as a messiah if You’re trying to explain Your second coming using an analogy that’s not true about Noah… Then they’re not gonna believe Your second coming… My brothers and sisters in Christ in the garden of Eden if I were to ask you the name of the couple in the garden of Eden sometimes were too quick for our own good… Oh man it’s Adam and Eve… No… Adam means ground… Adama… He was saying man and woman in the garden… They don’t get their names Eve especially until after they are kicked out… That’s why you and I are named… We’re accountable for our actions… My brothers and sisters in Christ… He saying at Noah’s time just like they weren’t prepared for that you won’t be prepared for My second coming… If we read the paragraph right before that… He would tell us I don’t know the hour or the day… If we read the paragraphs following that… He said God the Father is going to separate the sheeps from the goats… He’s talking about second coming… This is even more important than knowing about Noah… My brothers and sisters in Christ… The rapture is a bald faced lie… And boy have we bought into it… My brothers sisters in Christ you’ve seen the decals on the car is right… The stickers this car may be vacated during the rapture… Oh it’s already vacated… Why brothers and sisters…  scripture cannot contradict itself… therefore according to the rapture and let me tell you where they get it those two lines… one will be in the fields and one will be taken… one will be grinding a meal and the other will be taken… And the other will be left… The good people will be going to the bad people will remain… Nowhere in scripture does that ever happen… where the good people are taken up and the bad remain… Noah… eight people are saved… the good… everybody else washed away… In the desert… 1 million people go into the desert… two people make it to the Promise Land… The good remain the dead were taken away… Sodom and Camorra… everybody is taken away less two or three people Lot’s family… My brothers and sisters in Christ the rapture is countercultural… They’re trying to convince you that that’s the second coming… My brothers and sisters in Christ… That makes Christ coming the third coming… Now we’re really got scripture backwards… He came once He’s going to come in the middle of the night sneak a couple people out and then He’s gonna come again… My brothers and sisters in Christ… And according to this theory the good people go the bad people are left… There is 1000 year reign of which the bad people will be here which means the Jews will return to Jerusalem and they will now worship sacrifices one-year-old unblemished lambs back in the Temple… Which totally destroys why we put Him up on the cross… My brothers and sisters in Christ… The rapture is simply untrue… The second coming is the second coming… And He’s telling you you need to be prepared for it… My brothers and sisters in Christ… It’s unbiblical it’s not historical and it’s untenable… At the end of the day the second coming is the second coming… More important the second coming for you and I could be well in advance of when He does come… 
D. Look my brothers and sisters in Christ look at all of our great players in history… All of our apostles… You think when they killed Christ you don’t think those 12 guys including Matthias not Judas… Not withstanding Paul you don’t think they realize you killed Christ at some point you’re going to kill me… You don’t think they’re getting nervous when they see James killed in the year 44… You don’t think Peter who dies in the year 66 you don’t think every day he’s looking over his shoulder…  wondering is this going to be the day… Every day they got to get prepared because I don’t know when he’s gonna be crucified upside down… Or his brother Andrew will be crucified on the cross or will Judas Thaddeus will he be spared to death or Thomas when will he be spear to death or James a lesser when will they throw him off the Temple… And then beat him to death… Matter fact … When will they crucify Philip or when will they behead Matthias… My brothers and sisters in Christ… You got to be prepared for what’s coming because you don’t know the hour or the day… 
E. Think about it here you and I said 2000 years later how prepared are you coming for Advent… You know what’s amazing in Lent we reluctantly we are good Catholics… We give up something for Lent… For the first two weeks we are some cranky people… OK because we gave up sugar we gave up this we gave up that…  But gosh you woke up on the wrong side of the bed of nails every day… I mean my brothers and sisters in Christ… Here Christ is coming into the world He’s coming how do you and I prepare for it… What are we going to bring Him our sins on the day of His birth… Why wouldn’t we treat Advent like Lent… And that’s what I’m asking… That you give up one thing no big deal don’t make it where it’s earth shattering were you gotta complain to everybody and it turns you upside down… But at the end of the day can you not give up one thing… So that when He does come and your time does come then you and I were prepared at least in offering sacrifice… My brothers and sisters in Christ in Lent would it be possible I’m just saying… Would it be possible that you could maybe go to adoration for 15 minutes a week… 15… Can I have a 10 OK five minutes… Can I do a drive-by and worship Him in adoration… If you don’t have five minutes for our Savior you are way too busy… Don’t be so busy doing your job that you forget to do your job… And your job is to get to heaven… Everything else is a means to an end… If you can’t give Him five minutes to go into adoration at least to acknowledge His presence… You mean during Lent at least one time a week during Lent… Can you take one time during lent to go to confession… The average holy person sins seven times a day… My brothers and sisters in Christ don’t go for the whole month that’s over 240 sins… You can’t find confession at least one time during the week… My brothers and sisters in Christ can you not read scripture at night… Just read 12 sentences… One for each Apostle… I didn’t ask you to study it…  memorize it… to use it to debate… I only ask you would you be able to read scripture at least during the week… Can you read it every night before you go to bed… Till the last words off your lips to His ears is I’m being prepared… so that when we do stand before Him He’ll say my child welcome home I have waited for you with open heart and arms for you are My chosen one… I knew you would be prepared… I will He say depart from me you wicked servant I don’t even know who you are… Yeah you called My name but often times in vain… and rarely did I see you at our church and in prayer… My brothers sisters in Christ take that little bit of extra time be prepared… To read something spiritually during the time of Advent to read scripture… We don’t study our scripture to make sure to go to confession to go to adoration to make sure you go to Mass… 
F. I’ll leave you with the words of Ben Franklin… If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail… It’s all about preparation…
G. Amen…



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