2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 21:5-19; 11-17-2019 (As Built; Amite #377)
A. Hit… Hit… As in take a hit… can you take a punch so to speak…
B. It’s the 1980’s… And his name is Michael… Michael is a big city kinda boy… He’s a big boy… He’s from the city of what they call Big Shoulders… the windy city… Chicago… He’ll tell you it’s all about his mom and sister… His dad was never much in the picture… He said his mom was the preverbal can do and will do and does do and she does it well… And if it hadn’t been for her he’ll tell you he doesn’t make it… He said in high school he did two things well… drink and take drugs… and as a result he barely gets through high school and his mom told him because he wanted to play football in high school and his mom told him no I don’t want you to play and he said I think I need the disciple she said no no Michael you’ll get hurt… When you find out who this guy is there is no way this guy gets hurt… I’m telling you… they don’t even have to give him pads that’s not the problem… As a result… man he’s trying to do the best he can and he gets a scholarship at a junior college and then Alcorn State… 6’ 5’’ 300 lb. basketball player… and extremely agile… As a result… he’s doing well and then the big hit comes his moms in trouble… She’s had a heart attack… His world go south… As a result because she’s everything he quit school goes back he’s trying to help his sister and his mom… He works for the Chicago Pipe Company the Gas Company… All he does is dig the ditches and trenches… They don’t have a backhoe or front end loader or ditch switch call it whatever you want this man can do it all… He’s so big and massive man he just moves it… Finally he’s got a little bit more money he starts doing the bouncing he starts working at a bar at night people start to recognize them… Will Smith recognizes him LL Cool J recognizes him… I have no idea who that guy is… that’s not the point!... but anybody that gives them that moniker God bless you but I digress… As a result of it man they we need you they start saying we need you as a bodyguard… Then he becomes a bodyguard for The Notorious B.I.G. he dies Michael quits… As a result man they got to find him work so they get them a job on a sitcom FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR for just a little bit… And then they get them a couple of jobs here and there and then all the sudden they get him in a movie called TALLADEGA NIGHTS… Then Michael gets a spot in the WHOLE 9 YARDS… But then the world starts opening up and now he’s able to take care of his family particularly his mom and as a result he’s in the movie ARMAGEDDON with Bruce Willis… He is in THE SCORPION KING with the Rock… He does voiceovers KUNG FU PANDA… He did BIG BROTHER 1 & 2 you know it’s amazing you do know Michael you know him in THE GREEN MILE as John Coffee… she didn’t want him to play football because he might get hurt he’s as big of a house my brothers and sisters in Christ… His name is Michael Duncan… 
C. My brothers and sisters in Christ that is the gospel… That’s where the good Lord is telling His apostles someday you’re gonna take a hit… You see that big massive Temple… Not one stone will not be thrown to the ground… Now stop… You’re a 1st Century Jew… He’s taking His apostles outside the city of Jerusalem and they’re going up to the top to a hillside that they call the Mount of Olives near the Garden of Gethsemane… He’s turning around and saying now you see the city you can’t miss the Temple… The Temple will take up the whole block behind us starting in Drive In Drugs including this block it would include the block of Walgreens and the hospital that’s how big the Temple is… He saying that one boulder will not be thrown to the ground and He saying you’re saying you need to understand this because guess what not only are they going to come after Me… They’re going to come after you… They’re going to sieze you they’re going to judge you they’re going to persecute you and it’s going to be your family and your friends you better learn to take a hit now because you’re gonna take to learn to take the greatest hit martyrdom… My brothers and sisters in Christ remember what the Temple means to a Jew… Temple means this is where God resides nothing’s changed in 2000 years… This is where you had to go to sacrifice you couldn’t do the animal at home you had to come to the altar rail and hand it over… That’s why you and I bring the gifts up so you can bring over the rail so that I can take it break it bless it and hand it back to you… My brothers and sisters in Christ this was heaven on earth so for Him to say I can destroy the Temple… They’re thinking physically… He saying oh yeah that’s gonna happen but it’s also going to happen to Me and it’s gonna happen to you… 
D. Now stop go back in scripture if there is one guy who knows how to take a hit… You can say what you wanna say about Peter probably all true give him his due the boy can take hits… He’s in a boat first time he meets a good Lord Lord gets in the boat man it’s midnight he’s been fishing y’all all night… He comes back and there’s a carpenter gets in his boat and saying oh we’re going fishing… You can imagine the attitude oh this is Skippy well why don’t we go fishing yeah you want the nets there!! Now a boatload of fish… that’s exactly what happens he said depart for me Lord I’m a sinful man… He takes a hit…The next time he’s in another boat Peter doesn’t learn… Lord there’s a storm coming up I’m not gonna wake Him up but I need another… I got this!! Sea of Galilee!!  I’m a fisherman!!  Within minutes… Lord do you mind we’re about to perish… The good Lord stands and rebukes the wind… That doesn’t strike you as unordinary… The wind is inadament… unless somebody else is stirring it up an animate object the evil one… that’s why the good Lord rebuked it… man Peter takes yet another hit… The third time he’s in a boat the good Lord is on the water and He’s telling Peter come… Man Peter begins to walk he does walk on water… Make no mistake about it…Just because he had doubts and the winds blowing and he starts to drown and the good Lord goes and saves him… Never forget this… Peter walked on water for however short it may have been but make sure you understand the good Lord didn’t carry him back to the boat they walked back to the boat… Peter has not learned yet again and this is the third time… My brothers and sisters in Christ do you know that Christ actually called him Satan because he’s trying to convince the Lord what he should or shouldn’t do… He didn’t say hey Peter stop it you know better… You’ve been with Me too long… He calls him Satan… I mean man is that not enough to make you want to just climb under a whole live under a rock… Peter doesn’t listen… Brothers and sisters he denies our Savior three times… Did you ever hear the denial… The first one is just Christ the next one is Christ and the boys the next one is Christ and the boys and the whole nationality each time gets bigger and bigger… They said he cried so much that even though he lived for another 33 years the creases in his cheeks from the tears were still there… Peter is crucified upside down and for three hours preaches the gospel… Upside down stand on your head for a couple of minutes and tell me how you feel… You can say what you want about Peter that boy can take a hit… You’re telling me when he went out in public and he preached to the masses that somebody didn’t stand up and say well aren’t you a piece of work you’re judging me Peter… I hear it all the time… He said No I’m just discerning the act… I’m just telling you what’s acceptable and what is not… What’s in scripture and what is not… The Holy Spirit is come upon me my brothers and sisters in Christ there would be always somebody but that boy can take a hit… 
E. Will guess what here we sit 2000 years later… Can we take a hit… Can you take a hit for your faith can you take a hit for saying that you’re Catholic… Will let’s see my brothers and sisters in Christ… When they turn to you and say let us pray… My brothers and sisters in Christ and they look to you will you make a sign of the cross knowing full well nobody else may do it… knowing full well that they will come look for you afterwards… Will you break out the Hail Mary or are you going to turn around and say I’m not gonna do that I’m not going to upset them and yet we will cast a shadow upon her… My brother and sisters in Christ if they decide to bow their heads before a meal will you make the sign of the cross even though no one else begins to pray will you ask them let’s say a prayer before a meal… Can you take that hit will you be able to say when they say are you Christian… Will you say absolutely I’m Catholic… Are you going to stay away and say no I’m Christian we don’t need that… If you do not acknowledge Him in public He will not acknowledge you  and I in front of the Father… How many times must He tell you and I this… Will you wear a metal and let everybody know it’s blessed will you put a statue in your yard so that everybody can see “you worship statues”… I mean really we worship plaster… I mean do we not have an intellect I mean when they bow before the crucifixion and it was in the desert and it was the gold one with the serpents because they been bitten by vipers I mean did they worship that statue or the person that made it … God… My brother and sisters in Christ are you willing to defend the faith and say that we venerate the Blessed Mother and not adore her… Are you willing to say that you understand the sacraments and if you don’t understand why we do what we do stop blaming the Church and saying father I went to Catholic School my whole life and they didn’t teach me anything… So what are you what are you doing now laying on your hands… Why are you laying on my leg… It’s our soul?  no it’s your soul you’re responsible for your soul… Ignorance of scripture is the ignorance of Christ… What I’m asking you are you able and willing to take a hit knowing that you will alienate family and friends and relatives… Because at some point my brother and sisters in Christ you and I are going to have acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Messiah and His Church as well… And I’m begging you not to back up from that fight… It’ll be the fight that you live to regret… 
F. And I’ll leave you with the words of Randall Tex Cobb… You may not know him… you think John Coffee was a big boy you should’ve seen this guy… He was a fighter a prizefighter fought Muhammad Ali… You know the tuneup fight that you have before the fight the main guy months later… Tex Cobb is a walking punching bag… you couldn’t knock him out with a bulldozer… As a result he fights Muhammad Ali… He’s in the ring when the bell rings… and he’s there with Muhammad Ali… He doesn’t even go to the hospital after the fight… Like he said it’s not like my IQ was gonna get any better anyway… As a result he’s being interviewed… and the reporter said Tex I don’t think you hit Ali the whole fight… He said I did too I hit him twice… Once when we touched gloves and once he turned around I hit him before the fight started… He said Mr. reporter you have no idea what you’re talking about…  He said have you ever been in the ring… He said it’s not tennis where I miss the ball out or hit it out and it’s love-15… I miss a punch I better be able to take a hit… Or I’m gonna get knocked out… My brothers and sisters in Christ… take the hit… I promise you your reward in heaven will be greater than you could ever imagine… The blessing upon you will be twice… 
G. Amen… 



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