2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 18:1-8; 10-20-2019 (As Built; Amite #373)
A. Consistent… Consistent…
B. It’s the early 1800’s… and his name… well his name was Billy… Billy is one of eleven children… His dad is a farmer… His mom well… eleven kids… I mean what else could she be doing but taking care of the family… Tragedy strikes early in Billy’s life… and as a result his mom passes… His dad cannot take care of all eleven children sends them to foster homes… Billy goes to a family that is very dominate Catholic… they already have nine children… so when he comes by the age of nine he gets baptized… As a result of it… the family discerns that Billy is consistently inconsistent… He doesn’t want to be ‘educamacated’… his words not mine… He doesn’t want to be disciplined… He doesn’t want to be learned… He doesn’t want to do it… So they decided… West Point… He’ll be educated, learned and disciplined… They send him to West Point… To this day if you go back and look who had the most demerits ever… Billy… two a day for a year… 150 demerits… He came in as a private… he left as a private… As a result man his folks are like atleast we tried… He gets married… He marries a girl by the name of Ellen Billy does…  She’s even more Catholic than his family… As a result she convinces him that he needs to go back to school… So he goes back to Law School… He becomes a banker… He works up in New York and in different places and then tragedy strikes… The War between the States… man he’s got to make a decision… goes back to West Point and it was split right down the middle… so as a result man he’s from the North and as such man he’s gonna join the North… And he does… And man Lincoln notices him but not in the capacity that he wanted… till after Bull Run… And then later Grant notices him and as a matter of fact if you were to ask Grant today he would tell you we don’t win the War if this guy’s “not to my right”… He said man I know people thought he was insane… I wish I had more Generals insane… He use to tell Grant I would have never followed you if I had known you were drunk… He said well that’s because your insane and you wouldn’t have known anyway… As a result of it man if it had been at Chattanooga or at Corinth or Vicksburg boy does Atlanta remember this guy… You know brothers and sisters in Christ I learned two immutable truths about St. Helena… I will never ever speak to Black Bart or use this guy I’m about to pitch to you right now… because you have no idea where I’m going… My brothers and sisters in Christ… he is the consummate General…  And his name was William  Tecumseh Sherman… he goes through Atlanta he burns Atlanta... Ok… Ok great… Here’s the irony my brothers and sisters in Christ… When they asked him later in life what was the best thing you ever did… and he won’t say the War… He said I got to teach young men I got to educate them and discipline them so that they could become consistent throughout their lives… He becomes the President for the Seminary of Learning and Military Academy… in Baton Rouge Louisiana… LSU… He’s the first President of LSU my brothers and sisters in Christ… William Tecumseh Sherman… And I just learned this… this is absolutely great… I know you don’t care about Black Bart but just listen to this… This is what you call adlib my brothers and sisters in Christ… We know Beauregard started it and therefore it became a place to get soldiers into the war…  and they would train them on the parade grounds… And if you go in front of ROTC there is two cannons there both from Fort Sumpter… If you go out on LSU Campus… Now all of a sudden they are moving them right… to get them more involved in the War… then they go to Northern Alabama if you will… And now they start up a second battalion… That’s where we get the Auburn Tigers from… Why is it y’all know that my brothers and sisters in Christ… And thank you for that I needed the help… My brothers and sisters in Christ… It’s all about being consistent… 
C. That’s the Gospel… The good Lord is using the parable to tell His Apostles… You gotta be consistent… in your request of Me… He talks about a woman who will do no it… She will not stop bothering the judge… She will call on Me and she will even go to the point of striking the judge… Now watch… Stop you’re a 1st Century Jew… Every time the good Lord speaks you and I know Scripture like the back of our hand... So whenever He speaks of an unrighteous man who neither fears God nor man… that is a pure pagan… For him to be the judge and ultimately have a fear of being hit or being smit by somebody that tells you how far the good Lord will go to help us… Number two… When He tells you brother in the Book of Exodus you and I would have known there are three groups of people that the good Lord watches dearly over… Women… Orphans… and Children… And since she is a widowed wife man He’s going to watch over her… And as a result you know what’s amazing if you actually go back and translate it… She just doesn’t want to go back and strike him… the Greek translation she wants to give him a black eye… that’s exactly what she translates it to… 
D. My brothers and sisters in Christ…  He’s trying to say you gotta be consistent… Look… Go back in Scripture… all of our best players fall into one of three categories… Those that make things happen… Those that watch things happen… And then those of us who wonder what happened… My brothers and sisters in Christ those that make things happen… go back to Abram…Abram becomes Abraham… He goes from Herod all the way to Canaan… the father of all nations… My brothers and sisters in Christ… Noah takes him and his eight members of his family and he builds an Ark… 400 feet long… 400 cubits long if you will… about 150 wide and about 75 cubits tall… A cubit is the length of your forearm to your finger to the elbow… My brothers and sisters in Christ… imagine you trying to build an Ark today… Can you imagine what your friends will think of you… email about you… text about you… Brothers and sisters in Christ… imagine what this guy… you want to talk about make things happen… He’s the height of consistency… Let me tell you how well the good Lord knows Noah… Noah is a person after man’s heart… He will go to no end… He will put up with whatever he has to do to build an Ark to save his family and the world… and you know what’s amazing… He doesn’t close the Ark… God closes the Ark… And that’s significant… because He knows if He allows Noah to close it… the first time he hears somebody yell his name to help he’s gonna open it back up… And He’s saying NO I don’t want that pressure on you because I know you’re a man after man’s own heart… so I’m gonna close it for you… He is the height of consistency my brothers and sisters in Christ… And for every one of those that make things happen there are those that watch things happen… A Pharisee… A Sadducee… I mean come on you have a crippled hand your blind and your lame you walk into the Temple and the good Lord heals you on a Sunday… They actually want Him to unheal you let you go home and then come back on a Monday…  My brothers and sisters in Christ… where’s the logic in that… Where’s the consistency in that… In that you are being inconsistently consistent… My brothers and sisters in Christ… For every one of those there are those who wonder what happened… That’s Pharaoh… put yourself in Pharaoh’s shoes… you go through ten plagues… The first plague turns everything to blood… Even the water in a vase on your counter… Even the water in a well… Not just the water in the Nile… you mean to tell me that doesn’t turn your head… You gotta go through ten plagues to which your last one kills your son before you turn your head… 
E. My brothers and sisters in Christ… well here you and I sit 2000 years later… How consistent are you… well let’s see… Brothers and sisters in Christ when you wake up in the morning… what is the measure of your resolve… To not turn on the television… read the paper… to sit quietly man for a minute… and just pray to God just to protect you for the day… Ok… have your cup of coffee… After you have your coffee then come sit down for a minute… Now all of a sudden your sitting down with Him for a minute… When you get in your car will you consistently pray that you will arrive there safely unharmed and you won’t take on the world and get into that rush in that traffic and get in that mayhem… Before you walk into those doors at work and all the love that waits for you when you get there… Will you say a prayer before you get in there… And before you come home and spread that venom to your family will you pray before you hit that dinner table… Before you go to bed at night will the lips to His ears thank Him… Thank Him for your family thank Him for the roof over your head the clothes on your back to still live in the greatest country in the world… will you thank Him so that if He calls you and I home that night the last words on my lips to His ears… Thank You… My brothers and sisters in Christ… are you consistent in going to Confession and receiving the Sacraments… are you consistently inconsistent… My brothers and sisters in Christ… don’t you get it… We came in on this day we are going home on this day… it’s non-negotiable… so it begs the question… it’s all one big test between these two days… What are you going to do wait until the day you go home and then negotiate terms… mitigate it… arbitrate it… Brothers and sisters in Christ there is none… All that rest for us is judgement… Why wouldn’t you take advantage of the greatest Sacrament… When you go to Confession are you consistently confessing the same sins over and over again… that’s a problem… Because what you’ve basically told the good Lord is your not sorry for it… Because if you had been you would have fixed it… and the fact that your not willing to fix it means you don’t really think it’s significant… My brothers and sisters in Christ… you want to talk about backhanding the good Lord… It’s disordered… My brothers and sisters in Christ… are you consistently inconsistent… In other words if someone is to define you in ten words or less… If I were to ask your spouse… scratch that don’t ask your spouse anything… To ask your friend or family to describe you in ten words or less would they consistently have in a way you don’t want to be looked at… That you’re a gossip… or a slander… and I pray no one ever does to your family what others do to others by putting it on the internet and text messages and emails and calling around town… There’s a special place in hell for that… It’s breaking the Commandment it’s bearing false witness… Do you consistently know the Ten Commandments… or do you just know I shouldn’t kill anybody… oh it’s that honor that father and mother thing and oh yeah you gotta love God with your whole heart mind and soul… well that’s three outta ten… Great… You’re a mediocre baseball player… My brothers and sisters in Christ… at the end of the day are you consistent in what you are doing… In worshipping our Savior Jesus Christ… You cannot be neutral to Him… So every day you either start out closer to Him and you either end up further away or your either one step closer… And if you had a bad day you ought to thank God He gave you another day to make up for the land that we just lost… My brothers and sisters in Christ I’m telling you you gotta ask yourself are you or are you not consistently working your way towards Christ… In your relationships in school in your education your relationship with your parents with your spouse… will you not tell them that you love them… When is the last time you told your spouse your children your parents that you love them… No father you don’t understand… you see father they already know… no they don’t… because your not telling them… shared knowledge is the only good knowledge… Everybody needs to be appreciated and loved… that’s why it’s a Commandment… 
F. My brothers and sisters in Christ… I leave you with the words of Abraham Lincoln… They were so mad at Lincoln they couldn’t even see straight… His counsel is about to take a hostage… they have called him every name in the book behind his back…  They have told him that he is a gorilla he is ignorant he is dumb as the day is long you pick a cliché they gave it to him… He gets in and he is so mad at them… first time they saw Lincoln on the other side of the equation… and he goes down that row of each one of his counsel members and he gives them the what for… He says we are gonna go to war and we are gonna fight for the freedom of all men are created equal by our Creator… And he says and let me make sure you understand this… Y’all are gonna get me the votes whether you think you got them or not I don’t care because at the end of the day we are going forward with this… And he says and I leave you people with this… I may walk slow but I never walk backwards… the height of consistency…
G. Amen…



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