2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 17:11-19; 10-13-2019 (As Built; Amite #372)
A. Thank you… Thank you… Giving thanks… 
B. It’s the 1960s his name is John… John lives in the big city of Neptune New Jersey… And as a result he’ll tell you his life tumultuous… From beginning for quite some time maybe to the end… He’ll tell you that he has a mother who well she’s a dancer… He will tell you to this day he doesn’t know who his father was I’m not sure he cares… John will tell you he’ll tell you his life was tumultuous… So his mother because it was born in the 40s so here’s the problem the stigma of being born without a father hence an SOB… His mom wanted none of that… So she came up with the idea that I’m gonna let you live with my parents you’re gonna call them mom and dad and I’m gonna be your ‘sister’… That way we can get through this… Grammar school went farely well… High school he said man he’s the class clown… To this day I still believe he has the record for the most detentions in school for his senior year… Every day every day his senior year he was in detention… Man he gets out of school and decided he’s going to go ‘live with his sister in Los Angeles’… Moves out there poor as church mice… They’re doing everything they’re running newspapers a taxicab stand there waiting tables they’re running errands whatever they can do… He decided that he can at least do something so he gets into what they call the B movies that’s what they call horror movies… And so as a result he goes and does one called THE BACK DOOR TO HELL… And I think it’s called LITTLE HOUSE OF HORRORS… But don’t hold me to that… OK… He’s in it’s a shipwreck as a matter fact he does these movies and nobody wants to help him because well the movies weren’t that good… Of all people he gets shot on Mayberry with Andy Griffith… When you figure out who this guy is and you picture him on Mayberry you would think it’s diabolical… I’m telling you… As a result of it the window starts opening… I got a tell ya Rob Reiner said he is the greatest actor of our day… He said when you get on with him you better be all in… Because he’s all in and he’s going to expect it… He said without a question in a 20 year span he’s one or two actors that was nominated for the best actor every year for 20 straight years… He’s won like 10 Academy Awards… Man he was in movies like AS GOOD AS IT GETS he also played the devil… He’s played the Joker… He’s actually played a werewolf… Man as a matter of fact brothers sisters in Christ he was in the movies like A FEW GOOD MEN… A BUCKET LIST… My brothers sisters cries please tell me you know who Jack Nicholson is I’m telling you I’m dying up here… Man my brothers and sisters in Christ for the 10 people who know who still knows who is God bless you… My brothers and sisters in Christ you know what’s amazing… they did an  interview with him… He is now suffering from dementia… And that’s why you don’t see him as much… As a result of such he’s doing an interview and they’re asking him can you tell us one thing about you… He said I just want to say thank you to my mother… Because if it hadn’t been for her I would’ve never made it… Moreover I wouldn’t be here… So he said I guess you’re not for abortion… He said how could I possibly be… Thank God for my mother…
C. My brother and sisters in Christ that is the point of that gospel… That’s the whole point… The good Lord is walking through and these lepers have yelled out have mercy on us… And He said go and show the priest… Right… OK now remember you’re a first century Jew… stop you and I are in this town… And were there and make sure you understand… understand the whole dynamic… You and I let’s take the role of the leper… You and I are lepers we live in a community are clothes are tattered our hair is long… There is nobody that ran down on our little hole and said film at 11pm! The Messiah is coming! Make sure you’re standing out there… They had to be out there because of sheer rumor and innuendo hearsay just gossip through the line… That’s why they’re standing out there nobody knows He’s coming there just assume that He is because of what they heard… They risk their lives… You know what’s amazing… They don’t yell out unclean… They yell out have mercy on us… Now granted OK that’s a death wish but isn’t that what they already have anyway… Man brothers and sisters in Christ and this is what’s happening… He doesn’t cure them instantly He said go show the priest… This is the rule you and I are lepers we still have another three days walk from where they are to Jerusalem… We got to go all the way there we’re going to be quarantined for seven days and this is why we’re quarantine… They’re going to check the wound if the wound turns white and then the hair in the wound turns white and the wound is now become part of the skin where it’s actually deepen if you will… Then after seven days they’re going to make you wait another seven… To see if it festers and grows… That’s how they know it’s not impetigo… They now know it’s leprosy… They more know that it’s not that it is… 14 days so what’s happened is the other nine have decided I don’t have time to be a day into the journey burn another day to go back to say thank you spend another three days going back while they already been quarantined they’ll be coming out in a week… They were so self-serving… And unthankful… My brothers and sisters in Christ… do you understand what it meant for him to come back… Did you see what he did… he does four things he stops what he’s doing and he comes back then he proclaims aloud that man He’s got to be the Messiah he lays prostrate on the ground and then he says thank you... The good Lord said if you do not acknowledge Me in public I will not acknowledge you before My Father in heaven… He lays prostrate on the ground… 
D. Everybody… every body who believes that Christ was Messiah in scripture… I’ve been all types of religion read it… Everybody who believes Christ to be the Messiah either knelt bowed or laid prostrate on the ground… This is why you and I kneel at Mass… Because we are before Him… This is why I’ll ask you if you can to kneel when you receive Him… Why because we are before Him… That’s why you genuflect when you come in… Because we are before Him… Because we believe Christ to be the Messiah… So for him to do it and did you listen to what Christ said… Did I not cure 10 now only one comes back 10%… let me tell you how truthful that is… Only 20% of the Catholics believe that the Eucharist is true… Tell me we’re doomed to repeat history if we don’t learn from it… My brothers and sisters in Christ… He tells him weren’t there other foreigners with him… Now let me tell you if you and I were Jew and we’re in that city and we’re not the leper whenever He used the word ‘foreigner’ that’s a Samaritan… Those were people who married outside the Jewish faith they were Jews to begin with married somebody else and because they did their outside of the faith… they actually another god on another hill… So for the Samaritan to come back and say truly You are God… Man that was profound… And when He said foreigners you know that meant to you and I… if you or I were in the temple and we decided to go worship on the Passover meal there is a massive sign above the door and it says if you are a foreigner i.e. not a Jew and you cross that threshold death will come upon you… And He’s saying no I am for everyone… Jews and Gentiles pagans and Samaritans… My brothers and sisters in Christ one out of 10 said thank you … Look go back in Scripture look at all the different people that may not have said the words but their actions meant thank you… Simon of Cryene… Say what you want about him… But here is a man that traveled all the way to Jerusalem with two of his boys he’s a farmer by trade he’s married he gets there to worship for seven days that festival the Passover… And guess what as soon as you get blood on you you’re a leper you cannot worship in the temple you cannot be seen in town you are decontaminated and now your quarantined for seven days… And as a result of such he came all of that way and because of yeah I know he was conscripted he may not of wanted to but when push comes to shove he carried the cross 12 foot tall 8 foot wide 1 mile and you know in his heart of hearts that when he was walking up that hill with Christ he knows that Rome loves to crucify people hundreds of thousands every year were crucified… He knows what’s two more pieces of wood to them… Once I get on the top… He gave thanks because he carried the cross of Christ… To this day You and I know him his name is in the book of life we don’t even know his last name… Can you imagine being Veronica taking the day off your veil you’re so thankful Christ is  there that you actually whip His face in your veil… Your Joseph of Arimathea what do you think you got a dozen tombs for people to use… Man you give up your tomb your gonna be buried in a box in some open field… That was giving thanks to God… And their way publicly 
E. Well now here we sit 2000 years later… How thankful are you and I… I’ll tell you what let’s see rhetorically brothers and sisters in Christ do you say thank you more than you curse… 40,000 words in English language and we only know how to pronounce those with four letters… Or worst the Fbomb or GD (THOSE ARE BOTH MORTAL BY THE WAY)… My brothers and sisters in Christ you curse more than you say thank you… That’s disordered… Do you complain more than you say thank you… My brothers and sisters in Christ you gossip or slander or write things on the Internet email text message or Facebook… More than you say thank you… My brothers and sisters in Christ listen to what your saying we live in the greatest country in the world still to this day you and I have a right to worship freely with no inhibitions we have a right to come and go as we please… My brothers and sisters in Christ are you thankful for work… It’s just a means to an end that’s all it’s ever been… You come in on this day you go home on this day… Man work allows you to feed your children a roof of your head clothes to be educated to live in the greatest country in the world to have the opportunity… How do you see work if it’s anything more than a means to an end than it’s disordered… My brothers and sisters in Christ do you thank God for the opportunity to feed your family… Do you thank God my brothers and sisters in Christ for your family… Children listen to me… Do you thank your mother and dad for having a school to go to so that you can be educated that and that you can understand the ways of the world and how to prosper… Do you understand what it must mean the clothes you need to put clothes on your back and shoes on your feet… To give you a cell phone… A laptop… To go to the schools of your choice do you thank them… Spouses have you thanked your spouse for putting up with all of your… Man I was almost off of the reservation… With all of your stuff… Man have you thanked your parents for putting up with the mood swings and tantrums and the issues of life… Have you thanked one another for picking up the cross and caring it when the other one couldn’t… My brothers and sisters in Christ have you thanked your parents by praying for them for thanking them for giving you what it takes to make it through this world… Where would we be without our parents… My brothers and sisters in Christ do you thank God at the end of the day so that you have another day… No no wait a minute I don’t want to hear Father it was diabolical this week yesterday was the worst day of my life… Did you go home and say thank you Lord for the day that You’ve given me because if it wasn’t for the fact that You’re giving me tomorrow I could never make up for how bad I performed today… Do you thank the good Lord so in case He calls you home at night the last words from your lips to His ears is thank you Lord for the gift of life… To worship in your Church to give You Your due for my family 
F. My brothers sisters in Christ… I leave you with this… There’s a guy by the name of Ward WARD great saying… He says it has absolutely nothing to do… It has absolutely nothing to do and it does not matter if either the glass is half full or half empty… The only thing that matters is that you said thank you for at least having a glass…
G. Amen…



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