2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 17:5-10; 10-6-2019 (As Built; Amite #371)
A. Minimum… Minimum… As in doing the minimum… 
B. It’s a 1970s his name is Charles… Charles is a Philadelphia Pennsylvania boy… He just loves it he loves his family devout Catholic by the way… He’ll tell you that him and his sister… For the most part they do well together his mom well she works for NBC… And his dad he’s a stockbroker-ish… And as a result Charles will tell you grammar school a little tumultuous… His hair was too long handsome guy so man he was catching a lot of different grief so he decided come high school he’s got a put on a different face… He cut his hair short he kind of grows into his body which was a little lanky… He becomes probably the big athlete… Excellent in basketball and sports… He kind of becomes the big man on campus and then man he’s in band he’s in the sports he’s in the drama he’s in this and he’s music… Man he just he can’t get enough of it… And then one day some friends invited him to go see a movie they go see the movie THE ELEPHANT MAN… If you haven’t seen it with Joseph Merrick… Can I tell you it’s fantastic… As a result it totally changes his life to a point that he actually tells his dad after the movie dad… You’re going to hear it first here I am going to be an actor… He said great right after you go to college… He said no you don’t understand he said no you don’t understand… You’re going to get all in or all out but you are going to college… So as a result he goes to Georgetown… He gets a major in French and English… He actually gets a master he’s on the rowing team… He gets out just like he told his dad before he’s off to be an actor… He said son you can do all you wanna do now that you have your degree… he goes to New York City the big city… He goes to Academy of the Arts and he starts participating… He gets a couple of bit pieces like one was called HOT SUMMER… He did OK… Then he got into the series SEX AND THE CITY… And then man he got AMERICAN HUSTLER… And then the wheels came off… Man he spent more in drug rehab then he did anywhere else… Then he gets in a horrific accident he almost I’ll be honest with you he’s lucky he’s walking much less to be alive… As a result man he’s in the hospital… His head is wide open… They’re doing all kinds of surgery he’s finally got him to a point where they can speak with him and his dad said son are you all in… Or out… you need to stop being a minimalist… You did in high school because you got by because you could… You thought you could take that into the world and you can’t… Son you need to decide… It’s either going to be drugs or you and your profession and your family… It’s going to be alcohol or it’s going to be this… It’s going to be one way or the other… You got to decide if you’re in a better decide that you’re all in… As a result of it he heeds his father’s advice still fighting the fight but I got to tell you he’s doing better than he thinks… As a result he gets bigger and bigger parts like the movie GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY… He gets in another one called HANGOVER… Oh man I didn’t really need to see that I was really hoping that would put me… Don’t worry about it I’m going to die miserable death… But it’s OK… The results are that he gets in AMERICAN SNIPER… OK his name is Bradley Cooper my brothers and sisters in Christ… Just look it up when you get home OK you know who it is… So he’s a great Catholic and they interviewed him after and he had a great line… He said when did it change for you I mean you can’t even tell if people NO anymore… He said I don’t know if it’s my good Catholic guilt or if it’s the fact that I’m now all in… Not a minimalist… My brothers and sisters in Christ… That is the whole point of that gospel… 
C. The good Lord is talking to His apostles and He said if you had just the faith of a mustard seed you could tell a tree a sycamore tree according to the right translation… That you could actually talk to it uproot it plant it in the ocean and it would grow… You would have your ability to communicate with an inanimate object … It would listen to you and it would still grow thereafter… He said but make sure you understand this… It’s Me working through you… Don’t ever get so prideful that you forget how this works… That I will sit at the head of the table and you will sit at the foot… That everything that I say works through you… And if you had just that much faith you would make it… Now stop your first century Jew… You and I are in this conversation we’re at the table… He’s been with us now for about two years… we’ve learned the OUR FATHER… Things are starting to come to a little easier to us… But He’s telling them that your faith has gotten so small… Now remember whenever you hear Lord or Apostles it’s got to come from Luke… Luke is all about making sure everyone knows who is Lord and who is not… Who is an apostle and who is not… There’s only 12 of them… Paul is not an apostle… Per se… He’s not one of the 12… He’s trying to tell them… You gotta make sure you understand this… Look there’s a law as a Jew… If He said sycamore tree first thing would’ve come to our head… there’s two laws that you and I can’t break… If we move into a new city and we want to plant shade for our house… You can plant a sycamore tree provided it’s not within 50 cubics of a well… A cubic is from your elbow to the top of your hand… 50 of them… 50 feet… Why because the root system is so great you’ll destroy the well system… Then we have problems in the city… So when He said that you need to be aware of the fact that you can uproot this great system plant it in the ocean and it would still grow if you had just a little bit of faith… My brothers and sisters in Christ… And He tells them that there’s a debt to pay for being a follower of Mine… When we pray the OUR FATHER if you and I look it back up in scripture it would say forgive us our debts as we forgive debts of the others… That’s the word He’s using He’s saying look you make sure you give Me credit… So that people know that I exist that I walked the earth… How else will they come to be My children… Just like y’all did… My brothers and sisters in Christ now stop… 
D. Go back in scripture all of our best players are people that were no longer minimalist… They were Maximus they were all in… Think about all the great players… If I said a sentence you would be able to say oh I know who said that… He turned to the good Lord and said Lord I’ve left everything… Everything… Even my family… You would say man that was Peter… If you heard the saying Lord I’ve lost seven sons and three daughters all my camels all my sheep, all my cattle and the only thing I’ve ever said to You is naked I came into the world and naked will I return… You’d say oh man that’s Job father… The good thief on the cross… Lord just remember me… They’re about to break his legs he’s got no reason to make a proclamation he’s dying within the minute… And it’s gonna be miserable he’s all in… That’s why the good Lord says I will use your crucifixion to medicate all your sins and you will be with Me in paradise… Abrahams Bosom… My brothers and sisters in Christ Longinus… Do you know the courage it was to make the statement truly that man was the Son of God to turn around and see all your soldiers looking at you and Pilate saying how can this be… Man you talk about no longer job employment… He’s all in… My brothers and sisters in Christ all the greatest players in Scripture think about the Apostles… They killed the Messiah you don’t think they’re going to kill you and I… we can’t even make the sign of the cross back in those days… We can’t even pray in public… You want to make the sign of the little fish you better do it quickly and privately and cover it up because the minute they find out you and I we too are going to be crucified… When you walk through that courtyard you don’t think Peter knows that someday they’re coming for him… He’s going to crucified upside down … You don’t think James knows that as a Jew someday he’s going to be beheaded… You don’t think James the Lesser knows someday they’re going to bring him up on a pinnacle and push him off 100 feet drop to the ground… And when that doesn’t kill him beat him to death… You don’t think Simon knows that someday they’re going to saw me in half… You don’t think your Thomas who is going to get speared to death or Matthias who took Judas place is going to get beheaded too… Or Philip we’re going to crucify you too… Lord what I’m telling you is every one of those guys are all in… You can’t be half in and half out… You can’t be a part time Catholic… You’re either in or you’re out… You either went to Mass or you didn’t… 
E. My brothers and sisters in Christ you and I sit here 2000 years later listen to what I’m telling you… You can’t be half in and half out… You can’t be a minimalist…Take your work when you go to work… Are you getting to work and only gonna give them the minimum… Because well that’s what they paid for they paid for x and they’re gonna get x… Wait a minute stop don’t put a decimal point on your name… Judas put a decimal point on his name two thousand years later 30 pieces of silver we all know who were talking about… When you get to work or somebody calls you from work… All the cell numbers they got at work what’s the chances they only know yours… Are you willing to take it… Because that’s what Christ would want you to do to obtain the Grace that you need to grow… My brothers and sisters in Christ… Are you willing to do something outside of your job description… My brothers and sisters in Christ don’t you see work cannot define you it’s always a means to an end… But how else will we get people to heaven… Listen to me at the end of the day you have to be all in you can’t pick and choose what parts of your life you want to be involved in… You do it at work you’re either all in or all out… Always put your best foot forward… That’s what you do as Catholic Christians… That’s what we do as adopted children of Christ… More over when you come back home with your families are you all in with your families… To a point… That you will shut the television off and get rid of all cell phones while you eat… And I don’t care if you sit there in dead silence that’s the problem… We’re not speaking we’re not communicating without expressing our love for one another… Are you willing to go home and spend more time with your family than at work… My brothers and sisters in Christ we came in on this day and we’re going home on this day it’s nonnegotiable and the minute and second that this happens you and I are going to be before Him and what’s gonna be our play… Well I was good at what I did at work well  I didn’t create you per se for that… My brothers and sisters in Christ are you willing to be all in with your prayers… Will you actually make sure that you’ve bend a knee at night before you put your head on the pillow… To make sure that you if you die that night from your lips to His ears the last word that He heard was thank you… Are you willing to get up a little early in the morning and get all your prayers in… Are you making sure that you pray before and after meals… My brothers and sisters in Christ are you all in in your faith… Listen to me if you go to Mass only on the weekends you’re a minimalist… You’re only doing we are obliged to do… You heard it Him say it right there… If you only do what you’re obliged to do to what extent does that help anyone other than yourself… My brothers and sisters in Christ how many of the Commandments do you know… There’s 10… My God… How many do you know… Let’s say well we can’t kill nobody that’s a good one… That’s a good start… Let’s see there’s an honor thing in there with parents… Oh yeah love God with whole heart mind and soul… Well you can’t love God with your whole heart mind and soul if you don’t know the other nine… That’s the problem my brother and sisters in Christ… That is being a minimalist… Saint John said it best if you say that you love Me and you say you know Me then you will keep my Commandments… If you say you love me And you keep my Commandments but you don’t know them His words not mine you’re a liar… My brothers sisters in Christ what I’m talking to you about is you got to make one more Mass than you made the year before… how many adoration have you gone to… Even if it’s for five or 10 minutes… How many more sacraments of confession have you gone to… My brother and sisters in Christ you gotta stop thinking about the minimum… Do you really want to stand before Him and beg the question is I gave you as little as I could hoping to make the gates are small… 
F. My brothers and sisters in Christ I’ll leave you with this… It is a great secular world comment… But it still applicable to you and I… He said if you want to initiate the dream… If you want to initiate a $1 million dream then you’re gonna have to use more than a minimum wage work ethic… You got to be all in… 
G. Amen



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