2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 16:1-13; 9-22-2019 (As Built; Amite #370)
A. Insurance… Insurance… 
B. The year is about 1900… His name is Frederick… Frederick Rueckheim… He is a Chicago boy through and through… It is an absolutely beautiful day in Chicago… Speaking of which it’s September 50° Man it is beautiful skies there’s little patches of snow here in there it’s just an absolutely great day… Frederick is a he’s a devout Catholic… He is going to Guardian Angels Church in Chicago… And if you’ve ever seen it… It’s absolutely stunning… It takes up a whole block… It’s got these massive columns it’s got these steps that just seem to go on endlessly… It’s kinda like  the Rocky-est thing in Philadelphia… man you get up there and it’s got an original bell tower it’s got the original bells it’s just a beautiful worship of Christ… As a result… He goes in to pray and he goes in once a year for a specific to pray for his nephew who had passed but he also loves saying thank you prayers… He goes to say thank you for his wife his children the roof over his head he prays for his parents his grandparents his grandchildren… But he goes there also to pray for the souls in particular truth be told it’s his nephew… He said his nephew had a sense of man he had a personality that can fill a room… All he cared was about loving life… Man money all that had nothing to do about nothing… So after he would pray he would go to the cemetery which was adjacent… And at the tomb stone he would go and pray and then he said it just hit him this time he said every time he remembers his nephew he was either wearing a little sailor suit or he had his dog Bingo with him or both… So as a result of it they have those little images on his tombstone… So he said someday someday I would like to ensure that somehow or another this legacy continues that maybe it’ll be contagious… So as a result… You heard about the Chicago fire right… The one that devastated Chicago… Theoretically cow knocked over a lantern… (OK anyway work with me)… My brothers and sisters in Christ… As a result of it man nobody’s got anything to eat… He decides that he’s going to do what his nephew would do… He’s going to start giving out I’ll kinds of food French Fries Popcorn you name it… He’s just giving it out people loved his popcorn it got so popular they invited him to the World’s Fair… Now granted the World’s Fair has the waffle cone guy it’s got the x-ray machine there… And man he doesn’t even take money for it… He just starts giving away this popcorn… My brothers and sisters in Christ then it gets so popular as they decide to put the image of the little boy in the sailor suit and the dog his name Bingo… (OK and look man I’m running out of things you better catch on soon)… Man it’s so popular they add peanuts and molasses to it they sing it at every baseball game in the seventh inning yes Lord Cracker Jacks that’s right… Man my brothers and sisters in Christ man he ensures a legacy just by something miraculous as Cracker Jacks… 
C. That’s the gospel… My brothers and sisters in Christ the good Lord listen to what He’s telling them He saying you’re acted inprudently to an unjust steward and acting in the ways in the world… You are going to ensure your future even though you took my money to pay off their debts… I’m gonna say you acted prudently and you ensured your future… Now stop you’re a first century Jew… You’re the king that comes home you and I both know the first words out of your mouth when you find out that he cut your invoices in half and took care of the world and didn’t take care of you after you get past all the four letter words were surely not gonna say you acted prudently… This is the point your first century Jew… Every parable has a twist… You got a look for the twist because that’s the line in Jewish scripture that will tell you where He’s going with it… My brothers and sisters in Christ… If you had studied even more and if you studied the Greek you will understand of the word Steward means economist… That’s where we get it from your job is to take care of the economics of somebody else my brothers and sisters in Christ do you know what He’s telling him He’s telling him that you acted prudently in the ways of the world for the day when I come judge you you better be relying on those people to pray for you because on your judgment day you can’t pray for yourself… Brothers and sisters in Christ He’s telling you and I there’s no such thing as a self-made man… 
D. Listen to me go back and scripture everybody that’s tied is tied to somebody… If Peter doesn’t have Paul or Paul Peter man we don’t even have a Church today… If Noah doesn’t have his family does he even survive… Brothers and sisters in Christ if Job doesn’t have his family does he make it… If Moses doesn’t have Aaron and subsequently Joshua does he is he even able to deal with Pharoah… My brothers and sisters in Christ therein lies the point… My brothers and sisters in Christ you know what He’s talking about He’s telling you and I when I come to judge you on the day you pass the very second that you and I die you’re going to be standing before Me and you better be relying on your family and your friends to pray for you now… Because your judgment is coming… You better make sure you made friends in a world that is nothing but heathens to make sure that they’ll continue to pray for you after your judgment… Because if you don’t make the friends here you ain’t getting out until you pay the last penny… My brothers and sisters in Christ the parable has to do with Purgatory…  it’s Heavens Hospital… And before you tell me that it’s not in scripture that I’ve looked all over Father and I cannot find the word purgatory in scripture… Stop looking for an English word in a book written in Greek… Go back and study scripture in the language that it was written… Make sure that you read first Corinthian‘s chapter 3 make sure you read second Timothy chapter 1… Make sure you read Philippians two… Every knee must bend… In heaven on earth and under the earth… You bend the knee in heaven because you are before the throne of God… You bend a knee on earth because you wanna be before the throne of God… You don’t bend the knee in hell… If you had been you wouldn’t be there to begin with… Where are you bending the knee… Therein lies His point… He says you better make sure that you do your job… On this side of the world… Think about it my brothers and sisters in Christ… We have every insurance in the world we have car insurance we have house insurance we have ENO insurance we have disability… You know you can bundle these too good I just wanna make sure you’re still with me… It’s on every commercial how could you not miss it… 
E. My brothers and sisters in Christ… What I’m talking to you about today is fire insurance… Yours and mine… My brothers and sisters in Christ there in lies the point He’s saying you better make friends now so that on the day of your death and when people come before you this is why I preached so much to you to make sure that on the day of a funeral think about it… you and I die on a given day on Monday… We don’t have the funeral until Wednesday or Thursday… Your already before Christ that instant we’ve waited three days before prayers have even begun… My brothers sisters in Christ the reason we pray the Mass at the funeral is not for you and I it’s for the person that’s going before Him… God is the eternal NOW… In other words you and I die on this day and then somebody five days later begin to pray being that He knows that you were going to pray for him He takes the prayers of that day being the eternal now and He applies it to your judgment… That’s why we have the Mass… Because there’s no greater prayer than the Mass in the words of Padre Pio… That’s the reason why we pray the rosary and that’s the reason you want it prayed at a funeral… that is more prayers… The good Lord is saying you acted prudently in the world you made good friends with people that will pray that will split the invoices well you better rely on them on the day… Did the good Lord not tell you did Saint Paul not tell you to intercede for one another… Nowhere in Scripture did Christ ever say only the people that are in front of you can pray for you… I am the God of the living not of the dead… Therefore anybody can pray for anybody at any given point in time… Therefore my brother and sisters in Christ I want you to pray a Mass at a funeral I want you to pray a rosary… And let me tell you on the day that I pass if one of you decides to say don’t pray for him he’s already in heaven… I’m going to haunt you until it’s your day… And you know what I’m gonna even make it worse I’m gonna sing to you every night 99 bottles of beer on the wall… Until you give it up… That’s where I’m at in the world and let me tell you I can’t sing a lick and I’m gonna enjoy every phrase of it… And we’re going all the way to one I promise you… My brother sister in Christ He’s telling you that there is in the words of Saint Paul to the Romans no man has a life of his own no man has a death of his own… Do you remember the prayers over Saint Bridget you pray these prayers every day… Why is it that you and I only think that we can pray for things right now the car note the house the job the test the contractor for this that or the other… He never said you couldn’t pray for your judgment day… He never said that you couldn’t store up graces for that day hence Saint Bridget’s prayer… Why else would He give Saint Bridget that prayer if He didn’t want it prophesied… Man you pray that prayer it’ll mitigate your own damage on the day of your judgment… My brothers and sisters in Christ don’t you see how important it is… You and I how many times did we quit and start praying for one another… 
F. My brothers and sisters in Christ I leave you with this Mark Twain said it best… You need to prepare for the future you need to prepare for the future and the best step is the first step… insurance… pray for you and your family for one another… 
G. Amen



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