2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 15:1-32; 9-15-2019 (As Built; Amite #369)
A. Move… as in keep moving… never standing still… your just never neutral…
B. It’s the 1930’s… His name is Jim… Jim is a Brooklyn New York boy… man he’s Brooklyn through and through… His dad sells insurance… And his mom quintessential mom… She needs to be and she’ll tell you… If you said describe Jims life… She’ll say tumultuous disaster at one point she would even said diabolical… She said at the age of three Jim loses his brother at the age of nine at the age of nine Jim remembers this in detail… Dad comes home takes his coat off puts it on the table walks through the house and begins to pick up every picture that has him in it his dad… Puts them in his pockets… Walks through the house and meticulously picks up every one walks back to the kitchen counter puts his jacket back on puts the check he placed down on the counter when he walked in picks up the check walked out the door never to be seen again… Jim never forgot… She said one thing that’s about Jim she said he’s always he’s always on the move… And thank God… Because she goes I worried about him in grammar school but then he came out of his box in high school… She said he wasn’t he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed he like sticks she said in lieu of books… pool sticks hockey sticks baseball sticks if you will… And so when he got to high school his personality was just it was gregarious… As a result… The kids loved him… He was kinda like big man on campus… And he endeared themselves to him… Like for example… They decided they didn’t wanna go to school… he get 75 pounds of Limburger cheese… Oh you know where this is going… He finds the 75 radiator heaters in the classrooms yeah boy… A pound in one man school’s canceled… go figure… Man they love Jim… As a matter of fact he wanted to see how well the choir reacted under stress so in the middle of their practices and when they were really hitting their high beat he threw a snake in the middle of them… On graduation they said he got a standing ovation from the kids they loved him… They said he even got a standing ovation from the teachers because he’s leaving… But man that’s Jim… Man he gets out he’s decided that he’s got to go do something… Then tragedy hit… At 19 his mom passes… Jim says I have $.39 in my wallet he decided I needed to work I have nowhere to go… He said a guy’s going to pay me four bucks an hour to be the emcee at a theater… He’s so good at it that a carnival guy that comes through sees him and makes him like a carnival barker… And so as a result he makes a few more dollars… Well because somebody in the carnival sees him and decides we got to get this guy in a movie… So they move him to a movie called LARCENY… Then they put them in another movie called THROUGH THE NIGHT… And then all of a sudden his personality started to grow and they put him in the movie THE HUSTLER where he played a pool shark by the name of Minnesota Fats… And when you get this guy you’re going to say man what a perfect fit for him… Then all the sudden the director that became his lifelong friend said that when he started to move to help people is when the world opened up for him… He said it was like people couldn’t get enough of him… He said they did a series that lasted two decades solely based on his personality… He said he’s a bus driver at his best friend works in the sewer… Oh no this is a huge hit don’t die on me now!!… Hang in there hang in there!!… Man as a matter of fact he had a wife that he always wanted to hit to the moon her name was Alice… OK good where we’re halfway there hang and with me hang in there… then the next one comes and he decided that he’s going to use his Louisiana best accent and be Buford T Justice in SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT… OK it’s Jackie Gleason brothers and sisters in Christ… Can I just get there… You know what’s amazing whenever he would and his show he would always say AND AWAY WE GO!… and what’s on his tomb… AND AWAY WE GO!… Always on the move… 
C. My brothers and sisters in Christ that’s the gospel… Think about it brothers and sisters in Christ… There’s a lot of sheep there’s a lost coin there’s a lost son… Everybody’s on the move… To find the sheep to find a coin and particularly the son… Now stop your a 1st Century Jew… You and I live there… We’ve been invited to a Jewish dinner party… As a result you and I cannot cannot… eat with our left hand… We have to recline with our feet hanging off the back… And you have to lean on your left hand so you can only eat up with your right… Brothers and sisters in Christ for Him to stop doing this not give one parable not two three parables in one dinner setting… Is very powerful… And the reason why He’s doing it is because it’s those types of people at the meeting the good Lord knows who’s at the dinner party so He does what every Jew would understand… a shepherd… What shepherd in his right mind would leave 99 who can’t fend for themselves to find the one lost sheep… He said that’s how far you would move to help a sinner… To help yourself you would literally leave 99 to go find the one… He said for the people that probably had a little money… if you and I were making ends meet you and I would get paid a drachma a day it’s about the size of a dime that food that money that we get for that one coin is enough to feed us for the day… You got to work every day if you want to eat… So therefore if you lost 1/10 of your money… You would be on your hands and knees going to look for it… And as a result of it… now whether or not you’d call your neighbors or not but you would clean your house inside and out you would stay on the move until you found it… He said that’s how you have to be… If you wanna come close to Me you better be on the move… You never neutral to Me… And then He uses the one of the lost son my brothers and sisters in Christ… As a Jew you need to understand this… If a son wants to leave his family and he’s the youngest he gets 1/3… So that’s what he got when he left… He is a Jewish family so for him to go work with the pigs tells us how far that boy must’ve fell… But more importantly as a Jew when that story ends that father has been looking over that hill since the beginning of the days that he left… Probably feeling that it’s partially his fault… If I could’ve done this should’ve done this would’ve done this… my brother and sisters in Christ he’s been looking over that hill he runs out to meet him… And he does what every Jew would’ve understood… You only have to go back to Jacob and Rachel… When they bring Joseph into the world they put a ring on his hand and sandals on his feet and a cloak on his back… he is now considered back home and part of their family… My brothers and sisters in Christ the good Lord is saying you gotta be on the move towards Me… You were never neutral to Me…
D. Look…  go back in scripture just listen to me there are two groups of people... People that are on the move towards Christ… And the people that are not gonna move at all… Mary Magdalene do you know what it must’ve been like to wake up on Easter Sunday knowing all is lost… You’re so distraught that you refuse to sit still with people the Blessed Mother the apostles… as a result of it you’d rather get up… Whether you can move the rock or not… Whether you can deal with the soldiers or not but that you’d rather go sit next to a tomb just because that’s the last place that you saw Him… She’s on the move… And because she’s moving towards Christ… the first to see the risen Christ… Before the Vicar himself Peter… My brothers and sisters in Christ what if the good thief what if the good thief doesn’t say anything… They’re going to break his legs within 60 seconds… The guy that’s walking to go get the hammer if you will or the sledge hammer… Or the bat… They’re actually walking and that’s when he makes a proclamation Lord remember me… What if he remained silent… He’s not on the move… And because he’s on the move you and I know him today as the good thief St. Dismas… My brothers and sisters in Christ everybody that’s on the move is making a powerful statement… Think about it… The Blessed Mother and St. Joseph have been in Jerusalem for seven days… They lose Christ after the seventh day for three days… Remember now if you and I are living in Jerusalem the women are going to go home one route the men are going to go home another route… She probably thinks He’s with Joseph Joseph probably thinks He’s with Mary… When they meet up I can tell you can you imagine things anxiety you lost the Messiah… The Great I Am… Let me help you… You lose your cell phone you’re about to take a hostage… You show up late for work until you find that cell phone… You will have somebody call the phone to get the phone and then you complain about it that you don’t have the phone throughout the course of the day… Probably brought you more peace than you could ever imagine… My brothers and sisters in Christ… We lose our car keys we get belligerent… My brothers and sisters in Christ… We get so mad all we get out all it takes is one person to say well where did you lose them? Well if I knew where I lost them I wouldn’t be asking you now would I?… My brothers and sisters in Christ… She loses the Messiah and for three days that woman’s on the move… And because she does He’s found preaching in the Temple… But for every one of those there’s somebody that’s not moving… My brothers and sisters in Christ man that’s Judas… can you imagine if he just dropped to his knees and says Lord I’M SORRY today he’d be St. Judas… But he refuses to make the move… What if your King Herod instead of going with the Wiseman to go worship the newborn King and somebody’s about to steal your title as king of the Jews you refuse to move… You actually send soldiers on your behalf… What about Herod that kills John the Baptist… You don’t wanna go just talk to him… To make sure and maybe this guy is telling the truth… He won’t even move the steps… He has a soldier move and beheads him… My brothers sisters in Christ therein lies the point… 
E. 2000 years later are you and I on the move towards Christ… Remember this… I don’t care if you tattoo it to your forehead… You are never neutral to Christ…In every action word or thought… You are either walking towards Him or you are walking away from Him the email the text message your gestures on how you drive the way you watch a game on how you respond you roll your eyes you do a text message… Brothers and sisters in Christ everything that you and I do you’re either on the move towards Him or away from Him… So therefore ask yourself this question… Do you go to more Masses this year than last year… Or is it just about the same… You’ve now become neutral… You’re going backwards… Are you going to go to more confessions this year then last year… Are you going to be anointed more this year than last year… My brothers and sisters in Christ you know why you and I wanna get to heaven so that we can be before the face of God for all eternity… With nothing to encumber us we can be in His presence and therefore come to understand what it really means to love with your whole mind body and soul… Here’s the irony… Is that you and I can’t wait to get to heaven to get before Him but we can’t take five minutes to go to adoration and be before Him now… My brothers and sisters in Christ that’s almost hypocritical… That you don’t have time to see Him now but you can’t wait to get to heaven to spend all time before Him… Well how would you know to do it if you haven’t been doing it beforehand… My brothers and sisters in Christ you must be on the move… 
F. And my brothers and sisters in Christ I leave you with this… Abraham Lincoln had convened his counsel and one of the members of the council said Mr. President I just wanna let you know that everything comes to those who wait… And in a very Lincoln-est manner that only he could do right… He ponders for a minute and he thinks and he says well only those things who come to those who wait… And he said yes sir… And he said no sir… The only things come to those who wait are the things left by those who hustle… Stay on the move… 
G. Amen



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