2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 13:22-30; 8-25-2019 (As Built; Amite #366)
A. Perseverance… Persevere… To be safe… 
B. It’s 1860s the world our country is in a great Civil War… Lincoln is doing all he can do… and he is doing all the right things… Everybody everybody’s choosing up sides… well OK less two people… In a court room in Atlanta Georgia it is wall-to-wall people… I bet you a court room doesn’t even hold 100 people 150 tops… Today 250 people have come to this court room they line the room just to hear the argument… Man the judge is taken back he hits his gavel that calls the corrt room to order… says counselor you represent the two gentlemen proceed… He looks over and he says your honor this gentleman’s name is Phineas… Phineas is the moneyman… This young man next to him is the inventor… He is invented a product that these people have stolen and that they are using and have the unmitigated gall not to pay for the privilege… He sits back down the judge hits the gavel and turns the other side says council begin… He says your honor please we’re God-fearing people man we don’t know of this product surely if we knew of it… Moreover if we used it we would’ve paid for it but it simply not the case… For days this fight goes on it’s like three days… somewhere around day two… The noise outside was deafening the judge is irritated hits the gavel and tells the bailiff go out whatever it is just turn it off… He goes off turns off comes back in he says look enough is enough… Jury I need an answer… Yes or no… The foreman stands up and says your honor we just don’t believe such a product existed… Moreover there’s no reason for anyone to be held accountable… The young inventor was so mad he storms out the court room he is $50,000 in debt… It’s the start of the Civil War the possibilities of paying it back please it’s almost impossible… If not improbable… As a result he’s walking in the streets and he’s thinking where can I go now… Phineas Miller is broke because he’s the guy financing half of it where money is owed… All of a sudden that noise starts up again… And all the sudden the man in the street stops and he thinks wait a minute that’s the same noise I heard in the court room man I know that noise… Man he walks over literally almost a house away in a barn and he kicks open the door and there’s his product… Running smooth as silk the same noise they heard… It’s the cotton gin… That young man… Eli Whitney… $50,000 in debt… They arrest him thrown in jail for the privilege on the same day… And they said until you pay the money back you’re not getting out… He said well if you don’t get me out I can’t pay it back… And they said that’s your problem… he said it’s yours too… so finally they let him out… He is just destruct he can’t believe this is happening… How’s he going to pay it back… He perseveres in prayer… A prayerful man and all the sudden 30 days later all of a sudden out of nowhere he gets a letter from President Lincoln wanting interchangeable musket parts… Eli Whitney makes his money off of interchangeable musket parts and never a dime off of cotton gin… All because perseverance… 
C. My brothers and sisters in Christ and that is the whole point of the gospel… It’s about being saved… my brothers and sisters in Christ listen to the words that our Savor used the gate is small… If you go back in Scripture the only big gate is the one going to hell… He’s telling you that very few are going to make it through the small gate… Why… They’re not strong enough… My brothers and sisters in Christ do not get confused… The gates to heaven or not large they are small… He just said it… And He’s saying that many people are going to make it… Now stop… Your first century Jew… You and I have been walking with Christ for almost 2 to 3 days… We’re exhausted we got to get to Jerusalem we don’t know what’s coming… But it’s His Crucifixion… We’re heading to the Last Supper… There’s a guy who stops Him on the road he’s a Jew… And he says so how many will be saved will it be few… And let me tell you why he’s confused… Isaiah you heard the reading Isaiah sometimes with the way he uses the word ‘all’ you and I may think everyone… But remember John the Baptist was baptizing everyone in the river Jordan… There were Pharisees and Sadducees that didn’t go either and neither did King Herod… You gotta be careful of the word and the translation… My brothers and sisters in Christ so he’s asking I am not sure what Isaiah said but I asked one of the Pharisees and you and I would’ve known this… He says everybody is saved less every generation that got tied to the golden calf… Everybody is saved less everybody that was caught in the desert for 40 years… Everybody is saved less the generation that got caught up with Noah… Everybody is saved less the  generation of the 10 tribes that didn’t find their way back… My brothers and sisters in Christ… There ain’t many people left after you take those generations out… Therein lies the point… My brothers and sisters in Christ… Listen to me… And this is important for you and I two thousand years later… We have gotten caught up in a world where I’ve excepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I am saved… A One-time Proclamation… That’s a foul’s bet… Whenever the word is saved is using scripture… Listen to me… Past tense there’s a present tense and there’s a future tense of the word Sozo which means saved… S O Z O… Go back to the beginning… Past tense… When they asked you as Catholic are you saved… I was - at the Crucifixion… I am as I stand here today and if lightning hits me… OK you’re still here… OK… You better persevere… Why because you got to finish the race… You and I have free will… I hope to be - I was - I am… And I hope to be… Look go back and look at the Sistine Chapel a beautiful mosaic painted up on the ceiling… God the Father reaching through the cosmos to touch Adam… And there’s a gap of about 2 inches between their fingers… free well… It’s up to you and I… The Commandments are not sticky notes they’re not guidelines they’re not suggestions… You and I cannot make the argument… My brothers and sisters in Christ… I’ve excepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior… But it’s OK for me to do this … It’s all right for me to except Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior but it’s OK for me to do this… It’s OK for me to except Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and I can do this I haven’t killed anybody… There are 10 Commandments my brothers and sisters in Christ… Not two or three and they’re not greater than the other ones per se… The point that I’m trying to make to you is go back and read Marks Gospel chapter 13… You must persevere to the end… Go back and read Matthews gospel around chapter 10… You must persevere to the end… You read Philippians 2… You must work or your salvation in fear and trembling… Look we’re not Jansenist… You can’t work your way to heaven… but the fact of the matter is because you have faith you will do good works and because you have good works people will know you have faith… They’re tied together you can’t say you believe and not help… You can’t say you love God and not love His neighbor… 
D. My brothers and sisters in Christ in 1 Corinthian Saint Paul says be careful that you don’t become too prideful that you fall… Look I’ll give you a great example… Judas… I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior… I proclaimed Him to be the Savior of the world… I at the last come to shove you fall into despair and you hang yourself… What are the last three statements our Savor makes of him… You’re the son of perdition… Satan entered him… And it would be better if you’ve never been born… If he would’ve made it to heaven because he made the proclamation saved surely it would’ve been OK for him to of been born… That’s because he doesn’t make it therein lies the point… Look at the flipside… The good thief… He spends his entire life butchering and murdering people… Man he makes his dad look like a Boy Scout… That’s no small task… And here he is a butcher and a murder and at the very last second persevering before they break his legs… They were probably walking to do it when he says remember me just remember me Lord… This day you will be with Me in paradise… the garden of Eden… Because no one gets to heaven before the good Lord opens the gate… to the garden of paradise… Abrahams bosom to a Jew… My brothers and sisters in Christ will you wait for the gates to be opened… What I’m trying to tell you my brothers and sisters in Christ is there so many examples of what it means to persevere until the end… We need to look no further than Mary delight Mary Magdalene… Think about what I’m telling you… here’s a woman who had all seven deadly sins the least of her problems was being a prostitute… She has six other issues on top of that one… Which would make our knees buckle… and because she decides on Sunday morning that I have no longer a desire to sit with people who doesn’t believe that He’s there I might as well be among a dead savior then live people outside of the Blessed mother… She goes through a herd of soldiers that took their way with her and she knows them all too well… She knows there’s a rock she’ll never be able to budge and she knows that Pilate has sealed it in case anybody tries open it… My brothers and sisters in Christ because she perseveres through all the hardship and whatever she goes through… She’s the first to see the risen Christ that has to be the measure of our resolve… 
E. My brothers and sisters in Christ think that it up to thousand years later you honestly believe you can make a One-time Proclamation I’ve excepted Jesus Christ as my Savior… That’s present tense… Finish the word read the Scriptures… Brothers and sisters in Christ if it only meant for you and I to make a One-time Proclamation then why are we here… Why do we need the Eucharist it falls every day of every hour in every language of every country… If we are already saved then we don’t need His help… Therein lies the lie… 30,000 faiths in the world and 30,000 have bought up in the lie… I’m telling you you must persevere and you must finish this race… Because at the end of the day you don’t have to win it but you and I must finish what we started… He put us in the game to worship and adore Him and to love Him… There is no negotiations on this… Look you get hurt get off on the side great… you wanna have a pity party knock yourself out… Man your made at the world man I get it… You’re mad at this that good… now when you finish… You got to get back in this game… He got a run it all the way out… Because you and I have a name and it’s attached to a soul… And that soul is the only thing that you and I own out right… So man don’t tell me you’ve excepted your Savior but I can still sleep around… I’ve excepted my Savior but I can still go drink… that I’ve excepted my Savior but I can still go get caught up in drugs… I’ve excepted Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior while I’m on the phone gossiping about things that have none of my business… My brothers and sisters in Christ I’m telling you you and I must finish what the good Lord has started… 
F. And I’ll leave you with this… Even the snails made it on the Ark… Finish the race to be saved…
G. Amen…



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