2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 12:32-48; 8-11-2019 (As Built; Amite #364)
A. Loyalty… loyalty... 
B. it’s the 1950s… 1960s… his name is Andy… Andy lives in Havana, Cuba… he has a brother and a sister… his mom teaches English in Cuba… his dad is a um… well he does two fold… he is an attorney by trade he also is an avocado farmer… when things get a little tumultuous you can imagine right with cash flows… And as a result man they’ve got to flee to Miami… they do this man at the drop of a hat… they go of course… man they’ve got to eat they’ve got to make ends meet… he did a little attorneys work but really not that much… at the end of the day they started a little family perfume business…this is how Andy and them make it…Andy is a great athlete he enjoys basketball… but he loves baseball… truth of the matter is he is one of the few stars today… that really had a game with him…as a matter of fact he was getting scholarships early on and then he gets mono and out of nowhere man it just the world drops out the bottom… the sickness and man he can’t go on… he can’t play starts having more injuries as a result he decided man I’ve got to do something he goes to college at Florida International… while he’s there he gets this wild hair that I’m going to be an actor… he goes and tells his parents man I’m going to be an actor… they said Andy there’s nobody in our family nobody in his side of the family my side of the family we just don’t have that… he said well at least let me try it… fair enough… he gets involved with a couple of movies like Murder She Wrote… or sitcom excuse me… Murder She Wrote… and then there was another one… uh Archie Bunker… and then Hill Street Blues and then just when he thinks the world has opened up he gets involved in two movies Night Falls in Manhattan… yea exactly right… oh it fell… okay and then he thinks just when the world can’t get worse he’s in a movie Things you do in Denver Before you Die… yea he said he had no idea what bottom is but he’s now been there he said his loyalty… man tell me this isn’t a good Catholic boy… to this day he is devout is still goes back to his own parish for mass… he said man it was my faith he said it was leaving the doors open at night so I could go sit in the Church… he said man I am loyal to the teachings of the Church… he said that’s what kept me from… he said man… Things you do in Denver Before you Die he said even the title… I’m surprised anyone came after they saw the title… he says man then out of nowhere Kevin Costner shows up Sean Connery and they get him to do the movie The Untouchables… oh Lord five people have nodded this is a good thing… and as a result man he gets another movie called internal affairs with Richard Gere which is equally intriguing… and then he gets in the Godfather series he plays Sonny Corleone’s child out of wedlock… yes it took me a long time to come up with that if I say the wrong words that’s the only words yall are going to remember before you leave… as a result man he’s in that movie and then the world starts opening up for him man pretty soon he’s in The Mule he’s in… oh he’s in Ocean’s Eleven… Twelve… thirteen… Twenty Seven… fifty four… who knows… nobody really knows… man you know him as Andy Garcia… and my brothers and sisters in Christ…. I had to say it because I thought I was going to die a miserable death up here because it didn’t look like yall were catching it… man it’s his loyalty… you know what’s amazing… they interview him and this is why within the year… and they offered him a part in a movie and he said that he would not do the bedroom scene for loyalty to his family to his wife… and he didn’t get the job and he said it was the best decision he ever made…
C. that is the loyalty of THE GOSPEL… THAT’S WHAT THE GOOD LORD IS DRIVING HOME… He’s telling the apostles YOU ARE A SMALL GROUP… your loyalty will be tested but you will be equally rewarded… look it’s not about treasures on the earth it’s about the eternal kingdom… it’s not about a purse that will wear out… be stolen… eaten by moths…  I’m telling you this so you will know where your heart is, is where your treasure is… and the treasure is in the Kingdom of God… 
D. now stop… you’re a first century Jew whenever you hear the word treasure… that is where you and I get the word, of all words Thesaurus… a treasury of words and he’s saying if your heart follows like you’re supposed to … and Jerimiah I wrote in your heart your name as well as the law… you will know that your purse is in the Kingdom of Heaven… now remember He’s saying you’re a small group… don’t forget this as a Jew how could we not… I mean Noah saved eight people of all the people… of all the one million Israelites that were in the desert… only two made it to the promise Land… he said THAT’S HOW ITS GOING TO BE and he said be careful because you’re going to be tested and you’re going to fall into one of four groups… MANKIND is going to fall into one of four groups… the first group will be the faithful stewards those are the people who are diligent in the teachings and traditions of my Church… he says quote IF YOU STICK CLOSE TO ME TO MY CHURCH TO MY TEACHINGS AND TRADITIONS THEN THE KINGDOM WAITS FOR YOU AND IF YOU ARE FAITHFUL I will reward you… that’s the first group… and then he says there’s a second group that’s the unfaithful Steward… that’s the one that’s fallen away the one that says well whatever… he kind of eats drinks gets merry he beats his servants whatever he may be but you know what’s amazing when you go back to the Greek He doesn’t say beaten severely… the Greek says I’m going to cut you in two… and He says for all eternity… He’s saying you will be with the unfaithful for all eternity He just described Hell… He said there’s a Heaven for the faithful, for the unfaithful there’s going to be Hell and he says and make sure you understand this Catholics that there’s other two categories are Purgatory… He says you know the faith but you’ve kind of been lukewarm… you’ve kind of been in and out you haven’t done what you were supposed to do but what you need to do there will be a temporary punishment for you and then there are those than man they just don’t know the faith… they’re not part of the faith they’ve just been they’re removed… their punishment will not be as severe but it too will be temporary… my brother and sisters in Christ go back to First Corinthians did St. Paul not tell you and I that He will test us by fire and if you’re successful then you will be rewarded and if you are not successful you will be tested by fire yet again and if you survive i.e. Purgatory then you will be rewarded… IF NOT ETERNAL DAMNATION, Hell… Philippians 2 Every knee must bend in Heaven, on Earth, and under the Earth you bend a knee in Heaven because you’re before the Throne of God… you bend a knee on Earth because you want to be before the Throne of God… nobody bends a knee in Hell because if you had been you wouldn’t be there to begin with… HE’S TELLING YOU THERE’S A PURGATORY AND THERE’S A HEAVEN’S HOSPITAL… thank GOD there is such a spot… because you will not enter until you are perfectly clean… the book of Revelations… perfectly clean… no encumbrances no leaning towards a particular sin… my brothers and sisters in Christ.. go look... go through the scriptures… you can take a person and put them in every one of those four categories… the first category the faith steward… my God if that ain’t Mary Magdalen… I’m going to GET UP ON SUNDAY I’M GOING TO GO TO A TOMB WITH A ROCK I CAN’T MOVE AND SOLDIERS IN MY WAY that have taken full advantage of the situation and I’m going to have to break a seal that was stamped by Pilot himself but because she gets up and goes and stands she is rewarded by being the first to see the risen Christ… THAT is the faithful steward… the ones that are UNFAITHFUL… the ones that have been taught and have fallen away… and have decided that man I can worship in the deer stand the duck blind wherever I want to go… He’s saying be careful Judas… because you knew Me you proclaimed Me to be the savior of the world … but when push comes to shove my last descriptions of you … you are the son of perdition, satan entered you, the coup de gras… it’d been better you had never been born… NEVER BEEN BORN if you would’ve made it to Heaven surely it’d have been okay for you to have been born… what I’m telling you IS THE ROAD TO PERDITION IS where he was off to… my brother and sisters in Christ you know the third category the people that are not disciplined enough you know what that reminds me of… the priesthood… man we don’t want to preach to the… FATHER… MAN YOU PREACH THAT GOSPEL… you won’t have a check in the collections… YOU SPEAK TO THEM ABOUT ABORTION man you’re going to lose people… YOU’RE GOING TO TALK TO THEM AND TELL THEM THAT IN VITRO IS NOT CORRECT… AND IT’S NOT… just because the Good Lord gave us the intellect doesn’t mean that the means justifies the end… are we going to be willing to say that… OH FATHER THERE’S PUSHBACK… read Ezekiel where he says WOE TO YOU WHO DO NOT PREACH MY GOSPEL… man brother and sisters in Christ… I’ve got to burn for my own sins… I’m surely not going to burn for not preaching the gospel… my brothers and sisters in Christ… that last category is for those of us who are just one step removed they don’t know about the faith… they’re not part of this generation they’re not part of a church they’re removed from it… He’s saying man there’s still going to be an owing... 
E. The question for you and I 2000 years later… HOW LOYAL ARE YOU TO THE TEACHINGS OF THE CHURCH… HOW GOOD OR FAITHFUL ARE YOU… well let’s see… my brother and sisters in Christ… do you follow the teachings of the Church or is this the cafeteria we pick and choose which animals we want and I agree with that… Capital punishment well it’s okay under certain circumstances… I’m sorry I must’ve missed the Commandment… the fifth Commandment says Thou Shall Not Kill… I never saw the asterisk… please inform me where this may be because at the end of the day you’re going to have to answer for it and so will I… so the question is… ARE YOU FAITHFUL OF THE TEACHINGS… WILL YOU GO TO CONFESSION AND STOP SAYING WELL I GO DIRECTLY TO THE BIG GUY WHEN THE BIG GUY NEVER HEARD THEM TO BEGIN WITH…. But yet in Leviticus 5 and 6 in the Old Testament you had to go to a Priest in the Old Testament… did our Savior not say to each one of us… man I came to fulfill the law not to change it what about GOING TO ADORATION… do we do that semiannually… I mean can you go once a month… I mean how busy are you… IF YOU’RE THAT BUSY… may I suggest you’re too busy…my brother and sisters in Christ… will you make the sign of the cross in public when the people say let us pray will you make it clearly and distinctly or are you afraid… oh wait a minute you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings… what about His feelings… WILL YOU SAY THE HAIL MARY BUT NO YOU DON’T WANT TO DO THAT BECAUSE THEY’RE GOING TO GET OFFENDED AND NOW YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO DEFEND HER… well a faithful steward would be willing to defend her… are you studying the scripture… look stop playing with the Church… oh no… oh no… I’ve been with yall nine years… our soul is OUR soul… we’re responsible for our own soul… you don’t know scripture start studying it start coming to mass start listening start bringing a Bible so that we know when it’s being taught… my brothers and sisters in Christ what I’m BEGGING YOU is make sure you stay a faithful steward… DON’T PICK AND CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE… IT’S EITHER TRUE OR ITS NOT… YOU WERE EITHER IN MASS OR YOU WERE NOT… YOU WERE EITHER DOING THE RIGHT THING OR YOU WERE NOT… you think I’m black and white… wait until you meet my boss… I’m just telling you… you will not enter My kingdom until you are perfectly clean… my brothers and sisters in Christ… be faithful to Mother Church… 
F. I’ll leave you with the words of all people Vito Corleone that’s my Italian for the day… God Bless you my brothers and sisters in Christ… he is sitting with his three sons and he’s telling them something really specific he said I DO NOT CARE… it’s about loyalty… he said I DO NOT CARE… I do not care what other people think of me… but what I do care about is that people are comfortable talking to you about me in front of you… loyalty 
G. Amen… 



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