2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 12:13-21; 8-4-2019 (As Built; Amite #363
A. Renters… Renters… You’re just renting… Just for a while… 
B. It’s the 1940s… His name is John… John lives in Queens New York… John is a New York boy… He has two brothers both of which will eventually become doctors… So there’s three boys their dad John’s dad if he will… He’s attorney by trade… His mom is the quintessential mom… She’s got to be three boys and a husband it’s all they gotta do to stay on the right path… Let me tell you they are Catholic… To the very core… If you asked John he’d say high school uneventful grammar school even less so… He gets out and decides to Wake Forest then the war starts… So man he’s off to the war he does his obligation because he wanted to… As a result… he comes back and he decides man I’m gonna go to Montana State I want to get a degree… He gets a degree now he wants to get a Masters in Speech… And then all of a sudden his brother who is a doctor in Ireland is having issues it’s a money issue it’s personal it’s this type of thing… Man that’s John he packs his bag goes all the way over to Ireland as a matter of fact brothers and sisters in Christ while he’s their he attends the University of Dublin… That’s a Catholic University… He finishes there he takes care of his brother he comes back he goes back to Montana state gets his Masters in Speech… Now he’s got to work for a living… There’s no money as a result his friend calls them out of nowhere man come back to Queens… Will get you a bit part in a play and that’ll be it at least you can eat… It beats doing the taxicab thing the running errands or working at a newspaper stand… He goes back and lo and behold the same people that do the play or tied indirectly to BONANZA… GUN SMOKE… WILD WILD WEST… John’s getting bit parts man life’s pretty good… He says man I’m pretty good at this he goes all the way back to Los Angeles then he decides man I can do this… Man brothers and sisters in Christ the world kind of becomes a oyster… Or so he thinks… He’s in I SPY… THE MAN FROM UNCLE… DR. KILDAIR… And pretty soon man John is saying piece a cake I got this… Then all of a  sudden he tries out for GILLIGAN’S ISLAND… The skipper… He doesn’t get it… All the sudden man he’s on his heels how can this not be then he tries out for the show LOST IN SPACE… He doesn’t make that one either… Finally John says man I’m nothing more than a renter… If it’s not me it’s gonna be somebody else life is passing me by… I thought it was good now I’m not… I’m not even sure if someone even really cares… Suddenly the world opens up and gets a little crack in the door… And then it was a show called MAD ABOUT YOU… Which came from a movie with Helen Hunt… Well he was in the movie… and then all of a sudden Clint Eastwood sees him and decides to put them in the movie KELLY’S HEROES… Oh was I counting more than I should have on that issue… As a result of it he’s in KELLY’S HEROES he’s a colonel… And the next thing you know he’s in the DEVILS BRIGADE where he plays the colonel yet again… He is in POINT BLANK and he does pretty well… And since I’m about to die a miserable death… Let me hurry up and get this on the ground… He’s decided man I should just decide to go to TV series and he does… He’s in a TV series that last almost as long as MASH… As a matter of fact… He’s a bigot he’s got a son-in-law name Meathead… Yes Lord manna has fallen in St Helena… He did a show called HEAT OF THE NIGHT… They call him Archie Bunker… You know him as Carroll O’Connor… But he come to understand that he too was a renter… 
C. That’s the gospel… Listen to what’s going on…The good Lord is telling them of the parable of the rich man… Who has decided that remember seven for a Jew is significant… It’s the most complete number in the world… Seven days of creation seven years to build a temple… Seven times you hear the guy speak of land property barns money what he could do with his life how much is help people… My brothers and sisters in Christ… He’s talk about everything but the one thing that he does own the good Lord says you’re just a renter but I have come for the one thing that you do own… Your soul… That’s all you’ve ever owned… You’re just a renter… To the rest of the world… Now stop your first century Jew… Let’s stop let’s go back let’s understand where this is going… The good Lord has been with His apostles about a year maybe two… They now have a learn the Our Father they’re starting to work their miracles the blind see the lame walk… They’re actually starting to understand the position of Mary and where she so important in their lives… Now all the sudden He’s saying don’t get the big head because guess what you’re going to think you’re that and then and guess what you’re a renter too… And because you’ve now walked with me for so many years and for another year… Your level is gone quite high… Just like Moses and Adam and Eve the more you know the more you’re accountable for… My brothers and sisters in Christ the issue with the young man who yells out tell my brothers to share his inheritance and He says man what am I your judge I’m not your arbitrator… My brothers and sisters in Christ… He’s telling him go back and read your own books… The old testament Deuteronomy… Study it because it already tells you how the will must be broken out… That if there are no children it’s going to go to the mom… And if the moms not there it goes to the children provided that the oldest usually gets two thirds and the youngest one third if the youngest gets anything at all… Why are you talking to Me about this issue… It means nothing anyway… Vanities is a vanity… Everything is vanity… There’s nothing more than a breath …my brothers and sisters in Christ look go back in scripture… 
D. In scripture you’re in one or two camps here either think you own the keys of Kingdom… Or you come to realize you’re nothing more than a renter… Everyone that thought they had the keys to the kingdom… Let’s roll them out… Adam and Eve… it’s their garden they dictate they name the animals they name the days they name everything… Man they think they’re the king and queen of the world… Man and woman… How long did that last… My brothers and sisters in Christ they were nothing more than renters… It’s amazing you know this King Herod… Called Herod the Great… that was a title that was supposedly given to the king of Jews… Herod’s not even a Jew he’s a Edomite… Which makes it a great contradiction… You know what’s even worse Herod his whole life towards the end of his life was diabolical… He kills a couple of his sons he killed his favorite wife… His favorite wife… My brother and sister in Christ…  he was so broken down with disease by the end of his life… He couldn’t even sit up straight… They couldn’t even get him on a horse… He was so diabolical that he thought he would live forever and they thought he would be infinite… Hence the term king of the Jews… They think he’s a new Messiah… He thought he was the new Messiah… My brothers and sisters in Christ… He takes his own life… And then ironic that he thinks he’s the king of the kingdom he takes his own life his grandson Herod Antipas the one that Pilate sent Christ to… He took his own life… Judas thought he would be in a kingdom and God forever took his old life… Everybody who judged Christ even Pilate thought they were the keys to the kingdom… They were gonna be there forever… You know what’s amazing what for ever one of those are somebody that gets it there’s nothing more than a renter… Joseph of Arimathea… Give the man his due… He gets it… Why do I need a tomb for… Once I’m dead I’m dead… I might as well go ahead and give it to the Messiah… How do you think Longinus felt… When he sees Him and realizes truly this is the Son of God… My brothers and sisters in Christ… He’s not worried about his pension he’s not worried about his job what’s he going to do for work… Within two years they will martyr him as well… But you know what’s amazing is they understand that there are nothing more than renters… When Veronica takes her veil to wipe Him… It’s not like she’s got a bunch of these back at the house… She’s taking all she has she knows her life is short… My only chance to meet Christ is to stop the crucifixion and wipe His face… Her name is in the book of life… So is Josephs so is Longinus and it’s only their first name that we even know… Well my brothers and sisters in Christ… Here you and I sit… Well I’ll tell you what… my brothers and sisters in Christ… OK I see the argument… Well Father that’s back on the time of Christ in overtime the whole concept of being a renter has changed… Well let’s see… And the year 400 this is what all the Caesars Caesars are gone… Their world has been wiped out there is a new ruler and I will quote him… When he washed out all the Roman centuries and centurions and took over the whole world… From Austria to Germany from the Daniel to the Nile… His words not mine “I… I am the owner of the world… I own everything in the world I own all the people in the world … Rome thought they own the world… But it’s really me… As a matter fact… Not only do I on the world and how it is I’m gonna get married it I’m gonna pick the one girl for me”… He picks a lady by the name of Hildico… A beautiful young lady… And as a result… He gets married… He is the owner of the world the mere mention of this guy’s name fear trepidation horror it would really cause men and  women to pack up and actually leave their area… He was diabolical… You know what’s amazing he gets married he gets in a drunken stupor he falls down he hits his nose and he dies that night on his honeymoon night… From a chronic nosebleed… His name Attila the Hun… So much for being the keys of the kingdom nothing more than a renter… 
E. My brothers and sisters in Christ hear you and I sit now 2000 years later… Let me ask you my brother sisters in Christ you and I have become real territorial… Understand you and I do not own the house that we are in we are just renters… Someone owned it before us and somebody will own it after us… You do not own the golf clubs that you think you own… The ones you know the ones that you own…  trust me… Trust me the day you and I pass the very second that you and I pass… You’re clothes… God Storehouse… Now my mother is not here so I can speak with great courage… all 150 pair of shoes will be gone… That’s a rhetorical number my brother and sisters in Christ… We could shoe a village I promise you… But I digress… I’m sure when you will see her you’ll tell her God bless you for passing on the gospel… my brothers and sisters in Christ… It’ll be at God Storehouse as well… The car that you nurtured and taking care of it was your baby it will be given to your niece or nephew don’t worry it’ll be dinged and beaten to death it’ll be a bumper car before the month is out… Man you don’t have to worry about your rod and reel and your boat… That is your child… Don’t worry my brother and sisters in Christ it’ll be sunk off the coast it’ll be derged out don’t worry it’s all good… My brothers and sisters in Christ… We are nothing more than renters that’s all we will ever be… Life is nothing more than a breath… But you need to understand we don’t even own the clothes on our back… When we  stand before Him it’ll be naked and alone… Just like Job said… I came to this world naked and I will leave that way… Please remember and you’re chasing for the almighty dollar… That you were nothing more than a renter your name isn’t even on that money… Thank God today we still have His name on it… I digress… 
F. I leave you with this… A man one time said I need to go see this specific rabbi he’s brilliant… He’s got a way of opening the gates he’ll bring me closer to God… he tracked him down… this rabbi lives in a no nothing apartment he knocks on the door… Of all people the rabbi answers and he’s shocked… He’s looking around him like man you live in this… He walks in and he sees that there’s like a cot if you can call it a table books everywhere… If you didn’t know better you swear he put a cot in the middle of the library… He said rabbi where is your furniture…  And he turns and he says where is yours… And he says well this ain’t my apartment I’m just passing through… And he said me too… We’re renters… 
G. Amen… 



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