2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 11:1-13; 7-28-2019 (As Built; Amite #362)
A. One more step… Just take one more step… 
B. It’s the 1960’s 1970’s… His name is William… William lives in Goosecreek Texas… He is a Lone Star Boy… His mom is the quintessential mom… She can and well she does do it all… His dad is kind of a project engineer… Loves it they get along great they do well… And William he’ll tell you… Grammar school it’s uneventful for the most part… High school man different story he says man I do two things well… I play football well and I get in trouble well… But in high school he was better at doing football then getting in trouble… He gets a scholarship to Pittsburg State… He’s really an excellent football player… But when he gets to college he’s actually better at getting in trouble then playing football… He tells you and he would tell me that it’s the best one year of my life… People ask him William why did you leave… He said I didn’t want to they asked me to … He said man I just gotten into it a little too much trouble so I decided I got to go… So I leave… He said I go to Oklahoma State he said I have one regret in my life… He said I got the Oklahoma State and I had if I had just taken that one extra step… He said I am one hour from a degree not a semester not a whole bunch of credits not a year… I’m an hour from graduating… He said to this day I still remember about not taking that one step… And he said later it paid in dividends… He said so I leave Oklahoma State and I decided to start my own band… He called it Rubber Band… Close enough… As a result of it he said man he needs to work he needs to eat… Man he moves to Los Angeles he said he’ll do anything… He worked at a radio station he worked at a TV station he worked the camera he helped with props he said man I did taxi cabs I’ll do whatever it takes to make money… He said he actually is filming one day on the show and they need somebody to play a dead man he said I’m your guy… Officially he is the last guy to die on GUN SMOKE… He said man that’s when the world opened up then BONANZA came calling… Then he got a bit part in a movie called THE LONG ROAD… Then that opened up another one called THE GINGERBREAD MAN then that opened up the movie called THE FIRM… The producer pulled him on the side and said William you’re not good you’re just not a good actor but you play a bad guy exceptionally well… You must’ve been in trouble your whole life because it just comes natural to you… So from now on I’m only going to cast you as doing something bad… He has blonde hair he has blue eyes and he has a whole lot of teeth… OK I was really hoping that clue would help… But be that as it may as a result of it he’s on LETHAL WEAPON… He was in POINT BREAK… He was in the movie UNDER SIEGE… He played BUDDY HOLLY… His name is Gary Busey… For the 10 people who know who he is God bless you… you know they interview him later in life and he says you know that time I failed to do that one extra hour… He said man drugs and alcohol got the best of me and I’ve vowed I would always take one more step… he said I’ve been dry and sober now for over a decade… The measure of one step… 
C. That is the point of the whole gospel… the good Lord is saying when you pray it needs to be that one extra step… That one extra prayer to the point that you would actually go and knock at someone else’s door at midnight and not asked for one not two but three loaves of bread… Now stop you’re a 1st century Jew… Let’s make sure you understand what’s going on here… You and I live in the same Jewish community we don’t have a whole lot of means… We can either do one of two things for our animals… We can either pool our money and we all stay all the animals in one corral or if we don’t have enough money you and I will build lofts in our house… you and I will bring our animals inside it lock the door and then we will go upstairs… Hence if somebody knocks at midnight we are not going to walk down through the animals and whatever else is down there… Good three of you are paying attention… And as a result of it give somebody three loves of bread like you had it waiting on the side… My brothers and sisters in Christ as a devout Jew he’s saying that’s how hard I need you to pray… And you know what’s amazing… He’s telling them you need to pray just like I pray… Don’t give the argument well Lord you know what I want so therefore I don’t have to ask… He saying no you need to pray anyway… You know as a Jew you and I would’ve prayed the Shama every day almost every hour of every day so much so it’s a little prayer and it goes something like this… Oh God of Israel you are God alone… And we will love You with our whole heart our whole heart and our whole soul… And actually you would actually have a wristband with a little box on it with the Shama rolled on it in a little scroll… And when you go knocking on someone’s door they would have a little scroll on a little box on the door frame… You would pray that every day… All hours of the day… repetitive prayer… My brother sisters in Christ… How many times do I hear y’all repeat too many prayers… Our Savior would’ve been praying the Shama… He’s teaching you and I now to pray the Our Father a repetitive prayer… Now there’s two versions there’s a long version of Matthew… There’s a short version in Luke… They’re both the same thing my brothers and sisters in Christ… This is what you and I need to understand when the good Lord is saying lead us not into temptation the Greek word is saying paramusia and as a result of it means about trials and temptations… Protect me Lord… By giving me the grace I need that I don’t fall victim to me… And to my trials into temptation… Because I know that they will come… You’re asking Him to give you yet even more grace… Don’t get confused with it… My brothers and sisters in Christ… You also understand that here He is praying the Our Father and yet how many times in my prior life I would’ve told you call no man father… And yet what does He say… What father would give his son a snake if he asked for fish… Or if he asked for an egg I’d give him a scorpion… My brothers and sisters in Christ… Therein lies the point… Call no man father He’s doing it already… In the reading today we called him Father Abraham… My brothers and sisters in Christ… It’s about taking that one step further… 
D. Look go back in scripture… All of our best players are people who took the extra step… All of our worst players are the ones that didn’t take it… My boy Pilate… What if he just took the extra step to find out whether this man is guilty… Or not… What if Herod who was quintessentially the diabolical man of his day… What if he just took one more step to say wait before I send it back to Pilate at least I could do is figure out what’s going on… But for every one of those there’s someone that does get it… Go to the crucifixion scene… I’m going to give you their names… You know what’s amazing we only know them by their first name… Joseph of Arimathea… He took the extra step to give up his tomb… Simon of Cyrene… He carries the cross… Veronica her name means true icon… Stands in the middle of the road and the good Lord wipes His face… My brothers and sisters in Christ… Mary of Magdalene she gets up on Easter Sunday morning when no one else would take that one extra step… What about Longinus… When he yells out truly that man was the Son of God… My brother Scissors in Christ… You know what’s amazing… We only know their first name… because they took that extra step their names are now written in the book of life… My brothers and sisters in Christ… Think about what Simon of Cyrene did… My brothers and sisters in Christ he’s got two boys in the field he’s traveled all the way to Jerusalem this is the Seven Day Festival… This is everything for the Jews and if you get blood on you of an animal much less a criminal you don’t even get to celebrate the feast… Moreover your caring His cross… Man the Romans crucified people all the time… What’s two more pieces of wood to them… I’m sure Simon was thinking Man if I get to the top they’re going to crucify me too?… Man and when it’s all said and done he can’t even celebrate the feast he’s got a leave… But to this day boy do we know his name… 
E. Well here you and I sit 2000 years later… Will you take the extra step when you and I pray… My brothers and sisters in Christ let me ask your question remember this… Man I don’t care if you tattoo it on your four head… You are never neutral… To Him… You’re either walking towards Him or you’re walking away from Him… In an email a text message of a phone call how you drive how you go to the grocery store how do you respond to your parents how do you respond to your children how do you respond to your coworkers anything and everything we do either gravitates towards Him or away from Him… So when you’re at work how will the people will know that you and I are called… or that we are disciples of Christ… Will they know by our words… more over our actions… When they ask you to do that one extra step before you argue about it’s not in your pay grade… before you argue and say that’s not your job description are you or are you not a good Catholic… And how will they come to know that you’re a follower of Jesus Christ much less even know Christ if they don’t see it in your actions… Will you take the extra step my brothers and sisters in Christ to do a prayer… At night before you go to bed just saying thank you so in case He calls you home at night the last words off your lips to His ears is thank you… What about in the morning… When you wake up after your cup of coffee you decide man well I gotta say a prayer before I go out in the world today… what if you prayed before every meal man that’s five prayers more a day times 365… Imagine how much closer you come to Christ… If you and I go to the same number of Masses this year than last year were backing up… Your neutral to Him… you’ve done nothing more to progress you took your gifts and you buried it… My brothers and sisters in Christ what about if you went to confession maybe once a month that’s 12 times more than you may have gone the year before… How much closer are you to Christ now… My brothers and sisters in Christ will you take that extra step to make that phone call to the person you promised to go see your relatives in the nursing home or maybe talk to your grandparents… how about for your children to reach out to your parents… What about man we take that one extra step and we clean our room… Be still my heart… I wish you could see the number of parents looking at their kids right now I just wanna say that… My brothers and sisters in Christ therein lies the whole point… Will you take the extra step so that people will know you are a follower of Christ and that you will take one step closer to Him… Remember what they told you… preach the gospel everywhere that you go but only use words when you have to… 
F. And I leave you with this… How profound… It was an anonymous writer that said people will long forget what you say to them… But they will long remember how you made them feel…Take the extra step… 
G. Amen… 



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