2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 10:25-37; 7-14-2019 (As Built; Amite #360)
A. Excuses… Excuses… 
B. It’s the 1960s… his name is William… William lives in Duncan Oklahoma… He has a brother… It’s just them two and their mom and dad… His mom and dad are actors… Actually his dad Williams dad is an actor and a producer… And in order to live closer to work they went to Irvine California… Where they stay next to Desilu Studios it’s just an easier world for them… As a result for it… They move out there … And of course William grows up with this… And his dad told him something that was very interesting… He said son anytime you get involved in the movie business and every time there’s children involved… Parents need to be there… For the whole shoot that way there’s no misunderstanding then no misinterpretations no pressure or whatsoever… There is no excuse for bringing a child onto a set… Your fault my fault nobodies fault they got to have a parent there… William said he’s never forgotten it and to this day when he produces a movie there’s always a parent at least one on site during the whole shooting… Brothers and sisters in Christ… He said man things were pretty hectic for them when he was growing up… But after high school he decided we’ll man if my parents can do it I can give it a shot so he does… He gets involved in his first movie was called JOURNEY… Then he gets involved in another movie called the MOVIE MAN… Then he gets another one involved and another one called the 11TH HOUR… They were OK then all of a sudden who comes into his world John Wayne of all people… As a result he is in the movie THE SHOOTIST… You know I got to tell you something about William of the top 100 child actors he’s like in the top 10 of all time… But by the time he gets to be an adult we don’t really recognize him too much… And all the sudden the world kinda opens up and he finds out he’s better on the backside of the camera as a producer than he is in the front… he produced movies like COCOON… SPLASH… he did APOLLO 13 he did CINDERELLA MAN… A BEAUTIFUL MIND… And I’m striking out as I go and I see this… The more importantly brothers and sisters in Christ you knew him from back in the day you knew when he grew up and made MAYBERRY as Opie… you knew him on HAPPY DAYS with the Fonz as Richie C… Man you know I’m as Ron Howard my brothers and sisters in Christ… You know what’s amazing to this day on the job site he will tell you that there is no excuse for a parent not being he even often times brought his parents back even when he was directing movies… 
C. My brothers and sisters in Christ… That is the point of the whole gospel… It’s about excuses… Here are three people going from Jerusalem to Jericho a priest a Levite and a Samaritan… A priest to somebody who worships inside the Temple and Levite who somebody who is part of the priestly tribe but may not be a priest therefore he cannot worship inside in the means that a priest does… And then there’s a Samaritan a Samaritan is just like everybody the Jews don’t like them because they were Jewish at one time until the Syrians came the Syrians don’t like them because they were tied back to the Jews the Babylonians don’t like them because there tied to the Syrians and man brothers and sisters in Christ nobody in the group likes the Samaritan… But yet he’s the only one that doesn’t have an excuse… I bet you if we were to talk to the priest he would say wait a minute if I touch him I can’t pray the Mass… I have his blood on my hands… I bet if you talk to the Levite he’d say wait a minute if I touch him I’m going to be contaminated that seven days quarantine I can’t do that either… Only the Samaritan is the one that has no excuse… Now brothers and sisters in Christ your 1st century Jew make sure you understand why they’re setting up why there doing… The good Lord has just talked to 70 people men about coming into the priesthood… And as a result He’s telling them remember He told the man earlier let the dead bury the dead… Don’t go put your hand to the plow you never come back… He’s telling them this is how your life is going to be… It’s going to be one of complete service people will not understand you they will mark you they will gossip and contradict you… But at the end of the day your job is to serve… My brothers and sisters in Christ you know what’s amazing too… You need to understand that when the scribe he’s an attorney he’s a Jewish attorney and as a result this is why he’s asking who is my brother… If you and I go back to Deuteronomy you heard it earlier you get a commandment love your God with your whole heart mind and soul… When you get to Leviticus you hear love of neighbor… That you’re not to scorn them your not to bring anything down upon them you’re not to ostracize them… But they make allusions to the fact that it’s Jewish people only… And the good Lord is saying no that’s not the case… As a scribe as an attorney you’re proof texting you should’ve read the whole passage then you would know love of neighbor is anybody that I’ve created hence even the Samaritan… Now brothers and sisters in Christ make sure you understand this as well… Jerusalem is 2500 miles above sea level… Jericho is 750 miles below sea level… He’s making a very powerful point… two of the people the priest and the Levite are leaving the High Point and going to the low point there on the road to perdition… You can see it in their actions you’re not being very priestly… You’re not being very Godlike you’re not keeping the Commandments…The Samaritan is the only one going from Jericho which is below sea level up to Jerusalem… Brothers and sisters in Christ He’s saying that he’s headed in the wrong direction He’s also making a powerful point… The man of the ditch that was beaten and left that’s Adam… That’s where sin came from… The inn that they kept him at was the church… You want to get to heaven the heavenly Jerusalem jayru means king salom means peace the king of peace… If you want to meet the peaceable Kingdom then you need to go through His church help your neighbor even though they’ve sinned… 
D. My brothers and sisters in Christ… He’s saying there is no excuse they are your commandments and it’s been written in your heart… But you know what’s amazing go back in Scripture look at all the excuses that mankind has come up with… I’m almost starting to wonder if it’s hereditary… Go back to the garden of Eden… Remember in the garden of Eden they do not have names as you and I know… Adam and Eve… They don’t get their names per say until Adam means ground or adama… Adam really doesn’t get his name per se until he’s out of the garden and then that’s when Eve gets her name because now we have names now we’re accountable for our actions… Brothers and sisters in Christ… When they’re in the garden of Eden and they eat of the tree when the good Lord walks through there… Man where are you?… I’m hiding… Why are you hiding?… Have you eaten of the tree?… So therefore you are naked… No no no not my fault… The woman You gave me… First excuse… First passing of the buck… Then He goes to the woman… Woman?… Oh no… so hang on a second assortment… The serpent got me there… There’s a second excuse… You know what’s amazing I think it’s hereditary… Cain and Abel… What does Cain say when the good Lord says where is your brother?… Well what am I his keeper… Brothers and sisters in Christ… Follow mankind all the time… Look at King Herod… You wanna talk about a piece of work that’s Herod… He’s king of the Jews the man is a Nedamite… He’s not even a Jew but he knows that if he builds a big temple it’ll make him look good and they’ll think he’s the Messiah… This is why he’s so mad when three wise man show up and ask where is the newborn King… You know what’s amazing he kills almost 2000 young people under the age of two and his excuse was because I’m the king… What is this newborn King… You know what’s amazing they don’t tell you this about Herod on the day of his death just days before he issued a decree he got with his centurion and his army and said these things must happen on the day of my funeral… No excuses… On the day of his funeral he wanted everyone of his council members killed and his reasoning… Because I want somebody to cry at my funeral too… The argument was well they’re not gonna be crying for you they’re going to crying for them… He said well I can add you to the list too… No excuses… Brothers and sisters in Christ do you think the Blessed Mother had an excuse or Joseph had an excuse brothers and sisters in Christ look at Pilate… The only reason Pilate washed his hands is because he wanted to say look it’s not my problem it’s your problem I’m not a Jew you want to kill Him you kill Him… He really believed that washing his hands exempted him from everything to come… 
E. My brothers and sisters in Christ hear you and I sit 2000 years later… How many times do you and I use excuses throughout the course of the day were so good at it we don’t even realize it we’re giving it… How many times at work it’s a job it’s a project it’s the contractor it’s a person your client that you’re working with it’s your boss is your coworker it’s all their fault… If I hadn’t been for them I wouldn’t have been late if I hadn’t been for them I would’ve made more money if it had to been for the economy if it hadn’t to been for the president if it hadn’t to been for this… Brothers and sisters in Christ we are have so many excuses it’s almost we become numb to it… Brothers and sisters in Christ sometimes we can’t even get to our jobs on time and as a result of it our excuse is… It was this it was that it was this it was that no brothers sisters in Christ you either made it or you didn’t… You either lied for it or you didn’t you either made the job or you didn’t… You either got there on time or you didn’t… You either made the contract or you didn’t you either made the money or you didn’t… Why is it that we are so compelled to offer excuses… It’s imprudent… And remember anything against a virtue is ultimately a sin… So it begs the question why do we have… Well it’s my parents fault if it hadn’t been for my parents I would have been this way… My brothers and sisters in Christ how much longer are we gonna lay on that persons leg… Then even better it’s the teachers fault… I would’ve done better in class I would’ve had this or I would’ve done better in my class on my test I mean the teacher asked the wrong questions… I mean brothers and sisters in Christ I mean how often do I hear people say it’s the church‘s fault… I went to Catholic grammar school I went to Catholic school high school I never heard these things… Brothers and sisters in Christ I’ve been here eight years… This is my ninth year… the scriptures are always written on that board how many Bibles make it to mass… How often do you spend in scripture and study… Remember it’s your soul I’m just the pitch man my brothers and sisters in Christ how many excuses do you and I make for not praying at night because were just too tired and then we wake up too tired in the morning… Then were mad brothers and sisters in Christ listen to me… If you make excuses in this life you will make them on the day of your judgment because Grace builds on nature… And if our nature is to make excuses we will do it on judgment day… Imagine you and I are standing there naked and alone there is no arbitration there is no mediation there’s no nothing… And the good Lord says tell Me why did you curse so much did I not say yes means yes and no means no and anything else comes from the evil one… What’s gonna be our excuse… There’s 40,000 words in the English language… You couldn’t find one… What is it your gonna say when He says who told you to damn something… I created the world my mere thought I created you in your mother’s womb… Where were you when I created you… And you’re going to damn things… You’re in a damn My name… Who are you to damn My name… What excuse are we going to give Him… What excuse we’re going to give Him when He says who told you to speak as Lucifer using that F bomb…  What’s gonna be our answer… What’s it going to be why were you so angry well Lord you made me so angry… No I made all things good you made you angry… What are you gonna say when you say why are you always so bad… Well Lord I’m not a morning person… From what I see you’re not an evening person either… What are you gonna say… What’s going to be our excuse… why are we so materialistic we got to have the best phone the best computer we got to have this we have to have that… What are we gonna say when the good Lord says why did you need all those things… I was born in a manger I didn’t have a roof over My head I didn’t even own a home… The matter of fact the one thing I owned they took off Me on the day of the crucifixion… I didn’t even have sandals… My brother and sisters in Christ if you make excuses in the world today… You will make them in the world to come… And regrettably on our judgment day what I’m asking you is to stop… if it’s a mistake then it’s a mistake if it didn’t produce then it just didn’t produce nobody wants to hear the excuses… They don’t believe them and you don’t have time to give them… 
F. But I’ll leave you in the words of Ben Franklin… He said if you are good at giving excuses… If you were good at giving excuses you’re probably not good it very many other things… 
G. Amen…



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