2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 10:1-12, 17-20; 7-7-2019 (As Built; Amite #359)
A. Simon… Simon… as in a helping hand… 
B. It’s the 1900s it is small town England… small town England, they are a college town…they are, they’re an intellectual town and as a result of such… I mean let’s be honest I can’t blame them... I mean they got a chance for a little notoriety... a little popularity it’s their… in the words of Andy Warhol it’s their 15 minutes of fame… as a result of it I could understand why they want to make a name for themselves… they’ve come up with this idea that they would like to be the first… granted… granted they’re in little town nowhere England… if we can get something names after our town throughout the world we’ll become immensely popular… they’ve come up with the idea that they would like to write a book and name it after their town… as a result the city fathers they go to a guy by the name McMillian… Mr. McMillian is the guy… you want to write a book… publish a book… market a book… sell a book… copyright a book… its Mr. McMillian… throughout Europe he is the book guy… he is the distributor… they go to him and they say we have an idea for our town that we would like to write a book… we’re a college town we’re the intellectual kind of guys… so we would like a name… and they said Bob… what… what book would you be speaking of… and he said a dictionary… don’t get ahead of yourselves brother and sisters in Christ… and he says so you want to write a dictionary… he said look… you’re going to need help… that’s… man that’s no small undertaking… you’re going to need a… “Simon” … He said the guy you need Dr. Murray… He’s the guy… they tracked down Dr. Murray and they explain to him their predicament… and he said to him man I would need help… I can’t do it on my own… I too will need a “Simon”… I’m going to need a helper… I need an associate… for about six months he starts doing interviews Dr. Murray does and as a result… man he gets all kind of letters and emails… and resumes and out of nowhere on the eighth month he gets a stack of I bet you it’s 5 inches thick in the mail… he starts going through it page after page after page of names… descriptions… pronunciations…. Lord it was nothing but words… he said man this is my guy it is signed Dr. Minor… he contacts Dr. Minor and says I need you to help write this dictionary… for one year over one thousand letters go back and forth between Dr. Murry and Dr. Minor… they finally finish it… yes brother and sisters in Christ the dictionary to this day is named after them… no it’s not Webster… it’s the Oxford dictionary my brothers and sisters in Christ… but it’s just amazing when the city puts the big together… right… the big fan fair and everybody comes out… unfortunately Dr. Minor can’t make it… so Dr. Murray stands up and says… tells everybody… I couldn’t have done this… If I don’t have my buddy… I don’t have my Simon… and Dr. Minor I don’t make it but I will bring him the gifts and the blessings for getting this started… He knows that he lives in Broadmoore, England… he gets the map out it takes about 4 or 5 days to get there… he gets there and man he gets all the way to BROADMOORE ENGLAND he finds the address and he finds this massive building and in big broad letters across the top… Broadmoore Asylum for the Criminally Insane… man he says no wonder he can’t come… man he’s probably got patients… he’s got clients… he goes in and he says… look I’m here to see Dr. Minor my name is Dr. Murray I know he’s probably got more patients and clients than he can deal with so when can I see him… they said well you can’t… he says well surely he’s got to have a break at some point… they said no you don’t understand he’s THE patient here…  he is the greatest mass murderer of England of all time… My brothers and sisters in Christ but yet he’s the Simon for the Oxford Dictionary… My brothers and sisters in Christ that has very little to do with the Gospel that I’m about to proclaim to you…  My brothers and sisters in Christ the good Lord is sending them out two by two… He knows His children… He’s already got the 12 the bishops… Now He needs 70 more the start of the priesthood… my brothers and sisters in Christ… can you imagine what there doing…He’s saying you two can go and you two can go… it’ll be you two and it’ll be you two… and then I’m going send you two this way and then all of a sudden they all start to pick up their things…  and then He tells them oh He tells them the rest of the story… oh no don’t bring that sack… you can leave your sandals… what are you doing with that extra stick… you don’t need a staff… oh no don’t worry about that extra tunic… I want you to rely on Me… I’ve been with you from the very beginning… I knew you in your mother’s womb…   I’ll be with you till the end of time… Now all the sudden they’re starting to find out what this world is all about… He’s got to send them two by two the world spins too fast… Now my brothers and sisters in Christ… Stop… You’re a 1st century Jew… You watch this conversation… Just weeks and months before… You and I were with Christ and the apostles which makes this statement even more profound… You see just months ago He just fed 5000 men… Remember as a Jew only the men’s names are listed which means that there was almost 10,000 men and women that He feed with 5 loaves of bread and two fish… But if you count the children it’s almost 12 to 15,000… My brothers is in Christ we watch that miracle unfold… He took His 12 apostles He fed them and then they fed the 12… And then all of a sudden Peter has gone to the Transfiguration… He seen Moses and Elijah… Peter James and John… Now he’s starting to see the hierarchy of the Church… I’ve got a Pope I’ve got Cardinals I’ve got Bishops… Then all the sudden Peter makes a proclamation I know who You are… And He says who do people say that I am… He said some people say Elijah… Some people say Jeremiah some people say John the Baptist… But He said Peter who do you say that I am… He said You’re the Son of the living God… He said flesh and bones did not tell you that Peter but My Father in heaven… The Apostles Creed… I believe in God the Father Almighty… My brothers and sisters in Christ… Peter‘s first line is that proclamation… Now… He’s come to them and about to tell them I’ve got to send you out two by two… You know what prompted that conversation… He just had a man run up to Him and say Lord I want to follow You… He said great I’ve got 12 now I have this one… And then all the sudden he said but let me let me go bury my father… He said well let the dead bury the dead… another one comes up to Him right after him and says man I’ll follow You… Just let me go tell my parents… He said if you put your hand to the plow you will never turn back… They’re not coming brothers and sisters… So He’s got to anoint He’s got to call… So now He’s picked 70… And as a 1st century Jew you and I didn’t lose it… We understand exactly where He’s going… Numbers to the Jewish community are hugely significant… For example… Three is the most perfect number in the world… Father Son and Holy Spirit… Seven is the most complete number in the world… Seven days of creation seven years to complete Temple… My brothers and sisters in Christ… When He said 72 or 70… to a Jew that is significant… Go back to the old testament… There are 12 tribes Moses is about had all that he can stand with the 1 million people in the desert… He needs judges he selects 70… As a matter of fact he calls the Holy Spirit down upon them and there are two additional people outside that were also anointed… So whether it was 70 or 72… to a Jew you had the 12 tribes you needed more judges…It wasn’t enough… 
C. Now all of a sudden brothers and sisters in Christ… The numbers resonate… The good Lord had 12 apostles now all the sudden He picked 72 others to help… As a Sanhedrin in the Jewish community not only are the other 12 tribes there are 70 officials in the Sanhedrin… And then there’s the high priest… And then all of a sudden there’s God… There is your 70 or 72… My brothers and sisters in Christ… We didn’t forget that as a Jew… So when He says I have 12 and now I’m setting 72 out you and I get it… Man He’s building His church just like it was… There must be a new covenant… There is it’s Him… Now how quickly did we forget what He just said… did you remember the statement I said listen carefully… He said I saw Lucifer fall like lightning from out of the sky… Go all the way back to the days of creation… Listen… My brothers and sisters in Christ what I’m about to tell you because we get lost in the shuffle… On day one God created light on day four He created the sun and the moon and the stars… He created time… On day two and day five on day two He separated the heavens and the earth… On day five He separate the waters in the land He created space… On day three He created the birds of the air and the fish in the sea… On day six He created man creation… On day one the light is the angels… He watched them from day One fall out of the sky the angel of light was Lucifer… We don’t create sun and light that you and I know until date four… He saying I was there since day one… I am God my brothers and sisters in Christ and they didn’t forget it either… My brothers and sisters in Christ that’s why He wants them going out two by two so they can always lean on one another so when you’re in doubt someone can prop you up… And when they’re in doubt you can prop them up… 
D. Go back on scripture… All great players always ended up going out in twos … think about it Moses and Aaron… Nobody wants to talk to Pharroh I mean really this guy kills people just as a whim… But Moses talks to Aaron and Aaron talks to Pharroh… Once again He sends them out in twos… Once again Caleb and Joshua when they go into the promised land and they are looking at where they should be stationed they are the only two that comes out saying yes this land is for us even though everyone else was against them those two stuck to their guns… My brothers and sisters in Christ how can we not think about Peter and Paul… Would we have a gentile church would you and I be here if it wasn’t for Peter getting started… And it wasn’t for Paul to preach to the Gentiles… My brothers and sisters in Christ who better to be a Simon then Simon… The good Lord is so involved in our world He’s so caring for our world He knows us by the hairs on our head my brothers and sisters in Christ He sends a Simon to His own Son to make sure He can carry the cross and fulfill the obligation… if He is willing to send Simon to carry the cross for His Son would He not send us for you and me for His adopted children  we’re always going to be Simons in the world and it may be you and I… But of all the Simons including Simon himself was there a better Simon than the Holy Mother… I mean where would Joseph be if it wasn’t for her… Where would Adam and Eve if it wasn’t for the new Eve… Where would the apostles be if it wasn’t for her… She lives 15 years after the death of her Son my brothers and sisters in Christ… where would our Church be Holy Mother Church… And her name sake if it wasn’t for her… Granted we venerate her we don’t adore her only Jesus Christ… But give her her due… My brothers and sisters in Christ He sends us out two by two for a reason… Because you and I are called out to be Simons… 
E. Here and I sit 2000 years later…. Let me ask you rhetorically… My brothers sisters in Christ there are two no self-made men… Or women… That’s an unmitigated lie… You and I have no say so whether we are born in this country or another male or female tall or short black or white but yet we got the unmitigated gall to decide who lives and who dies… Wow… How far have we fallen… My brothers sisters in Christ at the end of the day there are no self-made men… All gifts are supernatural… All gifts come from God… Fill in the blank… Fill in the blank to yourselves… If it hadn’t been for so-and-so I would not be where I am today… If it hadn’t been for so and so I’m not sure where I would be… If it hadn’t been for so and so I’m not sure I would even be alive… My brothers and sisters in Christ that’s what it means to be a Simon… To put somebody’s name in that blank and if you put somebody’s name in that blank and we all should have… Did the reverse of it is true that at some point then our name needs to be in that… My brothers and sisters in Christ therein lies the paradigm shift… in other words somebody else did it for you love of neighbor you and I have an obligation to be a Simon… My brothers and sisters in Christ… Listen to me you go to work you about had all the fun you could stand you’re about to take a hostage they ask you to do that one more thing it takes every ounce of your being not to take a hostage… It takes every ounce of your being not to take their head off and then give them a left-handed apology like you really care… My brothers and sisters in Christ therein lies the point… If you establish yourself based on money… The decimal point… Are we any better than Judas… Today 2000 years later we know all about the 30 pieces of silver the price of a slave… Will you don’t do it because it’s not your job description in other words by decree… We already know where Pilate sits he already made his degree in public and look where he sits in the world… He killed himself years after he had our good Lord condemned… My brothers and sisters in Christ… You do what you do because you’re a good Catholic man and a woman… How will they even know Christ even exist if we don’t use our hands and feet and our eyes and our ears and mouth… How will they know He even exists in the world that is totally lost… My brothers and sisters in Christ will you be a Simon… And I get it that the only phone that rings from work is yours… We got tens or hundreds of employees but the only phone that rings is yours… Well Simon what’s gonna be your argument… Well Lord you don’t understand I mean there’s 100 employees surely they can find somebody else… but Simon I want you to have the grace… Simon I want you to have the grace… Complaining about it will mitigate the grace but if you do it then may the Holy Spirit point you two fold… My brothers sisters in Christ what about your family when something goes wrong it’s mom it’s dad it’s a grandparent it’s a family member the only phone that rings is yours… I have brothers and sisters father they don’t help… But it doesn’t matter whether they help or not Simon… It only matters whether you’re in the game that’s the point… That’s why He had them call you… If He called the others would it be solved… Would the person be saved would they be helped… We love our neighbor I can probably tell you probably not… Brothers and sisters in Christ you know the story… the good Lord goes to different people He gives one per person five talents He gives another person four talents He gives another person one talent… He comes back later the one with five did well… He says well I’ll give you five more… To the one I did four He said you did well I’ll give you four more… To the one He gave one talent you buried it He took it from him and gave it to the others and He said departed from me you despicable servant… My brothers and sisters in Christ will you take a phone call when your favorite shows on television… You know it’s NCIS and FBI TGIF ASAP I don’t know pick an initial it doesn’t matter… Maybe it’s Dancing with the Stars… I mean my mom is not here I can say that courageously my brothers and sisters in Christ… As a result of such will you take that phone call knowing full well 45 minutes later you’ll be in the exact same spot when you picked it up… You’ll just be frustrated… My brothers and sister in Christ will you take it so it allows them to vent will you be the Simon to help carry that cross to bring the water down so they have peace… That’s why they called you Simon they reached the end of their rope my brothers and sisters in Christ someday you and I will stay and we will stand before Him… Naked and alone no arbitration no mediation no nothing… What if when we stand before Him He turns to the heavens and He looks up and He says answer me this all of you who are in heaven… If it hadn’t been for blank I would not be in heaven… If nobody yells our name on that side of the gate I would tell you our chances of making it are not good… all eternity not 50 years 20 years 70 years 80 years and maybe 100 years... For all eternity if we didn’t help someone get to heaven then how do you expect us to get there… My brothers and sisters in Christ somebody made their way for you and I to get there on their coattails the question for you and I is will somebody throw our name out there so He can turn to you and I and say job well done my faithful servant… You have been My child in a world that was lost… you are a Simon on all these different days look at the people in heaven who have echoed your name… Come I have waited for you… Or will He say depart from me you wicked servant you didn’t even help one person make it to My kingdom… 
F. My brothers and sisters in Christ I leave you with this I think it’s a great answer to being a Simon… If you want to thank God for your eyesight there is no better way than to offer your hand to someone in darkness… You’ve been called to be a Simon answer it and answer it gratefully…
G. Amen



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