2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 9:11b-17; 6-23-2019 (As Built; Amite #358)
A. Finish the race…
B. …takes the other ones and throws them in the jail… Well regrettably… The two he threw in jail one escaped… He goes back to Chesapeake Bay where the admiral is tells him the story… They go and arrest Dr. Beanes and put him in chains in the boat… I mean don’t put him in the city jail I mean they’ll just break him out… As a result of it… The city is beside themselves… It’s bad enough your attacking us… Then you take a one guy that’s helping you and put them in chains… They call on an attorney everybody liked him he was the guy of the day they get him to go back and go back and talk to the vice admiral…He says vice admiral I have some concerns… I understand you have a prisoner by the name of Dr. Beanes… He said yes he beat up one of my guys pretty bad and then he through two of them in jail… Can’t have a colonist doing that we are part of the crown… He said whoa wait stop a minute hang on here y’all go through a town and you destroy everything… He put half your soldiers back together… You wouldn’t even have soldiers on this boat if it wasn’t for him… Half to villagers and some of the children that y’all mauled he took care of… So at some point I think it would be better if prudence dictates if you need to just let this one go… as a result of it… He talks it over and begins to think about it… He says you know what he says you’re right I’m gonna let him go… But I can’t let him go right now we’re about to bomb this fort… And if you leave now you’ll get caught in the middle of it and then yall say I am the boy to blame… As a result of it… He said I’ll let you talk to Dr. Beanes and explain to him what’s going on… He says doctor Beanes as soon as this bombing takes place as soon as it finishes as soon as it finishes… I’m gonna take you and we’re gonna leave… You got a remember now he’s in a ship and at the very top of this ship is the bow of the boat there would be a prisoner and the rod iron or the bars would be where you can see down into it so he’s talking to him … He says soon as the bombing finishes… He says well what do you see he said atleast can you tell me what you see… He said well it’s the break of dawn… I see bombs bursting in air… I see the rockets red glare… He said the fort is still standing… Truly we are the land of the free and the home of the brave… My brother sisters in Christ because they waited and because Dr. Beanes was there and Frances Scott Key who was his attorney that got them out of the prison finish the race to make sure that man would be saved… You and I have a Star-Spangled Banner… It’s all because somebody finished the race… 
C. That is exactly what the good Lord is driving home… He brings 5000 men remember that’s how they count as a Jew… Which means there’s probably 10,000 men and women… There’s probably 12 to 15,000 men women and children… Five those loaves of bread and two fish… He’s telling the apostles you brought them out here you finish the race and you feed them… man Lord five loaves of bread and two fish we don’t even have enough money… My brothers and sisters in Christ now stop you’re a first century Jew you and I are out there that day… You hear the words… Now remember this this is one of the few passages that’s in every gospel… And as a result of it it’s very well written… With that being said when they got out to a deserted place… A desert… For you and I as a Jew… the word is elanomas… Which means as a Jew when we hear that word it goes all the way back to Moses… He’s in the desert… That’s where that word shows up again… So all of a sudden you and I are thinking wait a minute the last time to deserted place a desert this is when Moses got involved… And then what does He tell the apostles break them down into fifties… Brothers and sisters in Christ go back to Exodus 28 and you’ll see where Moses says break the groups into thousands or hundreds to 50s… Why… Because I’m going to take some of these people and make them judges because there’s too many people… So now the good Lord who is the new Moses is now bringing them to the promised land now has 12 judges… so you and I now would’ve heard this and said man this is all over again… Manna is now going to fall from heaven my brothers and sisters in Christ… It’s important that you understand that He uses the same words He takes a bread He breaks it He blesses it and then He feeds them… The same thing that He does at the Last Supper… a foretelling of what is to come… Now I remember this too… The good Lord never feeds one per person… He does not feed this group or that group or this 50 or the hundred He feeds the 12 and He says now go feed them… Why… Because I’m leaving within three years so I will not baptize I will not hear confessions it will be up to you Peter James John Nathaniel Bartholomew Thomas Matthias Thaddeus all you will be responsible… And at the end of the day 12 wicker baskets full representing the 12 tribes… Brothers and sisters in Christ… This is a true multiplication of the loaves… This has nothing to do with sharing… It’s a true miracle… My brothers and sisters in Christ… It’s all because they finish the race… 
D. Go back in scripture all of our best players finish what they started… Imagine the good Lord is carrying the cross… Does He actually get to finish it if Simon of Cyrene is not brought in the game… Think about that for a minute… Man we don’t even know Simon‘s last name… We just know he’s from Cyrene which is northern Africa that’s all we know … but yet he finishes the race… What about Joseph of Arimathea… If we don’t have Arimathea do we even have a tomb to place the good Lord… at least for the good Lord to be buried… if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t even have that… my brothers and sisters in Christ… Think about Mary Magdalene… Here she is on Easter Sunday… If she doesn’t get up and finish what happened on the crucifixion would we even really know much about the resurrection… She wouldn’t be the first to see the risen Christ… Would the apostles even bother to go… because she gets up and go she finishes what she started… You and I know the whole story about the resurrection… He also tells us no matter how far you have fallen as long as you come back to Me you always be welcome… Mary Magdalene is living proof… My brothers and sisters in Christ all the greatest players finish the race… No matter how many times they fell they got back up and finished it… Say what you want about Peter… Absolutely thought he could walk on water yeah I got that… He denied our Savior three times yeah we all understand that… oh Lord he cuts off a man’s ear in the garden of Gethsemane… my brothers and sisters in Christ… He’s also crucified upside down… my brothers and sisters in Christ… a man and woman start out in the garden of Eden and they go to a tree and they also bring sin into the world… If it wasn’t for the new Adam and the new Eve who were drawn to the garden of Gethsemane and drawn to a tree the wood of the cross we wouldn’t have what we have today because they finish the race… 
E. So now here you and I sit 2000 years later how good are you and I at finishing the race… How good are you and I are good at doing what we’re supposed to do… At work when something happens at work how good are you about finishing even though it’s not your job even though it’s not your decimal point… I mean they didn’t give you enough money… I mean it’s not my pay grade… brothers and sisters in Christ… Never ever tie yourself to money… Judas is living proof that 2000 years later we all know about 30 pieces of silver… The decimal point should have nothing to do with you… You do these things at work because that’s what the good Lord asked you Simon… That’s what they asked you to do Mary Magdalene… I asked you to finish the race… So regardless if it’s your job or not will you finish what’s expected… Will you go out of your way to do what you needed to do that what about with family calls… Will you make sure that you go by and finish what you started… Did you promise somebody you would call them… Did you call them oh I texted him… oh no you said you’d called them did you or did you not… Would you make sure you bring them the gift that you promised… You know the one that’s rattling around in your car… That’s been back there… As a matter of fact if you wait till next year you can give them both Christmas gifts at the same time… My brothers and sisters in Christ… What about the job at your house you know the one that you been working on that’s going on now for almost a year… You know the one that we were going to expand this or clean this or do this… And now we done kicked the can brothers and sisters in Christ it would help if you women don’t look at the men when I explain that scenario… Just so you know… The point that I’m trying to tell you my brother sisters in Christ is did you finish what you started… Did you give someone your word you’d go by and see them… Your grandparents your parents your best friend the ones in the hospital and the nursing home did you go by… Did you finish what you said you would do… You and I only have our word that’s all we’ll ever have at the end of the day… Be careful on how you use it… Make sure that you finish… OK look you’ve had a bad day you’ve had a bad week you’ve had a bad month and you’ve had a bad year… You wanna have a pity party great step out I don’t care kick your neighbors dog do what you gotta do… man you can pout all week… now you finished OK good… Now get back in the race because you need to finish what you and I started… Remember at the end of the day the good Lord is only going to know did you finish what you started… My brothers and sisters in Christ when push comes to shove no one called us to be successful they called us to be faithful… Mother Theresa is right so what I’m asking you to do is finish what you started… 
F. My brothers and sisters in Christ I leave you with this… A river can cut through a rock not because of its strength it’s because of its persistence… What I’m asking you to do is to finish the race… And finish what you agreed to start… 
G. Amen…



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