2017 Homilies (Written)


John 16:12-15; 6-16-2019 (As Built; Amite #357)
A. Worry... Worry... anxiety... 
B. He is overwhelmed with it... All right it's kind of a bad day... it's a horrific day… it’s absolutely horrendous... his meter is in the red... He's so filled with worry and anxiety he cannot function... You see Joe is a marine... Joe weighs about 150lbs sopping wet... Maybe 5 foot tall and he can't see out of one eye... He's the Marines photographer… go figure… As a result it’s WWII is in the height of the apex... The world hangs in the balance... people do not know which way it's going to go... Joe’s caught up in the middle of it... And just when he thinks it can't be any more reason to worry he gets news that the CO wants to see him... man the worry starts the climb... Joe goes to see the CO and he says… Joe! tomorrow morning 0500 you will be on the dock… you will have all your material... You will have all your cameras... You will have your gun you will have your backpack... 0500 I want you on that dock… And this is where you're going... he walks over to a map he points to an island and he says that's the island … Joe looks at it… studies the map and says commander we don't own that island... Well that's good Joe... that's why we're sending you with your camera… so people can see what's happening... 0500 on the docks… Joe’s packed ready to go… camera… gun… backpack… Here comes the boat alongside the dock picks him up... Get in there not a hundred yards off the dock the captain says to Joe... Joe we got a little problem… Our boat is too deep the shoreline is going to be very shallow we’re gonna transfer you to another boat… But we can’t stop... So when we get close to shore they're going to come alongside we're going to slow down and you're just going to step into the other boat... He said…Look, we can't stop the bombs are going to be going off… land mines… waters mines… guns flying you're going to hear some smoke you're going to see smoke and screams... Just get into the boat Joe... Man… Joe has more anxiety than he ever thought possible... All the sudden he sees the island he sees the smoke hears the screams and the bullets and here comes the boat… Pulls up right next to him... Man they get right next to it… Joe grabs his gun grabs his bag and his camera he jumps... He misses it …by this much... He's in the drink… gun goes to the bottom… God knows where the backpack is… Next thing you know he's holding the camera up…making sure it doesn't get wet… They pull and throw him in the boat... They say okay Joe when you see the door drop your out… He said man I don't have a gun they said that’s your problem not mine… They hit the shore the door drops Joe comes out sopping wet 150 pounds can't see out of one eye 5 foot nothing and all the sudden he's looking for Marines… He sees them he runs over to them... He says look I'm here because I'm supposed to take a picture of this flag that's being raised…  He said man you're 10 minutes late… He said we already raised it… why did you take it down?... Well Joe… we didn’t take it down… the other side took it down... He said that's why we're fighting over the island…  He said I will tell you this Joe… They are trying to put another one up on the other side... And I'm not sure we're taking that island over either... Man he just goes over there he's so mad because of where he sits in the world his anxiety… his nervousness... He goes and sees these Marines… six Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima… And he takes a picture so nonchalantly... It's the one that you and I have now come to see every year... It's the one that our children and grandchildren will come to know what it means part of the greatest generation… My brothers and sisters in Christ… Joe never realized until after the fact that the good Lord wanted him there for that shot and not for the other one… And for all the worrying in the world was for naught... Because He had him in the palm of His hand all along…
C. My brothers and sisters in Christ all that worry is for nothing that is exactly what the gospel is about… The good Lord is at the Last Supper and He's telling them at the Last Supper…. I've got a lot to tell you... You cannot bear it now… You’ll be overcome with anxiety… you’ll become so confused so consumed with worry you won't get out of the woods… Now remember now they’re at the Last Supper you and I are there you and I are a 1st Century Jew the good Lord has just washed everybody's feet yours and mine. Peter just said he wouldn’t deny Him… He’s already corrected Peter... Judas is already received the morsel and he is out... The good Lord had waited for Judas to leave and then He raises the Host and says this is My Body... Judas never partakes of the Host and he never drinks of the Chalice... And then the good Lord says… I have a lot to tell you but I don't want to become overwhelmed. I don't want you to be full of anxiety. I will send the Holy Spirit... Now listen to me... They leave… all 11 Apostles leave together… All 11 go to the Garden of Gethsemane… Everybody thinks there’s only three and the good Lord… Yeah, in the center of the garden that is true... The other eight are in the peripheral of the garden… Why does He take Peter James and John because they were at the Transfiguration they have already seen the good Lord transfigured... With Moses and Elijah…Both the prophet that spoke to God directly... Why?  They need to understand why we need to see God as Divine. Why, because they're about to see Him with all the sins of the world on His back. The other 8 can't handle it… the anxiety would overwhelm them…. That is why the Good Lord separated them. My B&S listen to me… go back in scripture all our best players all of our best players even know how to handle anxiety or worry or don't have a clue... We fall into one or two categories... Still today Two Thousand Years Later...If you want to know how to handle worry… who better than the Holy Mother!!! Think about it… she's 14 her parents have already returned home… they have passed… she's living in a Convent and that ain't enough pressure an angel appears to her... You're 14 does your parents are gone... And an angel appears to you that. Your anxieties not going to go through the roof? The angel’s name is Gabriel…. And grab this…because she speaks Aramaic… she knows that Gabriel means strength of God which means…God is sending a message and if that's not enough to get you more anxiety to the angel is now going to speak to you and tell you… Man… the Holy Spirit will overshadow you... You know what that means to a Jew... Brothers and Sisters in Christ, she knows Scripture that the only time being overshadowed was used was when Moses went up the mountain to bring it… to go get the Ten Commandments and Holy Spirit of God overshadowed the mountain... So now she knows the Holy Spirit is going to overshadow her…Oh and by the way, you're going to be the mother of the Messiah… and you know how she handles all the worry and anxiety even though she was troubled at the words… her parting words…let it be done to me according to Your will... That’s how you handle worry. But guess what… for every Blessed Mother… albeit one… there's always other ways to handle anxiety and unfortunately not the best way... Who better… regrettably… than Peter… Peter is out on the water with the good Lord… They are on Lake Gennesaret...the Sea of Galilee… Peters been there his whole life… there's not a rock, there’s not a stone, there’s not a wave, there’s not a water, there's not weather that he has never seen... And all the sudden the wind starts to get out and the rain starts and the waves get louder and longer and brighter and all the sudden he looks around and there's the good Lord sleeping… he doesn't want to wake Him up come on… really… He’s a carpenter. I mean really? What, I’m going to wake up a Carpenter, I mean really… what’s He’s going to do… build another boat?... I'm a fisherman, I’m THE fisherman till he tries to do it without Him and then…all the sudden the waves get bigger… they start breaking…they start white-capping... Now they are in the boat…now the boat is filling up…He’s sleeping… Lord…Lord… You don’t mind we’re going to perish here… Man the Good Lord gets up and He does something so unique…He rebukes the wind... An inanimate object. Why would you rebuke it unless there was something evilly intrinsic in it…and it was… And you know what's amazing He's trying to tell Peter… you thought you had it and when you didn't you started to worry… But you saw Me and you reached out and you grabbed Me… but next time Peter… you're going to have to look a little further out… You're out next time they're out on the water they think they see a ghost… Lord if that’s You tell me to come... come Peter… Now Peter has to step out of the boat to get up to Him... And guess what everything is fine for the first steps the wind starts to blow he starts to turn his head and man that anxiety starts to climb... Worried I'm walking on water that's not supposed to happen what am I doing out here I should have stayed in the boat immediately when he begins to drown he says Lord save me immediately the good Lord grabs him… He’s trying to tell Peter yeah Peter you had faith last time because I was in front of you this time I was a little further out and guess what in about a year or so you're going to see Me no more and you’ll have to have faith... Why do you worry so much... You know I've always asked the question... There are 11 other guys in that boat why doesn't one reach out to help him... You notice nobody reaches out to to help Peter… I mean the man’s drowning… Atleast say something… you know he was a good man he meant well... Judas go help him I think he needs your help... My brothers and sisters in Christ... they get so consumed with worry nobody moves... You know what's amazing… the good Lord is feeding 4000 people five loaves of bread and two fish… remember you and I are Jews there only counting the men that means that there's 8000 men and women it's almost 12,000 men women and children… five loaves of bread and two fish… What are they saying Lord we can't feed this many people and He says begin… 12 wicker baskets full... all that worry for naught... He was there all along... Martha and Mary... there brothers dying Lord you got to come... He waits an extra two days four days total to go to Martha and Mary… Just so He can wait because as a Jew you and I bought into the argument that up until day 3 we can resuscitate you... So He waits till the 4th day and what does Martha and Mary say the same thing that you and I would have said Lord if you would have been here my brother wouldn’t have died… Martha Mary man I’m the way I’m the truth I’m the life … you've seen it that the blind see the lame walk the dead rise... how can you question Me... well I know that Lord and that will happen at the end times but my brothers dead... man can you imagine the worry and anxiety and now they're exasperated at our Savior… He's so calm that what He tells them is bring Me to the tomb... He's been to their house many times... He doesn't want to get there early so nobody can say something happened… He doesn’t even move the rock as a matter of fact He says He'll say to him Lazarus come out for if He doesn't call him by name everybody comes out… You know what the second miracle is… that if I were to bury you and I back in the days of the Jews your hands and feet would have been bound swaddling like in the manger... and as a result of it you couldn't have walked out… And what does Lazarus do he walks out…. All that worry for four days... for naught it was wasted energy... 
D. My brothers and sisters in Christ… hear you and I sit two thousand years later... how much of your day is spent in worry... How much of your yesterday is spent wasted in today... Or tomorrow you spend in today… My brothers and sisters in Christ... How much time do you spend worrying about money in other words I got to pay tuition Lord I'm not sure I'm going to get there Lord I got rent I got a car note I got a mortgage… I only got so much money I got to go get my kids to school Lord I only got so much Lord tell me how am I how am I going to pay the bills… How much of your day is so consumed did I get the job did I not get the job am I going to get the contract what if I pay the money what if I don't get back can I take them away for the weekend but I don't have the money... what happens if someone else gets it Lord how do I worry about the contract... My Lord my God we are so consumed with worry we couldn't stay in the day if all we had to do is spell the word day… How much time do you and I spend on worrying about our health about the doctor's visits... Man I got to go to the doctor I mean I don't know what's going on… I got this and that I'm worried... The cancer Lord is everywhere… I go to the doctor I cannot afford it can I get the medicine I don't know if it's right... You know he didn't say it like I wanted it... You know he didn’t really come clean like I thought... should have been a little happier with the news... You know he seemed like he was a little concerned he didn't tell me everything... How much of our day is consumed about our health... How much is consumed about our children and our parents or relationships man who are they going out with man who are they dating… what are they taking anything how long they been going how long do you worry when they go out at night and they come back … how much do your children spend about the relationships that you're in... or about the test that's coming up or about the exam or about where I go to school how much of our day is so consumed with worry… My brothers and sisters in Christ listen to me… how much of your day is yesterday the day of regrets... You're worried about the email that you sent the message that you made the words that you use should you have waited had been more prudent... Or maybe you're worried about tomorrow I mean you don’t know what holds for you the contract the relationship... are we going to make it or we not... Brothers and Sisters in Christ St. Peter made a statement in 2nd Peter... He said the evil one is a roaring lion looking for souls to devour... My Brothers and Sisters in Christ this is what I'm talking to you about… How much of your time is so consumed that you actually man you're aging before your very eyes... You take more medicine than ever before… Your more concerned with worry you can’t even enjoy a peaceful sunset... You can't even enjoy a nice dinner or walk in the park a walk at night enjoy the show sit with the family and enjoy a meal because we're so consumed with worry... Don't you understand it’s coming from the evil one... He hates you and he will go to the ends of the earth to rob you of your peace... The mere mention of your name and my name causes him to spit... At the end of the day we’ve been made in the Lord's image... And He will go to the ends of the Earth to wreak havoc... CS Lewis makes a great argument... He says Lucifer is talking to his son and he said son I'm going to send you to this valley... I'm going to send you to Amite... And I want you to go and get them and bring them back to me... He said I got it Dad… I’m gonna get this group with pride I got this group with anger I'm going to get them with sloth I'm going to get that over there was lust I’m gonna get them with avarice and money I'm going to get that group in the back with envy he said son listen to me your trying to predetermine which sin we'll get them ... All you have to do is rob them of their peace… Give them worry and then you can work in then you can bring me all of Amite... My brothers and sisters in Christ this is what I’m talking He is right there... Talk to Him tell Him your biggest worry your biggest concern whatever drives that anxiety … and for the love of God leave it with Him... You walk out those doors with the same worry that you walked in here with have y'all forgotten that this is His house forgotten that He is God and we are not... Have you taken it back He is the Great I Am... 
E. My Brothers and Sisters in Christ... there's a man by the name of Canasta he said…  you want to test your memory he said try to remember what you were worried about last year 2 years ago… therein lies the point listen to me... The good Lord's words to you and me… I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU ORPHANS I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE I KNEW YOU IN YOUR MOTHER'S WOMB I NAMED YOU AND I WILL BE WITH YOU TILL THE END OF TIME IF I BRING YOU TO IT I WILL BRING YOU THROUGH IT NO WORRIES… STAY IN THE DAY... 
F. Amen...



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