2017 Homilies (Written)


John 20:19-23; 6-9-2019 (As Built; Amite #356)
A. Stand… Stand… As in where do you stand… 
B. My brothers and sisters in Christ… The year is about 1300… Him and his family live in a city called Venice Italy and their company although family business is growing leaps and bounds… They sell a little bit of everything in the 1300s they sell produce they sell garments purple garments they sell tools they sell commodities they even help with shipping… They even help if you will with packaging… Their company is growing leaps and bounds as a matter of fact… It’s not only just in Venice but now it’s most of Italy it’s starting to go into Europe… At that point the son comes to the father and says father… I got to tell you we need to pick our head up the market where we need to be is in China… His dad is flabbergasted… He said son we have more than we can say Grace over… Man we don’t need to go any further… He said I’m telling you that if we don’t plant our flag here what will happen in a year or two from now when other people come into the market we need to be already established… Especially in a bigger market… His father said man I’m not sure about that… But I can tell you his son man he understood economics… He understood the economies of scale… He understood circulation money currency exchange… he understands different languages and he spoke many… So he decides to go and see what it’s like in China… He said when he gets there he said it’s absolutely stunning what he sees… When he gets there he says man it’s absolutely stunning what he sees…  he says man the bridges are massive… They expand waterways that we can only have dreamed of… He said they’re so tall that ships can cascade back-and-forth… He said they built canals through the city to not only bring the food and the goods from the port put all the way inland… And then when it would rain all the waters will come back out… This young man would say man there so advanced they have paved roads in the year of 1300… They have a police force they have a post office… He said they have a fire department…He said their ability to get sewer from the house all the way to the river is uncanny… They’ve never seen anything like it… Can I tell you that just touches my heart that someone can build sewer back in the day… Man my brothers and sisters in Christ and as a result of it the  Copula Knan himself has dictated that he be the governor 25 years he stays in China… He writes a book I’m telling you it’s yay thick… He comes back and the first person he sees is his priest and he talks to him… He says father the things that I have seen are beyond you can imagine… And as a result of it he is where he is… he says man they’ve got a rock that when you lite this rock it gives off more light in the candle or torch that lit it… He was talking about coal… He said they have a liquid and if you lite the liquid it last longer than the candle and you and I now know it has oil… He said they’ve got nuts and things that are size of people’s heads… And you and I would come to know it as coconuts… And the priest said man you can’t keep saying that people are going to believe you… But he said I’m telling you this is what’s taken place… This is what’s happening… he said they are years ahead… He said they actually have a fabric that if you lay it on the fire it won’t catch fire and in therefore will put it out… And years later decades later you and I now call it asbestos… He goes to him and says and look father they have an animal he said it’s several feet long he said man it lives in the waterways and the byways it eats anything and everything… He said Father if you and if I ever got close to it it would eat you and I… He said man we don’t even know of these animals what are you talking about he said I’m telling you they exist… You and I today call them alligators… Man my brothers and sisters in Christ… He traveled the world… He made to be honest with you… He made Christopher Columbus look like he couldn’t find the Americas with GPS… He made Magellan look like you just found the southern tip South America… This guy traveled the world… And you know what’s amazing his name is still popular today… You and I played the game some of us may have… Brothers and sisters in Christ as a matter fact if you were at a pool at the beach in the Gulf and you were IT then at the end of the day you would’ve been calling out his first name and everybody else would be calling out his last name man you know him as Marco Polo… OK for the 10 people that played the game God bless you my brothers and sisters in Christ… It’s all because he stays the course… and at the end of the day he knows what’s best for his family and his company…
C. Brothers and sisters in Christ that’s the gospel… The good Lord walks in the room… Now remember the Gospel reading is Easter Sunday… And as a result of such here’s the play out… My brothers and sisters in Christ He’s got to tell them PEACE BE WITH YOU… Because they’re already ready to cut and run… They’re scared He said look at My hands and My side so you know who I Am… And then He repeats it PEACE BE WITH YOU… My brothers and sisters in Christ He’s trying to tell them stay the course… And as I the Father has sent Me so I will send you… He’s telling them you need to pick your stand where you are… Because at the end of the day this is what waits for you…Yes the blind will see… The lame will walk and the dead will rise… But when push comes to show you too will be martyred… So I need you to stay the course… I need you to take a stand and be an apostolic… My brothers and sisters in Christ… Go back and I want you to think about it… We’re going to go back to the feast of Pentecost… That was the first reading by Paul… Imagine you and I our first century Jews… Now remember my brothers and sisters in Christ… Pentecost is 50 days after the crucifixion and resurrection… Those 40 days where the good Lord talks to them and shows Himself on the road to Emmaus  to Mary Magdalene to the Apostles…He tells them I want you to go pray and for 9 days up until the 49 day I want you to pray… My brothers and sisters in Christ ... that's where we get nine days Novenas from...  And remember this on the 5th day is Pentecost… Remember this is the second time the Holy Spirit has come... The first time He came is on Easter Sunday when He shows them His hands and His side and says peace be with you... At the end of the day He's trying to talk to them the Holy Spirit comes and tells them about the Earthly reality what it means to have seven sacraments how to pray the Mass how to interpret scripture how to know about it the Old Testament vs. New Testament even though they weren’t alive then… When He comes at Pentecost He’s talking about the heavenly realities about the choirs of angels He’s talking to them about all the issues that have to deal with getting to heaven… how do you explain to fishermen what it means about heaven and hell and yes my brothers and sisters in Christ they believed about purgatory… and as a result of how do they explain that… it has to be thru the Holy Spirit… My brothers and sisters in Christ… you need to understand that you heard the word ‘newmana’ you would have also heard the word’ ‘ruha’ from a Jew ruha would have meant breathe that would have been air that would have meant the Holy Spirit… If you and I speak Greek you and I would have said  ‘newmana’ you know what's amazing my brothers and sisters in Christ... When you go to Home Depot or you go to Lowe's and you get a Pneumatic drill your speaking in Greek and the height of irony you're speaking of the Holy Spirit you're speaking of breathe... Who would have thought at Lowe's that they would have been talkin about the Holy Spirit but I digress… My brothers and sisters in Christ do you ever ask yourself  why are there little doves that at on top of their heads and it’s only the fire from the tongues… Because as a Jew you and I would have realized that the tongues of fire go all the way back to the Exodus… you would have realized that when Moses went up the mountain to get the ten commandments that the fire that came down from heaven… In other words God came and then fire followed… God came into the room Jesus Christ and fire followed… In other words He too is God… God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit… My brothers and sisters in Christ… therein lies the whole point… In other words He’s trying to tell them this is a new beginning... My brothers and sisters in Christ you know what's amazing that here they are they are now being the start of Holy Mother Church... It's because they took a stand to make sure that they follow the teachings of Jesus Christ… 
D. Well now here we sit 2,000 years later... I ask you my brothers and sisters in Christ look at all the greatest players... Think about all those that went before us… Think about people like Longinus the one that spears Our Savior... Can you imagine what it was for him to publicly proclaim that Jesus Christ must have been the savior of the world... Truly this man was the son of God to take that stand publicly... Knowing all too well that his job application would go to zero that his family's life would go into danger much less his own life… two years later he will be martyred for being a believer of Jesus Christ…  but he takes the stand publicly why because he is a follower of Jesus Christ... My brothers and sisters in Christ… You know we all talk about Veronica… we only know her first name... Yes it is true her name means true icon but here's a woman that has no rights in the prior world... To stand in the middle of the crucifixion and hold it up just to get His face wiped on a cloth that you and I still have today 2,000 years later... My brothers and sisters in Christ she took the stand because she believed in Jesus Christ… Can you imagine what it must have been for Saul… here you are a Pharisee you’re a person of means you have money you have prestige you have this and that and here you are you are butchering Christians... You go from Saul to Paul can you imagine what it must have been like in the first synagogue he walked in... where he actually walks in and all the sudden people are waiting for Saul to speak and he says but now my name is now Paul... For a Jew Abram to Abraham man name changes are significant... And now instead of talking about killing this guy and his followers ... You're actually promoting them... Brothers and sisters in Christ… can you imagine what it must have been for all the followers of Christ... To not take a stand if they wouldn't have today... If the apostles had acquiesced on what they believe on what they know is true would we even have a Church... highly doubtful…
E. My brothers and sisters in Christ... here you and I sit 2,000 years later... I'm asking you do you understand to take a stand for Holy Mother Church... that you are a believer in your faith... My brothers and sisters in Christ… Go back two thousand years ago they're only two faiths in the world... You are either a devout Jew or you have become a follower of Jesus Christ… Which means you are Catholic… Brothers and sisters in Christ… if you read The Acts of the Apostles you'll notice that there are four things that Jews no longer did... they did not pray with the apostles they did not break bread… they did not sing hymns... And they did not pray together as a community… those 4 things separated you from being a Jew to being a Catholic Christian… In the year 107 there are letters that are out written by Ignatius saying that the Catholic church is a noun saying this is where you want to find Christ look for the bishop and if you can't find him look for the Catholic church... My brothers and sisters in Christ… How willing are you and I to take a stand and say that when someone ask you what faith you are instead of acquiescing and saying well I’m Christian so we don't offend anybody God forbid… That you actually step forward and say I'm Catholic… And that I believe in Holy Mother Church look you can’t pick and choose what you believe... You need to believe in her or you do not… man I’ve already heard all the arguments especially about confessions I can go directly to the good Lord…  I mean did you not listen what happened on Easter Sunday go out and heal them of their sins… whatever you bind is bound whatever you released is released... My brothers and sisters in Christ... He said I came to fulfill the law not change it … So when do we change it… Hebrews 5 I will choose priest among men to forgive us of our sins… and no one is to take it upon themselves... But yet how many times do I hear well I go just go directly to God... Well yeah it's easier I did that too in my prior life... I'm a good guy … man I’m very forgiving and the truth of the matter is it wasn't my fault it’s the woman's fault Lord... at the end of the day it's just easier to get through life as a result of it that's the problem… at the end of the day we started the priesthood so that we could have Holy Mother Church... When we start a prayer will you leave in the name of the father and the Son and the Holy Spirit would you dare to go out on a limb and  say the Hail Mary knowing that there's people in that room but actually despise that pray... My brothers and sisters in Christ you got to pick and choose you're either in the Church or you're out.... Your either a part of it or you're not... You can't just selectively do the piccadilly thing and think that you can get through it… You know what’s amazing is how many times do I hear on television all the politicians speak and we speak about 1 immutable evil... And we have only one immutable evil and that's abortion... Your fault my fault nobody's fault... It's intrinsically evil at it’s very outset… You know what's amazing to me is how much we sidestepped that... My brothers and sisters in Christ… the commandment THE FIFTH COMMANDMENT THOU SHALL NOT MURDER I never saw a sticky note I never saw a footnote I never saw an astrise they are not sticky notes their not suggestions they are not guidelines their commandments... But how many times do I hear people say… Well he's got a good Economic Policy or she does... Or they work well with people... They understand the economy they work well with foreign countries… But we're going to have to aqueous on the whole abortion thing … My brothers and sisters in Christ…  do you honestly believe that Christ is going to look down and smile upon you and I when He says let the children come to Me what's going to be our answer to Him... Well we have a good Economic Policy we have a good supply policy I see we have a good foreign policy... man you don't have those policies you have them because I’ve allow it… So now what do I say to Him when His responses where are My children... am I simply supposed to look the other way and just acknowledge it… My brothers and sisters in Christ... He is the God of Economics of supply and demand He is the God of foreign policy He’s the God of people… And as a result you and I back up on this all the time... In and of itself it is intrinsically evil... How can we say we voted for this person knowing full well that we kill people that have no voice… My brothers and sisters in Christ it's diabolical... It has to stop somewhere... You and I must take a stand about what we believe in our faith and the old teachings of Holy Mother Church… if you don't understand it then ask the question... But it begs the question that if you're not willing to ask it then how quick are you to walk away from it… My brothers and sisters in Christ… You got to take a stand… and at the end of the day you and I are going to stand before Him... They'll be no arbitrary or mediation no negotiation you will be naked and alone and you will stand you will hear from Him only... And there will be no rebuttals... What will be our answer then... My brothers and sisters in Christ there is no time for answers it's all over with… for life eternal... you and I are cast wherever we may go… 
F. I leave you in the words of Martin Luther King... He said the day that you and I do not stand it up let me take this back… He said of all the things that happened in your life... the day your life ends is when you don't stand up for what is truly the teachings of Holy Mother Church my brothers and sisters in Christ stand firm in your faith... and never apologize for being Catholic it is His church and it is His faith… It’s Him... 
G. Amen... 



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