2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 24: 46-53; 6-2-2019 (As Built; Amite #355)
A. Pause... Pause... as in take time… take a step back… just be patient for a minute... Just pause... 
B. It's the 1970s her name is Catherine... Catherine lives in the UK... She has a dad that owns like a little pastry shop it does okay I mean it's a break-even type of business... Her mom is a seamstress... I means the little she adds it surely helps... and she has two older brothers... she'll tell you that life well it was a struggle but it wasn't that bad they did make ends meet I mean they had to be cautious and they had to be weary they couldn't have the nicest things but all things equal they did okay... Well one day her mom plays a game of bingo at the local town hall and as a result of it... she wins a hundred thousand Euros.. man the world has changed overnight but her mom the conservative nature as she is she says man we got to pull back... and as a result and she says look just take your time we'll make it... But her daughter comes to her and says look I've always wanted to dance I love being a ballerina I love to tap dance and she says look that's fine but just steady as she goes... when she enters a couple of contests and I got to tell you she does well with it in the local area is then she starts traveling to other countries just to try it… Man she does exceptionally well... She comes back and tells her mother look I think it's time for me to just do this she said oh no stop pause hit the button... You need to understand you haven't even finished high school yet until you do that whether we do homeschool or something else this is how it’s gotta be... Well they work out well that she's home school and it works out and I got to tell you Catherine's pretty good at it... She ends up saying finally she wins a contest in the UK and as a result the United States is calling for her... She goes back to her mom and says look I got a chance to go to the States and she says wait a minute hang on a second man you're over there I can't protect you I can't help you your a million miles from home let’s just wait and see how it plays out... Another year goes by and finally it's just too much she packs up her tights and her shoes and man then she's off to Broadway... She's in a play called A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS... It was so good she got on to what they call 42nd Street... Man now the world starts opening up with her... and her mom keeps telling her be patient don't push... Man she gets a bit part unbeknownst to a lot of us in TITANIC... Then she gets another one and called CHRONICLES OF A YOUNG INDIANA JONES... She was the belly dancer in that movie... I'm just reading the script brothers and sisters in Christ... Just so you understand where everyone sits in the world... As a result  she gets in another movie called ENTRAPMENT about a jewel thief... And then all the sudden Tom Hanks picks up on her and he says he's got to get her in the movies and then Mark Wahlberg says man I need to get you in BROKEN CITY... And then all the sudden she's in the movie with Antonio Banderas in the movie ZORRO she's in the movie CHICAGO she married Michael Douglas brothers and sisters in Christ... oh yeah right we got it now... Catherine Zeta Jones... She'll tell you to this day she didn't understand what it meant to pause in life even though she thought she did when her mom told her to hold back... Until her husband gets cancer and then she realizes what it means to enjoy the life and where you're at and be more patient... 
C. That is the whole point of the Gospel... The good Lord is walked with them for three years and now all the sudden He’s about to ascend into Heaven… and as a result of such… man everything that they know there starting to wonder man is this it is this the begin or is this the end... And what's the first thing He tells them I need you to go to Jerusalem you are to stay their... 9 days when you go back and count backwards where they're at…. And you stay their till the Holy Spirit comes upon you … you used to see from Me that the blind see the lame walk and the dead rise... Now at your very fingertips you will see the blind will see the dead rise and the lame will walk... Man my brothers and sisters in Christ… and now stop your first-century Jew... We are standing right next to Him when this conversation is going on right before He ascends into heaven... You can imagine the tension because now all the sudden there is no playbook brothers and sisters in Christ they've been with Him for three years now everything is on them what do you mean we got to pray the Mass what do you mean there’s no Missal… What do you mean sacraments how I'm going to distribute them... How we suppose to go about Him... How do I preach when I don't even know Jewish scripture... Brothers and sisters in Christ... You can feel the anxiety and that's why He’s saying brothers and sisters in Christ… From the Crucifixion and Resurrection there are 40 days till the good Lord ascends to heaven on the 50th day is Pentecost ‘penta’ meaning 50... That's when the Holy Spirit is coming… those nine days from the 40th Day to the 50th those nine days is where you and I get a 9-day novena from…this is why it's important that you run it out that's how it was in scripture... You know what's amazing Brothers and Sisters in Christ... We are all Jews we know scripture we know scripture I tell you how well we know scripture we know it better than the LSU fans know the football schedule... Yeah that’s right we know it backwards and forwards we know who's playing who's not playing who is whether they're going whether it's home who's the coach what he got paid what the play was who did this wrong that's how well we know it… so we know when we go back to Isaiah in the chapters 56 57 and 58 we know from the Prophet Daniel we know from the Prophet Jonah that he would descend to the dead for three days... Stop… I can already see it in your face… Everytime you hear proper name it is not parabolic… In the garden in the Garden of Eden they don't have names their names are man and woman... Adams name means grounds... When the good Lord asked him why are you hiding… Man where are you... The woman you gave me... They don't get their names till outside the garden... Which means we are now responsible for our actions when you hear Jonah that is not a make believe story... And if you read the story well are you read it at all... You'll notice that he says a prayer in the animal because he's passed... And the good Lord in Matthew's gospel says much like in the time of Jonah you wanted a sign your sign was Jonah and just like Jonah descended to the dead so will I… Why would Christ use an analogy that is not true to Jews to explain that He’s going to descend to the dead unless it is true and it is... You and I know Jonah we know Daniel we know Isaiah … We now know Matthew's gospel... We've heard it... so the fact that He proclaimed it that He was going to resurrect… It was a fulfilling of the scriptures... 
D. My brothers and sisters in Christ… You know what's amazing do you know what He tells them in there... He says you're going to be a witness to you and I oh yeah we'll witness that we were their… we remember that I saw you do that I remember that guy was crippled I remember that guy raised from the dead oh no that's not what it means in Greek... The Greek word is ‘bartes’ you're going to be a martyr for Me... I got crucified and so will you in some form or fashion... He's telling them it is all on you… My brothers and sisters in Christ He’s telling them to go and pray and be patient... And pause... Because I'm going to send the Holy Spirit this is the second time that He’s now come... He came on Easter Sunday in a room and He breathed on them and they received the Holy Spirit... That is the realities of the world... How the scriptures will work how the Mass will work how the sacraments will be portrayed this one now that He’s praying on them He's giving them the Spirit of the understanding of Heaven how Heaven works how does hell work how does Purgatory and Abraham's Bosom work… How does it all work with the angels and the demons … Brothers and sisters in Christ... He’s saying go and pray and sit still for nine days... Look listen to me go back in scripture... Pick people in scripture every time the good Lord came He didn't do it instantly... Even though He did... more often than not He made you wait a few days so that you would come to understand why things are as they are... We want everything yesterday... Saul... Saul is blinded for three days before he becomes Paul... He's going to Damascus to shanghai Christians and butcher and murder them and ultimately at the end of the day… At the end of the day brothers and sisters in Christ he falls to the ground... In Greek he fell a distance... He's not walking brothers and sisters in Christ he’s a Pharisee… and as a result he had money and means he's not walking to Damascus which is a hundred and something miles away getting people and then walking back... He's either in a chariot he's in some type of wagon or he's on a horse... The point being is that he's blind for three days why didn't He just cure him and that's it... Three days for a Jew is the most complete number in the world... He wants perfection to get him from Saul to Paul... My brothers and sisters in Christ think… Martha and Mary their brother Lazarus he’s sick they send a note to the good Lord on day 2 saying Lord look You got to come he's in trouble he's sick... He gets the note and then waits two more days... And when the Apostle say where are we going well we need to go back well ultimately at the end of the day he's asleep… well if he's asleep Lord... Okay for you he's dead… But for Me he's asleep… You know why He waits the fourth day... Because as Jews we believe you can be resuscitated up until the third day... He wants to make perfectly sure everybody knows that this is a miracle… So when He sees Martha and Mary can you understand why He's exasperated... Because they've been with Him for the last three years... And as a result it… and they say Lord if You would have been here if You would have been here my brother wouldn't have died… Man I can almost see the good Lord say Martha Mary man the blind see... You saw it the lame walk the dead rise... I'm the way... I'm the truth ... I'm the life... and you know what really gets to our good Lord is that if you and I lived in that day and you want to make sure people cried in your funeral you know what you would do you would pay for professional mourners... That's right Cry On Demand... Here's your money cry ... He gets mad because they're crying for no reason just they been paid... So this is why He says take Me to the tomb… He's been in the house for the last 3 years He knows where the tomb is He knows He just doesn't want them to accuse Him of anything... Do you notice that He doesn't even move the rock... Moreover … Do you notice what is the good Lord sometimes I wish the good Lord would have just said COME OUT... Not just would Lazarus come out we all would have come out of our tombs.... You know what's amazing too and we run by it every time we read scripture... His hands were bound and so were his feet that's how you entomb people as a Jew... So how is it that he walked out… Brothers and sisters in Christ He’s trying to tell Martha and Mary I wanted you to wait four days and I wanted these professional mourners and the Pharisees so that no one would have no argument I didn't touch the tomb I didn't get here first I didn't go inside I called him out I waited four days... What other excuse do you have for not believing in Me... Stop and think for one minute what's going on... My brothers and sisters in Christ do you think it's ironic that Christ is on the earth for 32 33 years and Peter is the vicar for 32 or 33 years... It’s everything for a reason...
E. My brothers and sisters in Christ... Hear you and I sit 2000 years later how patient are you to hit the pause button... I mean when the morning comes up man were out the box man we got to get to work we got to turn on the television as if the news is good... And then all of a  sudden can I tell you a worse way start the day turn on the news better yet you want to have a comfortable night turn it on to see how much better it got since this morning... But yet we don't take time when you get up in the morning can you just go pray... Can you immediately get up and just say a prayer... Okay... Can you get coffee first then after you get your coffee go sit somewhere... Go sit somewhere and just pick a chair... Pick somewhere and sit quietly you don't have to pray the rosary if that's not your thing... You don't want to read scripture you just want to sit and be contemplatively then so be it... If you want to stare at a statue and let her stare back at you so be it... But you need to take time to pause... Because nothing comes to your door unless He ordains it… And if He brings you to it He will ultimately bring you through it... Provided that you and I allow Him to help you carry that cross so before the day gets started and you get to work and all the fun that's going to be waiting for you... The drive over there can you just turn off the radio and before you get into work and before all the love that's there for you can you just stop before you get to work and just take a breath and say Lord watch over me this day... When you get home after you fight thru everything at work and the traffic and before spill the venom to everybody at the dinner table can you just pause a minute before you walk in my brothers and sisters in Christ when you get that email that text message... You know the one that you read it and then you read it again and then you start reading it a different way you get so mad you read it  1000 different ways and you've only read it twice... And as a result of it you're just so mad you text a message back you hit send hoping it knocks them out when they read it on the other end... Man is that email it's that conversation... I'm asking you to pause before that thought hits your head and that jaw opens up I promise you you're going to get into an argument and then the next thing you going to have an argument and it's going to ruin your day… You could have a perfectly great day man it could be the greatest thing that could happen to you one thing goes south and man we are out the box... We are going to take a hostage before the sun sets... I'm asking you to pause before you send that email before you send that text message to wake up in the morning and protect yourself with the cloak of our Savior Jesus Christ... Before you go to bed at night... Man at least make sure you tell Him thank you... Lord for everything that You have given me… The roof over my head the clothes on my back my children... We're still in the greatest country in the world… we can still worship freely... Man just thank Him for all the gifts... My brothers and sisters in Christ…  I’m telling you when that anger gets so great that man the venoms great and it takes everything you have to just stop I'm begging you to stop before you open your mouth... 
F. And I'll leave you with this... you better watch that anger because your about to give the greatest speech that you’ll ever live to regret... pause... 
G. Amen...



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