2017 Homilies (Written)


John 13:31-33a, 34-35; 5-19-2019 (As Built; Amite #354)
A. Courage…Courage…
B. It’s the 1970s... His name is Alan... Allen lives in the Virgin Isles... Life is good... He has one sister he has a mom and dad both work pretty diligently... but if you were to ask Alan about his life he would also be quite frank... it's tumultuous... It’s always been that way since I was 2 years old he said my parents got divorced… neither one of them took me... I had to go live with my grandfather in New Jersey... Virgin Isles…New Jersey... therein lies the problem... He gets their things are calming down he really does like his grandparents... As things get on though he's in grammar school... and eventually gets to high school... and then the other shoe drops their house is robbed... his grandfather is killed... As a result of it… man his life is in a tailspin... He starts talking to different teachers but the one teacher that was endearing to him was the drama teacher... he said you know Alan you got as best as you can take courage... man why don't you come and if your in drama class you could hide if you want… in different people and different plays and parts … Man you could be whoever you want to be... on one day and another day and another day... and a different play in a different movie whatever you want… As a result of it… He says I don't like being in front of people and he told him man take courage... As a result of it… doing it and it gives him a great way to cope with the world... The losing of his grandfather... man it's not long after that that his half-sister and half-brother they too were in a car wreck both lost their lives... man he reverted back to his teacher in drama and said man thank God I got this... He gets a scholarship to Juilliard... And he'll tell you that Juilliard the two semesters that he had at Juilliard we're great ... They were so good they asked him not to come back he said man I loved it... As a result of it… he gets out he's got to find something new he goes to New York ... He decides to get in a play... He's in a play called HANK... It actually went pretty well... He got that one then he got another one called KENNEDY... And then another one was GOODBYE TO YOU... And then the next thing you know his world starts to grow... And then all the sudden man tragedy hits yet again... This time his sister the one that was endearing to him man a robbery takes place and her life is taken... Man he goes all the way back to high school to talk to the drama teacher ... He said man here I am again just when I thought I had courage… After they visited Alan actually goes to the prison meets the prisoner meets the man responsible for killing his sister and forgives him... He said it changed my whole life... he said it gave me courage to do anything in life... Because that had to have been the hardest thing I had to do... He said when I got caught up in drugs I remember this problem when I got caught up in alcohol I remember this problem… he said man the first step may be the hardest but I got to tell you it's the best one… The next thing you know the world did open up for him... He's in the X-MEN... he was in EXPENDABLES 3... matter of fact in TOY STORY he was the voiceover for Stinky Pete... I'm just repeating what I memorize my brothers and sisters in Christ... As a result of such... Next thing you know he's in another one THE SIMPSONS where he's the voiceover for Bob... Then the next thing you know he's in another movie where he plays Washington in the Revolutionary War ... But his popularity comes in a little bar in Boston where he would sit and visit with them in psychoanalyze everything that's going on... Not far down from Norm at the other end... And then all the sudden my brothers and sisters in Christ he's got his own little show where he's a psychotherapist... he talks about he sings the song at the very end scrambled eggs and tossed salad... Okay it's Kelsey Grammer brothers and sisters in Christ... Let me just get you there... Okay…
C. It's the courage that he shows that’s the Gospel...  This is at the Last Supper… My brothers and sisters in Christ… the good Lord is saying my time is short ... Your time is going to be even shorter … man then he starts talking about being a glorified God and the courage it’s going to take the follow Him …. Now stop … You're first-century Jew … and we're sitting at this meal... I need you to understand something ... My brothers and sisters in Christ please and I'm begging you to listen... This has been the argument for 2,000 years... It has to do with the Eucharist ... You and I consume HIS GLORIFIED BODY BLOOD SOUL AND DIVINITY … HIS GLORIFIED BODY BLOOD SOUL AND DIVINITY ... He says it five times in seven sentences … He says I will glorify Me... My father will glorify Me... And I in Him... He's talking about His glorified body ... In other words brother and sisters in Christ ... He’s talking about the moment He dies on the crucifixion the second after... listen… my brothers and sisters in Christ... The difference is this... Before Christ is crucified you and I can see Him… He's tangible walking He's three dimensional He's a person… but once He gets on the cross He becomes glorified once He passes... In other words time and  space have no bearing on Him anymore... Think about it He’s on the crucifix... They go to stab Him He's already dead... But yet He bleeds water and blood from His side ... His glorified body only a Divine being can do that. My brothers and sisters in Christ... On the road to Emmaus …they don't even recognize Him... Why because He's been glorified ... As a result… He takes the bread He breaks it He blesses it He disappears in the bread... Because it is His glorified body my brothers and sisters in Christ when the apostles are behind the locked door ... He passes through the door... But yet does he not tell Thomas stick your finger in my hands and your hands in my side... How big must the wound had been to stick your hand in His side … My brothers and sisters in Christ... It's His glorified body.. time and space has no bearing … This is why he says I will continue to feed you... Because we're going to eat His glorified body... This is why 2000 years later you and I now partake of Him it is not a relic or theory or conjecture... for if it had been if it had been a theory conjecture then why would you say I need you to chewit... Trogo... Tear it... I need you to put it in your mouth and gnaw on it... Brothers and sisters in Christ... if it was just a theory or conjecture or a relic then why did Judas not partake of it... My brothers and sisters in Christ if you or I were at the Passover meal and we're sitting in that room… The table is not this way we're we're all sitting on one side it's in the shape of a U... And across the U is Judas … And as a result of it He dips and He hands Judas a morsel if you and I are Jews you and I know one thing for sure... We know there must be four cups you have to drink all four cups you have to drink the Kiddish... Which is the first one… You have to drink the second one which is the Haggadah... Not the ice cream… Stay With Me... The third cup is the cup of blessing... This is the one where He says this is My body this is My blood... When He dips the morsel that’s the hor d'oeuvres prior to that cup... When He dips it Judas eats and Judas leaves... Then our good Lord says this is My body which will be given up for you... Brothers and sisters in Christ they only drink 3 cups at the Last Supper... He purposely holds the fourth cup to include the crucifixion... This is why He spits out the water on the way to the crucifixion when they try to give Him something to drink... Then they put on a hyssop branch with some wine and He drinks it and He says it is finished... The fourth cup... The cup of consummation... He has to include this in the crucifixion why… Because He needs people to understand it’s His glorified body... It’s going to take courage to promote that... Because people 2000 years later or going to be convinced that guess what it's just conjecture is just theory it's just a relic 35,000 faiths in the world one church has stayed true to that tradition... His church the one He started... 
D. Brothers and sisters in Christ go back in scripture... All of our best players are those that have courage... Look at the apostles the. You think about it for a second... Here is James John's brother he's older little bit more determined… In the year 44 he is beheaded… That's after they tried to stone him that didn't kill him... where was Peter ... Where was his family… Where was John... He's martyred by himself... They almost all were... Brothers and sisters there's nobody to help them… There's no one to plead for them that. There's no one to say hang in there it's only going to be a little while longer... My brothers and sisters in Christ... James the Lesser... The one that came later than John's brother... That’s all that it means... Here's a guy that if you and I went up said pray for me they said he would literally drop in the street and pray on his knees and that his knees were like camel skin because he was always praying for people... here's a guy they actually brought up to the Pinnacle in the Temple... Which is like a tall steeple… the same one that the good Lord was brought to when the devil in the desert brought Him to the temple to show Him the vast area and said I’ll give you all of this… They bring James the Lesser up there tell me he doesn't need courage... When he gets up to the top they asked him to deny Our Savior and when he won’t they push him out it’s a hundred foot drop… you can go to Jerusalem and see it... It's plain as day... and not only does the fall not kill him they beat him to death and that's why I was holding a club... My brothers and sisters in Christ... anybody tied of Christ in any capacity had to have courage… Matthias that took Judas place … Yes he was at the baptism yes he was nearby for the crucifixion... Yes he saw the Ascension into heaven. Hence why he could be chosen... Do you know at the end of the day they stoned him and when that didn't kill him they just decided to behead him... Thomas everybody makes fun of Thomas... Oh he's denied Our Savior... but he is in India being speared to death nobody there to help him nobody there to say hang in there... Nobody of the Apostles no family no friends... You know what's amazing... You don't even have to be brothers and sisters in Christ an Apostle... Barnabas the one that was with Paul... They stone him to death right after he finished preaching at a synagogue... Mark the one that wrote the gospel writers... They drug him through the streets with horses until I died... They hung Luke the physician … Brothers and sisters in Christ... Anybody tied to Christ had to have courage... 
E. Well now here we sit 2,000 years later... how much courage do you have to Proclaim our faith... My brothers and sisters in Christ how much courage do you have when someone in your group says let us pray… whether you're at school or work or in public... Will you make that sign of the cross clearly and distinctly so that everybody knows that you're Catholic… Or will you give them one of these you know just make it real quick so nobody sees it... Like a bunt sign... Or hit-and-run … My brothers and sisters in Christ... when they say will you pray will you drop the Hail Mary on them… will you pull back because you don't want to offend anybody... they don't know the Hail Mary therefore they're going to look at you I'm not praying to Idols... Well... How much do you have… Brothers and sisters in Christ remember what the good Lord told us ... If you don't acknowledge Me in public I won’t acknowledge you before My father... There is no fence before Between Heaven and Hell and if there had been it would be owned by the devil himself... My brothers and sisters in Christ... Will you defend the Church and the Blessed Mother when they say she had many children... You know that's a lie because that means the angel would have had to lie when he said Hail Full of Grace... It's a pass active verb which means from the very beginning she had no sin... It means that that was her title and not her name... Full of Grace... so therefore she couldn't have had relations with Joseph because Joseph has original sin... Which means the children would have had original sin... Which means the angel would have lied and scripture is flawed... My brothers and sisters in Christ… Will you defend her honor… will the defend the Church and her teachings... And stop telling me father you see I went to Catholic School all of my life... and I didn't learn all these things so I don't know what to tell you... I've been here almost nine years... There's no excuses... For not learning our faith... It's your job it's your soul like it's my soul... to learn the faith to understand so we can defend our faith... So that when somebody speaks of Heavens Hospital or Purgatory we don't get all sideways and forget where that is scripture… Well father I can go confess my sins directly to God… go back to Leviticus 5 and 6... Hebrews 5 I’ll choose priests among men for the forgiveness of sins… St. Paul to Corinthians reconciliation has been given to us... St John's gospel... heal them and forgive them of their sins... Brothers and sisters in Christ... it’s not just for me it's for you... It takes courage to be a Catholic in the world today... But that's what it’s gonna takes for you and I… To defend our faith to be proud of it… So when you walk away they’ll say now that was a disciple of Jesus Christ … It is hard my brothers and sisters in Christ.... That's why the gates to heaven are small and the gates to hell are wide... 
F. Brothers and sisters in Christ... A true story... Ben Franklin is sitting at the Constitution the Continental Congress... They're going to declare their independence... And there's a result of such... He can feel the tension he said literally you can cut it with a knife... People don't want to sign the documents because if you sign it it's a death warrant... He says gentleman you must have courage if you I do not hang together we're going to hang separately... Courage... To be a good Catholic...
G. Amen...



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