2017 Homilies (Written)


John 20:1-9; 4-21-2019 (As Built; Amite #350)
A. Small steps… Small steps… 
B. It just take small steps… It’s a 1950s… Maybe early 60s… His name is Jamie… Jamie lives in Smalltown USA… Jamie loves him some movies… All day every day and twice on Sunday… Man his dad is about up to here with movies… He said son enough already… You’ve got chores to do we got things that need to be done I’m at work moms at work you come home you still watching movies… look… stop… small steps… You need to pick a movie… One… And we’re only going to watch on the weekends… Small steps… This Has to happen… he goes to work the next day he comes home… Jamie has picked one movie… But he still watching it… Every day all day twice on Sunday… He said son we had a deal… Small steps… You were supposed to get to one movie and were only gonna watch it on the weekends… He said dad… Small steps… I can only do half of this… I picked my one movie… CODE OF THE SECRET SERVICE… He said I love it… He said son I can’t take it anymore… It’s every day it’s the same movie… Well you would think he grows up kindof gets out of it more or less… He goes to high school pretty uneventful… Goes to college gets his degree… When he finishes he’s decided that at the end of the day he really liked to be an electrician with the energy company… So we leaves and goes to work… out of nowhere the Secret Service starts recruiting… He’s 39/40 years old he’s the oldest rookie in the Secret Service… And if you think that’s bad… Jamie Parr… Parr is his last name… becomes the Secret Service agent… He protects the president… Matter fact President Ronald Reagan would’ve told you he goes nowhere without Jamie… He said man he feels there’s just a sense of consolation that Jamie is in the neighborhood that it will always be better… One night he had a play to go see… At Ford’s Theatre… He sat in the same spot that Lincoln sat in… Reagan said he had so much anxiety that if they could get to Lincoln they’re going to probably be able to get to me… But then all the sudden he said I think about Jamie he’s right there always at my side he’s always ‘got my back’… at the end of the day he said the anxiety goes down he said so much so that the next event I go I decide not to wear my bulletproof vest… He said man I am walking through the crowds going to give a talk at a college in DC… He said out of nowhere Hinckley jumps out man shots are fired people are dropping like flies… Secretary of State hits it… The other secret service… Man out of nowhere Jamie Parr comes running pushes Hinckley jumps out gets on top of the president… He said it’s mayhem… He is literally grabbed President Reagan he’s dragging him to the limousine… There still commotion going on there’s still the secret service agent that’s not gonna make it… The Secretary of State will be paralyzed… He finally gets him in the limousine he throws him in the bottom of the car and he gets on top of him… Reagan begins to yell at Jamie saying get off me… He said no you’re hurt you been shot I got to get you… He reaches over he grabs the radio and he yells… And by the way his nickname or his codename was RAWHIDE… RAWHIDES been hit were going to the hospital… They come back saying no no bring him to the CROWN… The CROWN would’ve been the White House… He said it’s not happening we’re going to DC General you get everybody their… That’s not the hospital he should go to… he doesn’t have time… We have to get him… I’m telling you when they get to the hospital the doctors the gurney the nurses… I mean it’s an entourage of people coming out… He said it’s just believable… He said he picks up Reagan he finally get some on the gurney… He said doctors are coming and people are trying to get a shirt off he’s trying to get on the gurney… Reagan says he turns and looks at him and says Jamie… He said yes Mr. President… He said is the doctor a Republican… He said I don’t know… OK… Here comes Nancy Reagan yelling honey what happened… And he said Jamie just said Reagan said honey I forgot to duct… So man they wheel him in and the operation is nip and tuck… And finally he comes out and you can imagine the feeding frenzy with the press… He gets in the hospital room the press are coming from all over… Mr. President… Man you owe your life to Jamie Parr… He said without question… I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Jamie… He said man he was just unbelievable I’ve always counted on Jamie he’s always there… And he said man you owe him a lot… And he said yeah I owe him my life… He said well do you know that he always thought that he wanted to be a Secret Service Agent… He said yeah I know that… He said but did you know Mr. President that he would watch this one movie when he was younger every day all day called CODE OF THE SECRET SERVICE… He said yes… I know that too… And they said will how do you know that… He said that is absolutely the worst movie ever… He said the acting is atrocious… And he said will how do you know it… And he said because I was a secret service agent in that movie… Small steps my brothers and sisters in Christ… 
C. That’s the gospel… My brother and sisters in Christ man can you imagine Easter Sunday morning… Mary Magdeline gets up and runs to the tune… Imagine the small steps she has to take nobody else is going… Would Peter and John had gone… Maybe eventually but think about what she’s got to do… When everybody else would rather be asleep she’d rather be near our Dead Savior… She’s taking small steps to go to a tomb to… Let’s remember this guarded by the same soldiers that took full advantage of her… Not to mention that if you ever get past that there’s a big boulder that’s been sealed with wax and Pilate would’ve had to put his ring imprint on it so that no one could’ve opened it… But yet she still goes… you know because she takes those small steps she’s the first to see the risen Christ… You know what’s amazing according to one of the saints and the traditions… Peter actually approached the good Lord now remember the good Lord stays with us for about 40 to 50 days there after so as a result of it before He ascends into heaven… Peter converses with Him… Lord… Am I not Proto’s You gave me the keys am I not Your vicar I mean You changed my name I mean I’m the leader of the apostles I’m always first Judas was always last… Why did You show Yourself to her first… And according to the saint he said He stretched out His arms and He says Peter when I was on the Cross I looked for you… Where were you… My brothers and sisters in Christ to this day we don’t even know Mary’s last name… Yeah we know she’s from Magdeline that’s true… that would’ve been her sister Martha and that probably would’ve been the brother Lazarus that’s true maybe so… But at the end of the day her name is in the book of life because of those small steps because when she thought all was lost… 
D. My brother and sisters in Christ go back to scripture… Think of all the great players in scripture… My brother and sisters in Christ go back to the time at the Crucifixion… Imagine your Simon of Cyrene… You know what’s amazing in three hours talk about small steps in three hours he goes from just your typical dirt farmer to be the one that carries the Cross of Christ… He take small steps from the field to bring his children and because there’s a commotion in town… All the sudden the next thing you know he’s standing to close and he’s conscripted into the army which would’ve happened if you were a Jew… You could be conscripted almost up to a week… As a result of it he carries the Cross he walks 1 mile with our Savior… Small steps… He goes from being you’re a typical guy to his name being in the book of life… You know what’s amazing we don’t know his last name… We just know he’s from Cyrene from northern Africa… But yet his name is in the book of life because of small steps… Three hours those steps that he took changed his whole life… My brother and sisters in Christ… What if your Longinus you know the one that stabbed our Savior… He’s the lead centurion for Pilate… And just so you understand who he is he’s the centurion… He’s a centurions centurion… Or Pilate is in the armpit of the world… The only reason that he can control the rabble is his soldiers because he’s got the best guy in the game… Can you imagine what it must’ve been like in three days Longinus begins as the lead centurion to making a proclamation truly this man was the Son of God… Do you know he leaves the army a couple months later becomes a Christian actually becomes a priest and is martyred for his faith… Can you imagine what it must’ve been for him when he gets a memo three days… He goes from just your centurion to a religious… Brothers and sisters in Christ… Think about it… One day one which would’ve been like on maybe Wednesday Thursday… He gets the memo we got three murders OK you gotta make sure they get beat make sure you get the scourge Him oh and make sure on the last one you put a crown of thorns on them… Got it… Next day I want to make sure you leave them in their cells maybe you got to get this one to Herod that but on the third day I want you to make sure that he carries his cross all the way through town and I want you to make sure that he’s butchered and he’s got on the spot… That’s his memo… And then on that day he realizes it’s small steps that that man truly was the son of God… Can you imagine brother and sisters in Christ… You know what’s amazing that that that probably wasn’t even his name… One guy just mean-spirited… That’s just how we’ve come to know him… Veronica… We really don’t even know her name… Her name means true icon… Here she is watching the crucifixion she takes 610 eight steps she goes from nowhere all of a sudden to getting in front of Christ… which we still see on Easter Sunday today if you were to watch St. Peter’s it would probably be on the altar… My brothers and sisters in Christ… We don’t even really know who she is but her name is now in the book of life… As it is with one guidance as it is with Sarah Simon of Sirene… And Mary Magdalene… Well now you hear you and I sit 2000 years later… Brothers and sisters in Christ… When you and I take a small steps that are necessary to do the right thing the right way… Brothers and sisters in Christ don’t you understand… Remember this don’t you forget it… You and I are never neutral… To her Savior… Every email text message Facebook conversation the way we drive will wait the way we interact the way respond… You’re either walking towards him… Are you walking away from him… There is no neutral ground… They’re remember what the good Lord told you and I… If you are neutral to me… If you do not honor me if you were lukewarm I will speak you out of my mouth… If there was a fence between heaven and hell it would be owned by the devil… Therefore how would people know that Jesus cries exist if he doesn’t see it in you and I… So therefore at work will you take that extra step to do what is necessary… And that interested in your decimal point or your pay increase… Every time someone are you about money in scripture we seem to never forget 30 pieces of silver… 
E. My brothers and sisters in Christ… Will you take that extra step to do what is necessary so that people know that is a disciple of Jesus Christ … When you start having family issues… When they can’t find any other cell number as many families as we got… We got relatives without in-laws we got outlaws we got everybody… But the only phone that rings is yours… Well… Simon… Well Mary… Well Veronica… Or Long Island us… Will you take the phone… Because that small stuff you’re too busy keeping score that they did this to me that they need this back… Well they didn’t do this so why should I do this… Oh there’s somebody keeping score… And it’s not you and I… My brothers and sisters in Christ… Will you take that extra step to help your family… Will you take that extra step to help you spell set the dot children will you take that extra about extra step to help your parents… And parents your children… Will you do the extra step that when someone gets involved with Facebook and does something… That you just simply walk away… When someone begins to gossip or slander… You say man let’s just pray for them… Will you go the extra step to talk to that one person that one person that by the mirror mention of their name causes you to spit… I mean think about it… It’s a beautiful day… You’re on the beach the sun is setting it’s a beautiful breeze you got them brother out… Man you’re sitting in your chair not a person on the beach… You got you a big O glass of holy water… And then somebody comes up and mentions that one name and you’d like to take that one person that on Bralla and wrap it around their neck and throw into the golf and say man good luck with that… My brother and sisters in Christ will you take that extra step knowing full well that nothing may come of it but it’s not on your watch… Will you take that extra step to do what is necessary to make that phone call to go see that Anna uncle up a grandparent or parent they haven’t seen in a long time… We take that extra step to reach out to your disenfranchise… Brother and sisters don’t in Christ that you see that you get it any and everything that you and I do is being monitored…… You and I will stand before him and he will judge us both good and evil… What we can with our bodies… My brother and sisters in Christ… Take that extra step… 
F. And I leave you with this… Even the snails even the snails made the ark…
G. Amen…



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