2017 Homilies (Written)


John 10:27-30; 5-12-2019 (As Built; Amite #353)
A. Hands... as in your hands... 
B. It's the 1970s... y'all keep telling me you got to get her earlier Father while I'm in the 1970s... His name Gardenzio… Gardenzio... He lives in New York City it is the Big Apple... Loves New York... His mom well let’s put it this way… his dad is a barber his mom is a hairstylist but she also has her own gym called Barbella's she’s also a producer of wrestling on television… As a result of it... He said his life with his family was a little different... But he’ll tell you Gardenzio will tell you from the very get-go his life was tumultuous the interviewer said Gaudenzio since day one... Really how is that possible that… He said I'm telling you at birth my mom had a hard time with my mom giving birth to me so they use forceps... Regrettably it catches me in the cheek and makes a tear I'm partially paralyzed and now I speak with the lisp... He said man high school is tumultuous… He said man I can't speak I'm not that athletic next thing you know I get in one fight kicked out go to the next school… I'm at that school high school I get kicked out of that one and go to the next one  I get kicked out of that one and I got to jump counties to jump into another county go to that county school he said he goes through literally almost 12 schools dad says Gardenzio military school… He gets there he graduates she comes back he says dad I got it… I know what I want to do... I'm moving to Switzerland to be an actor... He said son have you lost your mind... You're in New York City your in the Big Apple... Secondly nobody's an actor in our family... He said I'm going to Switzerland... He gets to Switzerland he gets in a movie called DOWNHILL RACING... it was all down hill brothers and sisters in Christ... It was a shipwreck of a movie … He decides that he's not going to make it so he leaves and he goes to the University of Miami because he wants to get back into school... He said he'll tell you it was the best two semesters of his life... They ask him man why didn't you hang around... He said well I planned on it but then they asked me to leave and so I might as well go... so I'll go back home and I need work... He said I became a zookeeper… He said man I thought didn’t you have to have a degree to be a zookeeper he said well okay I'm not a zookeeper I just watch over the lion's den... He said well how do you do that... He said I watch for him to leave and then I go scoop up everything behind him... Wow I see... He said what where do you live and he looked at his address and it's the bus station... As a result of it… Man he can't make ends meet he is struggling... He meets of all people Woody Allen... who decides to give him a helping hand... As a result he puts him in the movie called BANANAs... He does pretty well with it as truth be told... As a result of it Henry Winkler ‘The Fonz’ sees it and he says man I'm going to put you in the movie TWO LORDS OF FLATBUSH and all the sudden the next thing you know his world starts to expand… Then next thing you know De Niro because of a call from Woody Allen and Henry Winkler says man I'm going to help him but I'm going to tell you what Gradenzio… I'm going to help you but you know what you owe it to somebody behind you to offer a helping hand... He says fair enough... He gets him in a movie COPLAND okay this isn't going to last well… anyways he goes and gets into COPLAND and then all of a sudden the world starts revolving... He’s in movies TANGO & CASH... He's in the movie that has to do with like a heist... He’s in another movie that deals with escaping jails that are escape proof if you will... He's in another movie brothers and sisters in Christ where he's this Vietnam war vet that just can't seem to stay out of trouble when he gets back into the states... Okay work with me listen to this that’s a huge clue y'all just missed… He gets to a point where the said look let's just let him come up with his own movie... the movie he wants to produce a movie about Graziano and he does the movie Graziano but he says I want to do it they said no I tell you what we’ll give you $350,000 so you don't act in it... They said were going to get Burt Reynolds he said no it's my movie… I'm going to do the movie about Rocky Graziano come on now... That is a great clue brothers and sisters in Christ you know him as Sylvester Stallone... But it's all because somebody helped him along the way... You know what's amazing... Matt Damon doesn't get into the game until Stallone offers him a helping hand… and that's the whole point of the Gospel... 
C. My brothers and sisters in Christ I want you to understand did you listen how many times the good Lord says hand… All of a sudden there saying how do You know Lord?... And He says because they're in My hands… and better yet if they're not in Mine they're in My Father's... and then if they're in His hand they have life eternal… Now you are a first-century Jew... We are walking along side Christ... during this conversation let me make sure you understand where He's at... Outside the Temple… The Temple would be just to give you an idea of how massive the Temple is it would include that block in front of us this block were on... and the temple would reach all the way to Walgreens... and around the side of it all the way around these blocks are a colonnade... We should be like an opening right here in our church the columns would be about 50 foot tall and about 20 foot wide... they call it Solomon's Colonnade because that's where all the debates would take place... Christ is walking amongst that colonade and the Pharisees and Sadducees are with Him… Now make sure you understand this... He is going to the temple to dedicate what they call the Feast of Dedication... It lasted about eight days during the winter ... Every Jew goes to this... That’s why it's so important for you and I as Catholics… My brothers and sisters in Christ...  Christ is going to a dedication of the Temple because of what happened 200 years before His coming… Judas Maccabaeus decides to overthrow the Temple because they were worshipping in the temple where Christ is at they were worshipping Zeus... That's right the comic strip guy the one that has like a mother and a dad had a sister and his dad's name was Cronus… He kills his dad so that he can become the head of Olympus where there are 12 gods just so happens to be 12 apostles... My brothers and sisters in Christ and Zeus can do anything... he controls the weather he's god... Maccabees overthrows him… and as a result they get to move back into the Temple where Christ is going to worship... Here's the irony in the Catholic Bible that book is should and always has been included why because He's going to the Feast of that Dedication that he wrote in the book of Maccabees... So now ask yourself why would it be removed... It shouldn’t have been... And for about 1600 years it was always in it… In Martin Luther's first bible that book is in that bible... My brothers and sisters in Christ He's walking with them because you know what the problem is... He's starting to correlate that He is God... if I have you in My hand and My Father and His in His you have life eternal... They’re arguing that He is God… as a result of it they're getting mad… What they don't tell you is a few feet later there picking stones up along the way of Solomon's Colonnade to stone him... This is why the good Lord is just walking away from them saying I need to go to the Dedication of the Temple... My brothers and sisters in Christ the good Lord is telling you that if you're in My hands and I am in yours then you have life eternal… 
D. Look listen to me… Go back in Scripture… Go back and look at all of our great players... If I just showed you a picture of their hands I don't tell you their name and I don't show you a picture of them I show you their hands… You know where they stand in the world... Nothing's changed 2,000 years later... If I show you hands next to a bowel and towel… you’d say that's Pilate... If I walk on this side and I'll show you the hands of a guy holding a spear tip… You would say that must be Longinus... The one that speared Christ... Who left the Army and within two years is martyred for being a Christian follower my brothers and sisters in Christ if I show you a set of hands with 30 pieces of silver you’d say I know who that is that's Judas... Would you also know that if you look at a picture of Judas in the Last Supper you know the one where there all sitting on one side of the table like it's a big photo op... They're all sitting there look at what he knocked over with his hands table salt... Remember the good Lord saying are you worth your salt... Next time you look at that picture and look at it and see... My brothers and sisters in Christ... His hands would be next to the salt holding the money and knocking it over... My brothers and sisters in Christ you would know once again it is Judas... My brothers and sisters in Christ if I show you a picture of a lady holding a veil with the image of Christ on it you’s say that’s Veronica and her name means true icon... My brothers and sisters in Christ if I show you the movie THE PASSION when the good Lord has His hands out and you see a soldiers hand come and hold the spike man when I tell you at the end of the day would you know that that was Mel Gibson's hand... and he would say in an interview the reason I did it is because we all put Him there myself included… We nailed His hands to that crossed… If I showed you hands and feet that have nails driven through them would you know brothers and sisters in Christ that those are the hands and feet of our Savior... If I show you them inverted and that the head is towards the ground and the feet are up in the air you would say that’s Peter… My brothers and sisters in Christ nothing has changed in 2,000 years... The fact of the matter is my brothers and sisters in Christ you and I are exactly the same way... If I took a picture of your hands and I showed them to your family... Would they know who it is... In other words my brothers and sisters in Christ are your hands always in prayer are your hands doing other... Are they more often not together are they apart... Do they have a Rosary in it…  do they have a card in it… Well my brothers and sisters in Christ… Let's see... If I asked you to take a picture of your hand and show it would it be holding a cell phone… Oh yeah that’s my daughters and my son's hands or that's my hands… What if I show them where they're hitting the text button would they know that your hands... Because that's all that we do... show it with the cell phone always in our ear... will they say I know whose hands those are... Would it be holding a computer mouse because that’s what we do all day or hands on our laptop... Do they have your hands next to a rosary... My brothers and sisters in Christ... Do you know that Mother Teresa used to pray this way she said I would cross my thumbs because that would remind me of the Crucifixion I will put my hands up that He would know I'm directing my prayers to Him... You know almost every time you see the hands of Mother Teresa there's always a Rosary in it or there always a metal... Or her hands are always together... 
E. So my question for you and I and my brothers and sisters in Christ this is truly telling… What would be the picture of your hands... Would it be in anger that you would have your fist balled up and woe to you that raises your fist to somebody else… Would be just a finger you sent to someone else... Would it be pointing to someone else as if the problem is never yours it's always somebody else's... My brothers and sisters in Christ would it have a beer in it whiskey a joint a syringe... My brothers and sisters in Christ how much part of the day is your hands put together how many times do you hear me say before you try to put your hands around a problem put your hands together… There is no such thing as a self-made man or woman… All things come through God… We had no say-so in whether we were male female black white born in this country or another... But we have the unmitigated gall to determine who can stay and who can go... My brothers and sisters in Christ I'm asking you... Will you put your hands together more will you make sure that you wear something blessed on your wrist and wear it not for jewelry but because it's a blessed object… Will you make sure that maybe that your rings are blessed is there something religious condonation... My brothers and sisters in Christ will you put your hands together in the morning before the day gets started before the world gets loud... Will you make sure that you pray in the morning that you have peace in your life... When you get in the car are your hands always on the radio so that you can dictate which station... How about if we just take it off and just pray might be the only time that we have all day... My brothers and sisters in Christ how your hands go is how you and I will go... 
F. And I leave you with this an anonymous writer wrote a great thought... He said if you ever want to thank God… If you ever want to thank God for your sight then give a helping hand to someone in darkness... What is the shape of your hands.... 
G. Amen...



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