2017 Homilies (Written)


John 21:1-19; 5-5-2019 (As Built; Amite #352)
A. Silence… Silence…
B. It’s the 1970’s… It's the 1980s... okay it's 1979… y'all told me if I come up earlier y'all gonna guess who this is... I'm just trying to get you there... My brothers sisters in Christ… His name is Kim... He lives in California he’s living the life… his mom and dad they're struggling a little bit they get a divorce... so he follows his dad. And his dad is a dance instructor... Kim is going to High School it's uneventful... It's problem it's problematic... and so as a result he tells his dad I think I'm going to get out of school... Man his dad loses it… man what are you you’re a sophomore going to be a junior what and pray tell caused you to leave… Well I say this movie REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE that then I went and saw another one EAST OF EDEN... I want to be an actor… He said son nobody in our family is this way... Just finish High School… Look just run silent run deep finish your school then you can be whatever you want… Kim doesn’t listen he opts out decides to go public… He gets in a bit part in the movie FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH... okay I was really hoping a whole lot better response than that... Here he is going into a movie about school dysfunctional but I digress… as a result of it man he thinks kim thinks the worlds his oyster… so all the sudden man he gets in about seven or eight movies in a row... and when I tell you they are terrible man you just want to say man it would have been better if you just didn't do any of them… He meets a good friend of his Johnny Depp over a game of Monopoly... and he tells Johnny tells Kim look man if you would have done half of those bad movies your name would be better... He said man you could be the next Pacino he said man I can't even spell Pacino… he said well if you just hadn't had done it... He does VALLEY GIRL... THE WEATHERMAN and now you see the problem... GOD OF WAR... he did LEFT BEHIND it doesn’t matter the other ones are just so bad it doesn’t matter.. As a result of it he sits down Johnny Depp tells him just don't do anything… three months later he marries Elvis Presley’s daughter... He marries in August he's divorced in November it's just a disaster... man Johnny Depp says man what is it with you and being silent he said and another thing you have to change the name nobody's going to hire a lead man named Kim... you got to stop... So he goes and he says what do you suggest… And he says go get a comic book and just take somebody and he does that… He goes and gets a comic book and it’s like a hero for hire and the guys name is Cage... man we're going to die a very miserable death today that’s how it's going to be… Well the point of the matter is my Brother and Sisters in Christ he decides to move out of Los Angeles decides to lead a simpler life... Because he's got a new name now the next thing you know brothers and sisters in Christ he does a show called THE FAMILY MAN then turns into a movie then all of a sudden the doors start to open up next thing you know brothers and sisters in Christ he starts doing the movies about Alcatraz getting somebody off THE ROCK... next thing you know he's with a bunch of convicts in an airplane in a movie called CON AIR... he's in another one called FACE OFF with John Travolta... Brothers and sisters in Christ please tell me you know who Nicolas Cage is because I'm already out there so that.
C. Okay because he remained silent that's the whole point of the Gospel… Imagine… what if Peter at the Last Supper makes no proclamation... He never makes the statement Lord I will die before I deny You.... I can’t speak for the rest of the 11 but I will die before I deny you... What if he just never makes the statement that he just stay silent will he still have to explain this to the good Lord in front of a charcoal fire… What if when he’s in front of that charcoal fire and that lady says man aren't you a follower of Christ… What if he just doesn’t respond… what if he just doesn't respond at the second time... Or the 3rd... What if he just ignores it... Will he now have to do it all over again... My brothers and sisters in Christ... Think about what's happening… You and I live in the time of Christ... We’re in the boat... Remembered now Christ has shown up now three times to a Jew that's always significant... three times is the most complete number in the world... It's the most perfect number in the world... As a result of it… Two times in Jerusalem... This time on the Sea of Galilee this is where it all started… My brothers and sisters in Christ... Isn't it amazing remember now... There is only 5 disciples apostles are in that boat that. I don't know where the other ones are... They must be the only true fisherman… Because they go back to what they're used to doing… because their life's been turned upside down… So they go back to their old haunts... Isn't it amazing my brothers and sisters in Christ the only one that recognizes Him is John… The one that's young enough that sin doesn't get between him and the good Lord... So much so that he's able to understand already who Christ is... Isn't it amazing that He yells out throw to the right side of the boat... Because that's where He's standing... If you throw towards Me I will help you in off aspects of life... You walk away from Me you get mad at Me you throw to the other side I can't help you... YOU HAVE FREE WILL… My brothers and sisters in Christ… You don’t think it’s ironic that when he pulls the net ashore there's 153 large fish... My brothers and sisters in Christ… according to those at the time of the Jews... You and I only knew of 153 varieties of fish... He's telling Peter you're going to be the fisher of all men… you caught every variation in one net... He's telling Peter it is divine... And now as a result of such you're going to be the Fisher of all men... My brothers and sisters in Christ... Isn't it amazing that the only one speaking there is Peter... My brothers and sisters in Christ he’s got to go next to a charcoal fire... You know they only used the name charcoal to describe the fire twice in Scripture once when he denied our Savior and then the second here… You know the denial his first denial was I don't follow Christ... The next denial gets bigger... not only do I not know Christ I'm not even one of the 12... third one is even bigger... I not only not know Him I don't know the 12 and I'm not even part of that nationality... Each denial gets bigger... My brothers and sisters in Christ but you know what's amazing... He's only speaking to Peter... So He's asking Peter do you love Me more than these... In other words…because you told Me before I can't speak for everybody else but I will never deny you… I will go to death before I do so... You were saying then that you were going do it more so than these… Are you now telling me you're going to change your mind... That's why the good Lord asked him... it had to be humbling for Peter… You know what's amazing... After He says do you love Me –Agape- do you love like Me Peter do you love sacrificially... And Peter keeps saying no Lord I just love you because well I just love you... That’s why He keeps asking him again and yet again… Do you look like Me Peter because some day they're going to crucify you... Albeit upside down you better learn to love like Me sacrificial you know what's amazing... He tells him to tend to My lambs... That's the other Apostles... They're the other lambs... He didn't tell anybody else to do it... He said I want you to attend to My sheep a second time.... that’s you and I... he says I want you to feed the sheep... My brothers and sisters in Christ… Go back remember when there was 4,000 people that's 4,000 men... they only record the names of men... That means there's 8,000 men and women... more over with children it's probably closer to 12,000 people... 5 loaves of bread and two fish the good Lord feeds the 12 and says go feed them... He's now telling Peter you're going to do the exact same thing ... You're going to feed the 12 now the 11 because he's going to be the vicar and they're going to feed people that… He’s now telling Peter you're going to be in My shoes... Careful what you say Peter... Because whatever you bind is bound and whatever you leave unbound is unbound… my brothers and sisters in Christ… This conversation with Him and Peter probably hurt more than you can imagine... But here he sits 33 years later... Can you imagine what it must have been like to meet Peter 33 years later after everything that he's been through…
D. My brothers and sisters in Christ... Go back in scripture... All of our best players or the ones that are prudent... In other words they think before they speak… Because they’ve already had to pay the price… and they don't want to have to keep paying it each and every time.... Think about it brothers and sisters in Christ… I tell you what... There are two types of people in Scripture... Those that go public... And those that know what it means to be silent... Those that goes public 2000 years later... I can give you a description and you can nail that person just like that... He pulls out a bowl and towel and within about 30 seconds wipe's his hands of the whole event... You and I know that that's Pilate... 2000 years later we already know the event... Because what if he would have just doesn’t respond... What if Thomas when the good Lord… What if the apostles come to him and says man you're not going to believe this Thomas because the good Lord came through locked doors... He showed us His hands and His feet He breathed on us Thomas I'm telling you He was in the room and Thomas says... hmm… what do you say to that… But he says until I stick my fingers in His hands and my hand in His side I will not believe... And please remember this for him to it stick his hand in our Lord’s side that wound must have been pretty significantly large... My brothers and sisters in Christ… what if Thomas would have remained silent... My brothers and sisters in Christ… what if King Herod this is the one that killed John the Baptist... He gets so enthralled because of his brother's wife that he married that her daughter does such a great dance the he makes a proclamation in front of too many people he goes public... And says man I'll give you half my kingdom tell me what you want... And when she says I want the head of John the Baptist now he’s stuck because he went public… what if he just claps or what if he just doesn’t say anything... Is John the Baptist in that spot... My brothers and sisters in Christ... If there's one person that knows what it means to be silent it’s St. Joseph… You think about his life brothers and sisters in Christ… Do you know that he is 33 roughly when he is betrothed to Mary who is about 14... Can you imagine what it must be like for him… To be the protector of the new Tabernacle and provider... According to the saints his whole job was doing carpentry work and you know how he would do it according to the saints he would go to your house and ask you would want done... You would say I need a chair… I need a table I need this I need... He would never negotiate terms or money... Then he would bring it to you and then you would pay him what it's worth... Sometimes people wouldn't pay it all... some people would just discount it to a point it wasn't even worth it… yet he never complained... My brothers and sisters in Christ her last words in scripture are do whatever He tells you... Silence must be the way…
E. My brothers sisters here you and I sent 2,000 years later... how many times has that thought entered our head and that jaw opens up and our words are out before we can say anything... Man if we had just walked away... Look I'm not saying were not passionate we don't have appetites... We don't have that vigor sometimes that gets the best of us... And then all the sudden man next thing you know we have gotten so mad and so upset man we are sending out emails text messages we're on the phone and we're spreading that venom to anybody and everybody... Then all the sudden we realized that it was a mistake and now we need to go back and fix it and there's just no way to do it… How many times do we go to work and you bring your family issues to work and you spread that venom about our wife and your husband and your children at work... and children you complain at school about your parents... and then all the sudden they make amends do you ever go back and tell everything is correct... Probably not... The damage has been done... My brothers and sisters in Christ never bring the laundry out in public... When you come home do you spread that venom of the work and the day and disrupt the whole family... My brothers and sisters in Christ if you need to drive around longer than that's what you need to do before you come home... But you and I need to be learn to be prudent... When somebody sends us an ugly email nobody said to respond back to it… Just because somebody throws garbage at your feet nobody told you to pick it up... Man brothers and sisters in Christ … You think you're going to overcome venom with venom... Brothers and sisters in Christ that’s the devil himself... Next time somebody gets in an argument… you know you got to have two people brothers and sisters in Christ… Well father you don't understand I mean I got to win the argument nobody wins an argument... There's only one person keeping score and it's not you or I... And you and I are going to have to pay for that sin again and again and again... Just here on earth and not to mention we're going to have to pay for it again if we are blessed to even go through Purgatory... My brothers and sisters in Christ... When they send that email walk away from it… When you get that message or somebody cuts you off in traffic or somebody's ugly or condescending… Can I tell you... I'm telling you walk away... I promise you your life would be more peaceful...
F. And I'll leave you with this... BE VERY SILENT… BE VERY SILENT IT SPEAKS VOLUMES...
G. Amen...




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