2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 13:1-9; 3-24-2019 (As Built; Amite #346)

A. No excuses… No excuses…
B. It’s a 1950s… His name is Anthony… Anthony is a New York boy true and true… Greenwich Village… Man he is born and bred he still lives there this day… As a matter of fact he’ll tell you he loves New York… His parents kindof struggle… His dad was a poet his mom a painter… Man it was just tumultuous… So much so he said that by the time he was four his mom he taken him just to another part to New York… And he’ll tell you… That his grammar school it’s a hit or miss… He would even tell you Anthony would say… High School well I just missed it… He just didn’t go… I mean it was terrible… To this day they’re not even real sure he graduated… As a result of such… When his mom was talking to him later in life she asked him why is it that you turned out so good… What did it for you… He said there were two things that happened… One… You took me to see a play called the WIZARD OF OZ… And Anthony plays the Cowardly Lion… When you figure out who is the antithesis of the way he lives life… he said then I joined an Italian gang in Little Italy… I learned what I shouldn’t do… In the gang they called Anthony Bobby Milk… Bobby Milk… Because well he was very light skin and the fact that he had a birthmark that just accentuated it… He said man I got in trouble and this that and the other… He said man I learned I shouldn’t do that… And he said and she asked him so did it help me help paying for your acting… He said man you just don’t know… You see she saved all this money well for Anthony to go to college but well you got to go to high school first… So as a result she said I’ll go give you money to go to acting classes but that’s all I got… He gets in… he comes out and is in three plays in New York right off the bat… He’s in THREE BEDROOMS IN MANHATTAN… When that one’s over he jumps into another one called BLOODY MAMA… And after that one he gets in another one called THE EXECUTIONER… Each one worse than the one before… A matter of fact brothers and sisters in Christ… I got to tell you… to beat THREE BEDROOMS IN MANHATTAN boy you really had to go downhill and as a result each one tanked… He goes back to his mom and he’s got excuses… I mean he’s rolling them off like there’s no tomorrow… His mom loses it on him… ENOUGH… ANTHONY… WITH THE EXCUSES… Man we can’t get through school because it’s too hard it’s my teachers fault… Then it’s the gangs fault… Now all of a sudden it’s the play didn’t do right it’s the director the producers… She said enough no more… You don’t wanna make it that’s on you Anthony… I did all I can do… You want to makes excuses then you crank them out but I don’t wanna hear it… Man all the sudden man his world get real straight real quick… Out of nowhere he gets a call from a talent agency saying man send 25 photographs… He doesn’t send 25… he’s in now… he sends 50 photographs but each in a different costume showing people he can do this… I got a tell you man when I say the world opened up for Anthony like there’s no tomorrow… Today he’s probably one of the most dominant actors in the game today… As a matter fact brothers and sisters in Christ… He is so popular that as a matter fact of the top 50 lines in movie history he’s got like 20 of them… Man let me tell you he would do whatever it takes… They wanted him to be a heavyweight champion in the movie RAGING BULL he put on 50 pounds just like that… They want him to be a taxicab driver he drives in New York for almost 2 months to learn the part… They wanted him to be in a musical in New York City called NEW YORK NEW YORK… He learned how to play the saxophone… Matter fact brothers and sisters in Christ in the movie TAXI he actually comes up with one of the lines… ARE YOU TALKING TO ME… As a matter fact brothers and sisters in Christ he’s in the movie THE UNTOUCHABLES he plays Al Capone… As a matter of fact… He tells everyone that as Al Capone I GREW UP IN A TOUGH CITY A TOUGH NEIGHBORHOOD… A KIND WORD… IT WOULD GO A LONG WAY… A GUN YOU GO EVEN FURTHER… man brothers and sisters in Christ next thing you know he’s in ANALYZE THIS with Billy Crystal… He’s playing a mob boss Billy Crystal’s just playing a psychiatrist and just showing him his car and he said man what do you think of this car… He said I don’t know I don’t know about the car but the truck you could house three people in it… Man brothers and sisters in Christ… He was always Al Capone… He was always the bad guy… He was in the movie HEAT he was in the movie MEET THE PARENTS… He was in the movie MEET THE FOCKERS… MEET THE FOCKERS brothers and sisters in Christ make sure you’re with me… Man you know I’m as Robert De Niro… all because his mom reminded him that there are no excuses…
C. That is the whole point of the gospel… The good Lord is saying brothers and sisters in Christ if you do not repent there’s nothing I can do for you… If you do not repent as a Galiatian there’s nothing I can do for you… if you don’t repent and do what I’ve asked you to do there’s nothing I can do for you… There is no excuses… There will be none… Your time is now… Brothers and sisters in Christ stop… Think… You’re a 1st century Jew… Go back to the time frame… Do you know this is the only place in all of scripture that they talk about two incidences that nobody else speaks of… They talk about a tower falling in Salom… Remember this is the pool where the good Lord spits on the ground and… 18 people were killed when the tower fell… He’s also telling them and their asking Him… So the people that got killed is it their fault or was it hereditary… In other words it was their parents fault… He’s saying no it has nothing to do with that… It has to do with that is how things are in the world but moreover we’re all responsible for our own acts… You know what He’s talking about and Galatians… Brothers and sisters in Christ let me tell you how important this is… As a Jew you and I would go to the temple… And we will take our unblemished lamb… We would hand it over the rail… They will take it and secur it in the form of a crucifix… 300,000… 300,000… blood would flow like a river… As a matter fact the priest would take the blood in a cup… walk to the corner of the temple there will be a pipe that would take it underneath the temple and go out thru it’s side… This is why Christ was stabbed and bleeds from His side… It would flow like a river… Brothers and sisters in Christ…
D. Pilate it was so diabolical he sent soldiers to go grab the blood that they used for the sacrifice which they use which they give to the good Lord… And he had them kill everybody in it’s path and mix the blood… So all the people that died in the incident they want to know is it because of their parents was it hereditary… And He’s saying stop with the hereditary… It is not a gene… Everybody is responsible for their actions… There is no excuses… John the Baptist… What does he say… He said there’s already an ax at the root of the tree… The tree they’re talking about is a fig tree… The fig tree to a Jew is everything… They believe that’s the tree in the middle of the Garden… They believe the fig tree is the temple… That’s why he saying there’s already an ax at it… Remember brothers and sisters go back in scripture… Go all the way back to the very beginning… Excuses are inapt in us… Adam and Eve… Brothers sisters in Christ think for a minute… Here they are… they eat of the tree… And what happens the good Lord walking through the Garden… Man where are you… Why are you hiding… What do you mean you’re naked… You’ve eaten of the tree… What’s the first word out of Adam‘s mouth… Oh no… Hang on a second… it ain’t me… The woman You gave me… the first passing of the buck… we go to the woman… Is it true that you eaten of the tree… Oh hang on a second here… It’s evil one… Man brothers and sisters in Christ let me tell you… It gets passed on to Cain and Abel… When Cain killed Abel… What is the good Lord say… Where’s Abel… Cain where’s he at… What am I his keeper… I’m not his keeper… I mean one excuse after the next… Herod kills everybody in his path because he’s the only king of the Jews… I don’t need a child being the king of the Jews… That was his excuse… Man brothers and sisters in Christ do you know that Herod actually killed all his counsel days before he died just so that people would weep at his funeral… Man that was his excuse for killing people… Brothers and sisters in Christ… Don’t you see…
E. Here we sit 2000 years later we’re still consumed with making excuses… We’ve got more excuses then we got reasons… Man how many times you and I say I’m just saying… I’m just saying… brothers sisters in Christ how many times when work isn’t going our way… it’s our bosses fault… it’s our coworkers fault… It’s the contractors fault… It’s this person’s fault… brothers and sisters in Christ… man we try to get work on time we try to get it to a meeting on time we try to show up to a family event… We never get there on time… And every time everybody ask well it wasn’t me it was the traffic… It’s the train it’s the people I mean we forget we slept in late… When it comes time to pray… Man I’m just too tired and I’ve been working all day… We don’t even go… How many of us went to the Ways of the Cross this week… It’s 30 minutes… He carried a cross 12 foot tall 8 foot wide 1 mile we beat Him unmercilessly and we put a crown of thorns if we never even touched Him the crown of thorns alone would’ve quit killed Him on the journey… And we can’t even go to the Ways of the Cross… What’s our excuse… Oh, we’re not fasting because we have headaches… Oh I’d hate for you to have a headache… My brothers and sisters in Christ… How many times did we make an excuse that we didn’t get up early enough to pray because were just too busy and we got to get to work things to do people to see… Oh there’s going to be things to do and people to see… And prayers look at what we’ve done… How many times have we blamed a teacher on our poor grade… I’ll tell you what… I used to tell my dad all the time man this college life it’s just… It’s just too hard… He said well son you’ve been there 10 years you think you can get out now… Of course my excuse is they invented beer… So where can I sit… My brothers and sisters in Christ how many times have we told somebody man we are going to fix this in the house I’ll get this done this weekend it’s been a year and we got an anniversary date and we still haven’t fixed the thing in the house we promised… Man I got a tell ya I so love saying that one because I see all the women turn their heads to their husband and I can go home and I don’t have this problem… So God bless you… My brothers and sisters in Christ… I want you to think I don’t care if you feel tired and you’re exhausted no matter how you may feel you are responsible for what you say and how you act… No more excuses…
F. And I leave you with the words of Ben Franklin… If you’re good at excuses then you’re rarely good at anything else…
G. Amen…




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