2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 6:39-45; 3-3-2019 (As Built; Amite #343)
A. Tongue… Tongue… As in the mouth as in words that leave our mouth… 
B. That is supernatural… remember that when you go back down this mountain… And the last thing he tells them don’t ever judge anyone… Because you’re gonna have enough wood in your own eye and you and I will have to discern… Now look up back in scripture… My brothers and sisters in Christ there are some people in Scripture… man they couldn’t keep their mouth shut if that’s all that they were paid to do… And then there are people that man know all too well what it means to be prudent my brothers and sisters in Christ… Who better than the Blessed Mother… Think about it… her last words in scripture are at the wedding at Cana which is His first miracle… Through her intercession, He goes public and her last words do whatever He tells you… That’s the last you hear from her… She’s chosen wisely… And if anyone speaks about her honor Joseph… Think about it most of his conversations center around an angel who keeps telling him you got to take Mary and her Son… Mary and her Son and you must go… My brothers and sisters in Christ… They know all too well what it means to be prudent to make sure sometimes the best thing to say is nothing… And you know what’s amazing for every one of those… There are those that just can’t seem to get out of the way… man King Herod the Great “king of the Jews” that was his mantra… so when the wise men come and say man we have found the new king of the Jews… This guy is so upset my brothers and sisters in Christ he begins to open his mouth and just lie… say look you go find them and bring Him to me and I’ll go worship Him… everybody knows who Herod is… the man is diabolical… he’s killed three of his songs he’s killed his favorite wife… his favorite wife… Brothers and sisters in Christ his death decree that he signs before he passes is that all his counsel should be killed on the same day and be at his funeral so that people will wept at his funeral too… This guy talks way too much you know what’s amazing we have Herod the Great, Herod Agrippa which is the grandson of his that got the Pilate who did absolutely nothing during the crucifixion… You got Pilate who washes his hands from it as if washing your hands means you’re done and also Judas… everybody who open their mouth and judge Christ took their own life… That brothers and sisters Christ is scary in and of itself… 
C. But look it’s not even scripture… we live in a world today where look lets be honest  there are times when sometimes the words are just profound… Prophetic… in a sense… think about it at the Constitutional Convention… when all of them are beside themselves to write and deciding whether or not to sign the Declaration of Independence… man they are yelling and screaming one is going at the other and one is saying I’m not signing this… If it’s not for Ben Franklin I’m wondering if we even have a Country… He saying and he’s the only one who would command such an authority where everybody would get remotely quiet… And he says if you and I do not stand together… you and I will hang separately… Now every once in a while those words were profound… Kennedy got it… Ask not so much what your country do for you but what you can do for your country… we still remember it today… we surely forgotten it… And every once in a while sometimes people say things and you just gotta think… man its true but man I wish you wouldn’t have said it that way… that’s my boy Patton… When they asked him a question man what do you think about this… He said look you don’t win the war by dying for your country you win a war by making the other _______  _______ guy die for his country… I know I shouldn’t use that as an example… But I gotta say that it’s very profound… but you know ever once in a while my brothers and sisters in Christ… people say things and you know how it spits up and leaves right back on your nose… That would be Peyton Manning… Don’t get me wrong I’m a big fan of Peyton Manning… Think about it though grows up in New Orleans… He’s doing an interview and I know he regretted every word out of his mouth… He’s talking about before the Super Bowl… He grew up in New Orleans Saints his dad was probably the greatest thing ever… He loved the New Orleans…  He pictured Sunday that he would throw a touchdown down pass for the Super Bowl and the Saints would win… and he did… As a member of the Baltimore Indianapolis Colts… And I thank you from the bottom of my heart… Man my brothers and sisters in Christ… therein lies the point… 
D. Here you and I sit… How many times have we opened our mouth and that thought hit our head and went down the wrong path… If we could’ve just walked away… If we would’ve just not said nothing if we could just have walked away… Just had something else other than open our mouths… Brothers and sisters in Christ… how quick are we to judge… When we go to work because somebody did something or didn’t do something… how much grief and all the family members that they should’ve done this could’ve done this would’ve done this… My brothers and sisters in Christ how quick are we to judge our neighbors how quick are we to judge people in Church… Brothers and sisters in Christ that’s the problem... Everybody’s judging somebody… And the problem is we’re doing it verbally… Here is the problem… when you when I judge we all of a sudden make ourselves equal to God… In so many words we’re telling Him move away Lord I got this… I I will fill Your throne… For I am Omniscient … I know it all… I may not hear Confessions but trust me Lord I know this person… I know their family I know this I know every cross that they carry… All lies… And as a result we sit in a judgment seat… Brothers and sisters in Christ….  I hear confessions with Father Howard every week… I hear them almost every day there are crosses behind every door that would make your head drop and you would walk out and say thank God that ain’t my problem… Brothers and sisters in Christ… They got crosses here we think we live in is sleepy little town… People are people … I’ve been to death row I’ve been to Angola… I’m telling you sin is sin… And the problem is were so quick to judge think about brothers and sisters in Christ we open our mouth before we think… They are 40,000 words in the English language… You mean to tell me that you can’t find another word besides GD… Or the F bomb… Are you kidding me… Brothers and sisters in Christ before you think about gossiping… don’t… Before you think about judging somebody… don’t… Before you send that text about somebody just walk away… Because the measure at which you judge is the measure at which you and I will be judged… Think about what happened to Moses… he talked to God everyday… every day for forty years… Not a memo… not an understanding… not skywriting… Somebody he talked to… the man Himself… and what happens when he decides to hit a rock…. He doesn’t go to the Promised Land… That what happens when we raise the bar… That’s what happens when we sit on His throne… That’s what happens when you or I judge… We raise the bar… it’s gonna be an unmitigated failure…  My brothers and sisters in Christ… You know they asked Einstein one time… what is the one vice you wish you had… He said I wish I had the vice of silence… Proverbs is right… It’s around verse 10:16… it says the more you talk the greater chances of sin… 
E. My brothers and sisters in Christ… I leave you with this… Words may leave your mouth… and you may only be forgiven… but it rarely will be forgotten… Think about what you say… 
F. Amen…



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