2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 6:27-38; 2-24-2019 (As Built; Amite #342)
A. React… React… And how do you react… Whether it’s positive or worst it’s negative… What is your reaction… 
B. His name is Jerry… That is his name… his name is Jerry… You know what’s amazing… he’s born in the 30s… I’ll tell you he’s immensely popular in the 80s but he becomes even more popular in the 2000s when he’s almost 70 years old… Now if he would’ve asked Jerry his life… He’d say look I’m born in Brooklyn New York I’m one of four children my mom is the consummate house mother she’s a consummate good mom… She could do did all… she does do it all… My dad is a bus driver… My mom is Catholic… My dad is Jewish… So we are Jews to the very core… He’ll tell you that high school it was pretty uneventful… He said and then the war breaks out… he said think about it man… I’m a Jew it’s Nazi Germany… there killing Jews it’s my country… The United States he said man I’m all in… He goes over there does his job… does it well… Comes back decides he’s going to go to college he goes to Syracuse… He gets his degree Jerry does and he decides man he wants to marry his high school sweetheart… man let me tell ya teeth in a gear they were meant for one another… As a result of it… Things are going pretty well but man they got to eat… She tells her husband look you’ve always been pretty good with the camera doing little odds and end jobs… we gotta get something to eat… she said how would you feel how are you gonna react… could you maybe just do something with television or what have you… They give him a bit part in about 3 or 4 movies… And he starts to go for Jerry… He’s in movies like HEARTBREAK KID… HAIRSPRAY… HIGHWAY TO HELL… OK I don’t care if you miss that one…  that’s not the point but I’m zero for three brother and sisters in Christ… I gotta tell ya he does OK he eats… And then his wife comes to him and says look maybe the movie thing didn’t work… We gotta… how about television… So he starts getting on TV and he does things like THE GOOD WIFE… He plays a judge in THE GOOD WIFE… He’s in the movie of which his son produced called ZOOLANDER… He’s in the movie his son produced called ZOOLANDER… As a matter fact brothers sisters in Christ you do know him because he’s on SEINFIELD as George Costanza‘s dad… He’s on the KING OF QUEENS as the father in law that’s always seems to be in everybody’s way… OK his name is Jerry Stiller brothers and sisters in Christ… Just so you know… But you know it’s amazing in the interview that he’s giving with the reporter… The reporter is about to get up and decides ok let me ask one more question… He said I got to talk to you about your wife… So how did you meet… He said well we knew each other in high school… But the big thing was I wanted to make a big impression… And I was really serious about her… So I took her to the most expensive restaurant in Brooklyn… And he said now remember I’m dead broke… he said this is the type of restaurant when you look down if you’re looking at the menu and the numbers to the menu you need to go… He said man I was sweating it… Because even if I just eat a salad we’re broke… He said man I just start looking at it and all of a sudden she does what I never expected… She said let’s just have a cup of coffee… He said my reaction I was overwhelmed… He said well what did you think I just knew right then… So he said you knew right then that was the woman for you she’s just who you wanted in your life… He said no it’s what she did next that I realize that’s the woman for me… He said what did she do after she ordered the coffee… He said she took the silverware and put it in her purse… My brothers and sisters in Christ it’s all in how you react… That… That’s a great story I got to tell you my brothers sisters in Christ… 
C. My brothers and sisters in Christ that’s the whole point of the gospel… Man think about the good Lord just hold His apostles… He told them that when someone hits you on your right I need you to give them your left… When somebody curses you I want you to pray for them… When someone mistreats you I want you to do good for them… There is nothing rational about any of those statements… My brothers and sisters in Christ because He’s saying the way you need to react is supernatural… Now stop… Go back… You’re a first century Jew… Wonder where this is taking place… it’s on the mountain of the beatitudes… you and I are Jews… here’s this guy that takes us to the  plateau to the sea of Galilee He wants us up a mountain… The last guy that did that was Moses… I would know that… The last time he went up a mountain he was talking to God… And when Moses comes back down he actually sits… So what does the good Lord do He sits… Now you and I are starting to get the correlation… He’s trying to draw us closer to heaven… To tell us… guess what… it may not be rational down there how to treat people but if you ever want to make it to heaven… it better be supernatural… My brothers and sisters in Christ… He’s just given them the beatitudes and now He’s telling them… Think about what He said… Somebody backhands you for example… When the good Lord says give them your right cheek… Brothers and sisters in Christ for me to hit you when your right cheek I need to backhand you from where I sit right now… which He’s talking about being verbally abusive… He says when someone curses you I want you to pray for them… How hard is that… Better yet if someone steals your coat do this Yell at them and say stop you didn’t take my shirt… That’s what He’s saying… He saying until you become more supernatural and your understandings you’ll never make the gates of heaven… That’s why I’m bringing you up here… That’s why I’m giving you the beatitudes… They may sound foreign to you down there but this is how you must react in the world… You need to learn it this way my brother sisters in Christ… 
D. Now think about it… All of a sudden go back and scripture… Think about all the great players in scripture… Think about people that know how to react… The Blessed Mother… You’re walking with her during the Crucifixion… It’s 1 mile long… He’s caring a cross 12 foot tall 8 foot wide the good Lord is surrounded by no less than 80 soldiers… I mean how many guys does it take to crucify one man… According to the Romans at least 80… They have one guy yelling out in front all the things the good Lord did wrong… Watching Him get beat pushed spit on scourged the crown of thorns He can’t even carry the cross… You’re walking with her… How did she react… When someone spits on her Son… Does she spit on them… Does she get condescending does she curse give them the look… no… Because all those would’ve been sinful… She continues to pray… Could you or I could’ve done that… Could you or I could’ve done that while we watch someone close to us do that and carry the cross… That’s what He is talking about on how you react… That you need to be God-like… Stop acting irrational… Start acting super rational… Supernatural… He said rely on My grace that’s the only way you’re going to do it… Think about it for everyone of those like her think about Joseph… man you’re a husband you come home your wife’s pregnant… Grab this… With the Holy Spirit… I would’ve loved to of been there for that conversation… My brothers and sisters in Christ… And how does he react… Look I’m gonna walk away and I’m gonna be seen as a deadbeat dad… This way you don’t get tarnished… My brothers and sisters in Christ… Now that is a reaction of the good Lord… But you know what’s amazing what everyone of these there’s always someone that reacts so irrational so emotional… Think about it… My brothers and sisters in Christ… You and I are sitting with Pilate the day before the crucifixion… We are sitting up in his room it’s him and his wife… And this is the conversation that ensues… You and I are listening his wife is saying do not… Do not touch that man… I’m telling you let it go… He is a holy man… I’ve seen him do miracles… If you harm him it will bring harm to you and I… And all of a sudden at 24 hours later… He’s pulling out a bowl and towel and wiping his hands… His reaction was all wrong… He was foretold he decided to dismiss it… My brothers and sisters in Christ that is what happens when emotions take over… That’s what happens when you and I become irrational and anxiety takes over … imagine you and I are Saul… you haven’t been knocked from your horse… You haven’t had the epiphany… All of a sudden you walk in town and there they are about to stone Stephen… Because he’s a believer in Jesus Christ and you know what Saul does… Will here let me hold your coats… because that way you got a better aim you can throw better you’ll be more accurate you can throw more rocks in the hour and if you have a big burly coat on my brother and sister in Christ… that is what happens when emotions take over… Our reaction is all wrong… It’s all based on predicated on anxiety on our fears on our trepidations and that’s what the good Lord is saying… 
E. If you don’t rely on Me then you’ll never fight the fight so here we sit 2000 years later… My brother sisters in Christ… Let’s see how do you and I react when we all the sudden were driving down the road and someone cuts in front of us… What’s our reaction… Somebody goes around us and gives us the sign of peace… Tells you and me were number one what is going to be your reaction…  What’s gonna be your reaction brothers and sisters in Christ are you going to drive around the person is going so slow and kind of give them the look like the parking lots are to the right my brothers and sisters in Christ how are you going to react when you get to work and someone passes something on to you that you don’t want anything to do with… It’s not my job I don’t get paid for that that’s out of my job description why are you calling me this late at night… How are you gonna react when that family member calls and wants you to help them and every time you reach out to them it’s almost like you can’t find them… Why is it that the family can only find your cell number why is it that work can only find your cell number… Well I can tell you why Simon… Because the good Lord gave you the gift to carry that cross… And He’s asking you to not be caught up in a rational world… He’s asking you to be caught up in the supernatural and to do what I asked you to do to turn the other cheek to give them whatever they need and not chase it for the money… My brothers and sisters in Christ let me ask you… How is it brothers and sisters in Christ when you and I go to pray and the good Lord doesn’t answer your prayers when we want it how we want it and surely in the timeframe that we want it are we getting mad at Him… Are we getting dismissive always telling him man we been praying for you at… I’m getting crushed down here… Is there is that our reaction to Him… Do you think for a minute that maybe He was just waiting to see how you would react… would you be patient and understanding would you allow the good Lord to be the good Lord… Where were you and I when He created the world… Were you when He created the heavens and the oceans and the fish and the birds in air…  Where were you and I when He created us… Nowhere… My brothers and sisters in Christ you know the greatest sin in our world today… Is gossip and slander… It’s got to stop… We’re killing people out there… Man we sit down to have a bite to eat and we’re mauling somebody else… Man my brothers and sisters in Christ how would you feel if your name is the conversation at every dinner table… How would you and I feel if our name was on Facebook and they are giving us the what for… I mean brothers and sisters in Christ how would you and I react if that’s how we were to be judged… We drive by and judge people at the drop of a hat and we think there’s no ripple effect… Let me tell you the ripple effect is far greater than you can ever imagine… And guess what… Every time that sin gets passed on and it’s mortal that comes back to you and I… My brothers and sisters in Christ… I’m telling you were killing people because we react when we hear gossip…  We take it and say well can you keep a secret… As if anyone has kept one… And then we pass it along to somebody else… Do me a favor and the next time says and they come in says can you keep a secret… Say yes and walk away… My brothers and sisters in Christ therein lies the point we drive-by I hear confessions with Father Howard every week… There are crosses just in our little neck of the world that would make you drop your head and scream into the night… But we have no problems having a conversation about them… We have no problems talk talking about them… Brothers and sisters in Christ how would people react if they said man did you hear what I heard… Well let’s just pray for them… My brothers and  sisters in Christ… we are killing people because we cannot hold the whole story… You may think you know but I promise you you only getting a 10th of it… And you’re getting it through the view of one person… THE MEASURE OF WHICH YOU AND I WILL BE JUDGED WE WILL BE JUDGED ACCORDINGLY… BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST IF WE SPEAK POORLY THEN WE WILL BE JUDGED POORLY… IF WE CONDEMN PEOPLE WE’RE GOING TO BE CONDEMNED… IF WE TURN AND BADMOUTH PEOPLE… THEN THE SAME WILL COME TO YOU AND I… 
F. My brothers and sisters in Christ I’ll leave you with this… REGARDLESS OF HOW YOU MAY FEEL… YOU AND I ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR HOW WE ACT… 
G. Amen…



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