2017 Homilies (Written)


Luke 2:41-52; 12-30-2018 (As Built; Amite #334)


  1. Composure… composure… as in keeping your composure...
  2. It’s the 1930s… his name is Leonard… Leonard lives in Shakes, Ohio… his dad is a devout Jew, his mom is a devout Catholic… if you and I were to ask Leonard about grammar school it was uneventful for the most part... if we asked him about high school he would say there are two loves… I love sports and well I loved being in plays… now he wasn’t good in plays he just liked being in them… matter of fact if we were to ask his drama teacher she would tell ya man… Leonard was off the reservation… he was out of control… as a matter of fact he would lose his composure… so much that when he was in Robin Hood we had to come up with a part for him… the court jester... just so that we could kind of contain him to a certain area… as you know from the movie there is no court jester in Robin Hood my brothers and sisters... as a result it gets him in another little play called I think St Patrick And The Dragon...  man he kind of loved it but sports was his calling… he gets to college well they invent beer in college… man you talk about a man that is out of the box its Leonard… he loved college… too much so… he became a power drinker… it destroyed him a little bit... he decided he wants to go into the army… join the air force or navy regrettably he’s color blind… as a result they wouldn’t let him enter at that time… as a result man talk about losing his composure… he fell even worse into drinking… one night they said he was driving down long island highway… he was going at such a great speed that the police officer wasn’t sure what happened… he skins out of control Leonard does… he hits a fire hydrant… water is going everywhere…. it pushes him over to the left he goes through two or three little neighborhoods over a bunch of shrubs across and backs through an intersection in his one lane... man the cops they can’t get there fast enough they are pulling Leonard out of the car… he’s fanning amnesia like he doesn’t know what’s going on… they are explaining to him the cop finally says… look I’ve never seen anybody going that fast on this street not only did I see you hit a fire hydrant you careened it over to the left you went through several neighborhoods but I gotta tell you it’s dang impressive to watch someone go backwards through an intersection in their lane… and he said well as much as I was impressed by it you’re going to jail... he loses his composure so much so there is a little bruh ha ha right there... they cuff him… they bring him to jail… they throw him in the jail… Leonard is claustrophobic… they now got another problem with his composure… well they finally get him sedated… they get him he’s laying at the bottom of the cell… he’s looking up at the ceiling and he thinks back and he says it all goes back to that one day when I lost my composure it started with drinking and then I tried to get into the army and that didn’t work… and then I got caught with this and he said man I either got to stop this or it’s going to destroy me he’s already lost his family… he had a wife to be that’s gone his kids they’re out of this there’s no more of that… so finally he says if there’s anything I’m going to do I’m going to stop doing that I’m going to regain my composure… he gets out he needs any work he can get… he gets a big part as a standin in the move "the silver chalice"... it goes actually fairly well… then he gets another one called "the left handed gun"... actually he actually had a peaking part in it... then they got him another big part in a movie called "the road to perdition" and man then the world starts opening up... man he is so... he’s got his composure so well people start thinking man that’s just how he’s always been... as a matter of fact there’s part of a movie that is really about his temperament even though quote he was in this jail he was so cool some of them called him Luke... brothers and sisters that’s a huge hint I’m just telling yall… and as a result of it… man he gets in that movie and the next thing you know things start opening up... he’s in “the life and times of judge Roy Bean”… he’s in another one called “the hustler”… “the sting” “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”… I didn’t memorize a thousand of these so my brothers and sisters Christ… he actually has his own salad dressing… oh my God really!!!... I should have just jumped to salad dressing early on! yea you know him as Paul Newman my brothers and sisters in Christ… but all because of his composure.
  3. THAT is the whole point... my brothers and sisters in Christ she’s lost the Messiah of the world… for three days… okay lose your cell phone for about a minute… man our language is shrinking and we are mad… we are grabbing another phone to call our phone to find out where it’s at… man if we should lose our keys we actually get indignant… man we actually start blaming people for where our keys are... and of course somebody always says well where did you leave them… really?!... then we wouldn’t be looking for them now would we!... my brothers and sisters in Christ she lost the Messiah… He’s twelve years old... so that puts Mary around 25, 26... she’s lost Him for three days my brothers and sisters in Christ can you imagine what this must have done to her?... now my brothers and sisters in Christ… she’s a first century Jew she never loses composure... you notice… "why have you done this" it’s all about her attitude... think about it brothers and sisters in Christ… Your father and I… she never broke Jewish law and said I was looking for You and Your step father Joseph or me and joseph Your father and I… she stayed strict to the rules of the law… brothers and sisters in Christ… she composed now as first century Jews… let’s make sure you understand… you and I three times a year… three times a year we would travel to Jerusalem... we would go there for Passover… we would go there for Pentecost… and the feast of tabernacles... which would be in the spring time… we would travel all the way to Jerusalem... there are no exceptions… I’m tired… I’m not gonna do it… I’ve only got a few days off… you and I must go to Jerusalem…. this is why in old testament scripture Hebrew scripture for the Jews it ends in Chronicles ours ends in Malachi... Malachi points to the return of the Savior… Chronicles reports to going back to Jerusalem… now my brothers and sisters in Christ… when you would leave back in the day the women would go one route and the men would go another and we would join back up… this is why probably Mary thinks Jesus’ with Joseph and Joseph probably believes He’s with Mary… so when they meet up that’s when they find out He’s not there... now they find Him in the temple at the age of twelve… which is the age of reason… becoming of man in the Jewish faith... now… you heard the statement… the very last statement... He grew in statue… He grew in wisdom… He grew in age...
  4. that may not mean much to you and I… but as a first century Jew… we immediately default back to Samuel... why?... because that's how He was described... remember who Samuel is... they just get rid of their last judge and they're bringing Saul in to be King… Saul is now going to pass the baton to David...its Samuel that anoints David... Samuel is a boy prophet... as a matter of fact… they always said whenever you see Samuel… within the next couple of sentences… you're going to hear wisdom and age and maturity... B&S in Christ… he's the one that... uh... the mom... um Hannah decides to give him up provided that she becomes pregnant and then all of a sudden that he can become a Priest. so for any first century Jew that just heard that statement... you and I would say well, wait a minute isn't this another boy prophet or is there something else to him... as a Jew, they're trying to get your attention... my B&S in Christ think about it... look, go back in Scripture... if anybody in scripture who ALWAYS had her composure, imagine who else could it be... it has to be the Holy Mother... think about it, AT THE AGE OF 14... an Angel appears to you...you and I are lucky we remember anything that is said.. the fact that an Angel comes... much less tells you that the Holy Spirit will overshadow you and you will bear a Child... He' going to be called the Messiah... you're going to be the Mother of the Messiah at the age of 14... you're so composed… Your will be done… My B&S in Christ, can you imagine… B&S in Christ... think about it YOU GO ALL THE WAY TO ELIZABETH'S HOUSE SO YOU COULD MEET THE PRECURSOR.... John the Baptist and LET ME MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THIS... she goes all the way to see John the Baptist... which would have been like you and I traveling to the West Bank on a pack mule for 7 days... not once does she loose her composure... as a matter of fact B&S in Christ… how well do you remember that story... B&S WHEN SHE WALKS IN… THE BABY DOES NOT DANCE NOR DOES ELIZABETH RECOGNIZE HER AS THE MOTHER OF THE MESSIAH OR THE MESSIAH HIMSELF UNTIL WHAT.... she speaks... first intercessory prayer... she speaks the baby leaps in her womb and Elizabeth says how could this be that the Ark of the Covenant come to me... she never loses her composure... she's pregnant with the Messiah... B&S in Christ… can you imagine... 8 days after He is born IN A CAVE... IN A CAVE B&S IN CHRIST...and not one time got upset… got condescending… got mad at Joseph because… is this all you can do... and yet B&S in Christ 8 days after... they bring Him to a Priest and on the day of the Circumcision he tells you a sword will pierce your heart... she never gets upset… she questions what are you talking about why are you saying this B&S in Christ... two years later the wise men show up... ONE OF THE WISE MEN BRING MYRRH... THAT'S A DEATH OINTMENT... HOW MANY OF YA'LL IF SOMEONE BROUGHT A DEATH OINTMENT TO YOUR CHILD'S BIRTHDAY... you think that wouldn't be a free for all out in the street... B&S in Christ she says none of that... talk about composed... then she loses Him for three days... and talk about composure at the Crucifixion... you allow your Son to pass you to John.. saying now that you will belong to him... 
  5. my B&S in Christ… here we sit two thousand years later... during this Christmas season... if we were to take the 7 deadly sins... and we are... let me ask you... did you lose your composure or did you become so prideful, YOU WOULDN'T ADMIT YOU WERE WRONG... I'm not gonna say I'm sorry... I'm just not gonna do it I'm going to win the argument I'm keeping score... oh there's somebody keeping score AND IT AINT YOU AND I... it's the ultimate judge it’s the Messiah Himself... and if you lost your composure and got angry during the holidays... in other words with the language that came out of your mouth the gestures you made the condescending remarks... did you lose you composure did you lose your composure and have too much to drink or too much to eat over the holidays… gluttony... have you been too slothful or lazy that you just simply refuse to do anything... B&S in Christ have you guarded your eyes in what you watched… the shows that you tune into… the words that you listen to in a song... are you guarding against that or did you lose your composure... have you been envious of others... have you done anything just for the love of money... B&S in Christ how many times did you and I lose our composure and judge somebody during the holidays or had the unmitigated gall to write an email or text message... B&S in Christ that was so condescending and ugly if we just walked away... B&S in Christ WAIT 24 HOURS NO MATTER HOW UGLY OR CONDESCENDING THE EMAIL IS... THE LETTER… THAT CARD… WHATEVER IT MAY BE... IM BEGGING YOU STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING... GET YOUR COMPOSURE… PULL IT TOGETHER... WHY... BECAUSE IF YOU AND I RESPOND IN THE HEAT OF THE BATTLE... I'M GOING TO TELL YOU WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN... you and I are going to be writing a thousand pardons for the words we choose… our actions… and our thoughts... and it would have been better if we had just held tight... B&S in Christ keep your composure... you want to hear the devil laugh... argue with your spouse… your children… with your parents… roll your eyes… be belittled… condemning, judging or cursed... B&S in Christ never forget this... the evil one HATES YOU... your mere presence and the fact that you are named and have been made in the image of our Savior... did He not say... did He not say that I'm the Messiah and I have written your name in the palm of my hand... did He not say in the heart of hearts I have written the law, I have written my name... my B&S in Christ walk away from that conversation, from that argument… from that condescension and that judgement…
  6. and I leave you with the words of Bobby Hall... you may not know who he is… he's a great hockey player... he is in the twilight of his career and they're playing for that one last Stanley Cup... he pulls his team together because they are playing an away game… away ice is what they call it... and man I'm going to tell you the crowd is frenzied... and I'm telling you the epitadsand the language is flowing like a river and he tells them KEEP YOUR COMPOSURE... don't let them get so angry that you forget your job... don't get in an argument… don't get into a fight... remember you can't score from the penalty box… KEEP YOUR COMPOSURE...
  7.  amen




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