In Defense of Mother Church


A little boy had to stay home from Church because he had a cold.  After the service, his older sister came home, waving her palm frond in the air.  “What’s that?”  asked the little boy.

She answered smugly, “We wave these in the air and then put them on the ground to welcome Jesus.”

The boy started wailing and fled the room.  When his mother held him and asked what was wrong, he said through his tears, “The one Sunday I don’t go to Church, Jesus showed up!”


Are you ready?  Will you be there?

 Today is the first day of the most exciting, harrowing, tragic, grief stricken and ultimately joyous week of our year.  Don’t miss it. Show up, take the Lord’s hand and begin the journey.  Palm Sunday image for website







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Diocese of Baton RougeDiocese of Baton Rouge

We, at St. Helena Catholic Church, are concerned with educating, directing, and sustaining all who visit. 

In particular those who draw near to the teachings and traditions of Holy Mother Church. 

We strive to achieve this by utilizing the Cardinal Virtues of Justice, Prudence, Temperance and Fortitude.


PSR 2019 - JUNE 10TH - 21ST