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Celebrating with the Advent Wreath

One way to prepare for Christ’s coming into our lives is to make an Advent wreath for your daily household worship.  This traditional circular wreath reminds us that God, like the circle, has no beginning and no end.  Evergreens on the wreath symbolize our everlasting relationship with God, the source of continuous new life.

The wreath has four candles, three purple or violet and one rose.  On the First Sunday and Week of Advent, we light the first candle and then an additional candle on each Sunday until Christmas.  Purple is a royal color, reflecting the kingship of Christ and also repentance.  The rose candle, lighted on the Third Sunday of Advent, represents joy.  Thus, the colors of the candles illustrate the themes of advent: kingship, repentance and joy.  The candles also remind us that the incarnation has transformed the darkness of hatred and evil into the light of joy and love.

Let your Advent wreath become the center around which your household gathers together each night during this joyous, but sometimes frenzied, season of celebration.  And as you celebrate with the Advent wreath, include your favorite Advent hymns and songs, scripture readings and prayers focusing on Christ’s threefold Advent - past, present and future.







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