2017 Homilies (Written)


Matthew 21:28-32 (As built: Amite, #276; 10-1-17)

“Two faced”…
… The year is 1958…her name is Sue! Sue is a NY Girl… she loves the Big Apple! She attends Garden City HS… and does a little bit of everything… she is a cheerleader, a dancer, does the school paper… helps students…but her desire, is to be ….someday… an Actress!!! When she, Sue, came home one day, she told her mom that when she graduates…. High School… she is off to become an actress!!! Her Mom, literally stood in front of the door…and proclaimed in so many words ‘…over my dead, body”! You can become an actress after you go to college….well, this will have to do, Sue stated and off to Mary Mount College… an all-girls Catholic School…and Sue graduated in drama and now was ready to make the big splash! Well, things did not start out to well… she started as a color-girl…!!! You know what that is… that is the person, who the camera man ask to sit on a stool in front of the camera, so as to get there color scheme’s worked out… and when they are finished… about an hour or so… so are you!!! And so was, Sue!!! Well, this is how life played out for a while… there was this one producer…who wanted Sue to play a part in show he was putting together… but she did not want to play that part… so she turned him down…. A lot!!! Well, she finally got a few parts in movies… such as “Dad, you kill me”, “Blood on His Hands”, “Love is a Many Splendid Thing”, and finally, Maffia Princess! Yet, thanks to a preserving producer, who called her about 14 times…Sue finally took the part…. Of a TWO FACED high woman…who controls the family, and anyone attached… and the show played daily… a soap opera they called it!!! She was so good at playing a TWO FACED narcissistic woman/mother and wife, that she was nominated for some 15 Emmy’s before she won…the Soap, was called… All My Children!!! Her name, in the show was Erica Kane… and her real name was Susan Lucci!!!
THE GOSPEL TODAY…IS ALL ABOUT BEING TWO FACED!!! … The Good Lord is speaking to the Chief priest and scribes… and He is asking them, which of the two sons, responded correctly… the one who said, yes, then didn’t go out to the fields….or the one who said no, and then changed his mind… they responded, the later one… the one who changed his mind and went to the fields… and Christ responds in so many words, correct… the other is … TWO FACED!!
…. Let’s make sure we know the setting… if you are a first century Jew… the Story, the Gospel is taking place as Christ has entered Jerusalem… He has just run everyone out the temple… and the chief priest and scribes…have seen or heard of the blind now see, the lame walk and the dead have risen… they want to know by whose authority can Christ do this… so right before this Gospel… these priest and scribes… ask Christ a question…. Basically, who do you claim to be…. Wanting to get Christ to make the proclamation…. Hence, they can seize HIM, arrest HIM…and have they way with HIM…for He claimed He is the Messiah…. But Christ, being all knowledgeable… responds to their question with a question… I will answer you, if you answer me… is the work of John the Baptist from Heaven or earth?.... the chief priest and scribes gather together to discuss… if they say, heaven… then, Christ will be the appointed one the Messiah…because this is what John proclaimed…hence, He will be over them… but if the chief priest and scribes say earth, the people will revolt for they believe John to be a prophet…so they decide to answer in the neutral… we will not answer, so Christ responds, that He will not answer their question… so Christ jumps to the parable…so as to explain the fact, that tax collectors and prostitutes have changed their minds and returned to God… you priest and scribes have not returned… yet, you proclaim to be part of God… and His Temple… hence, TWO FACED!!!
THOUGHOUT SCRIPTURE… there are so many TWO FACED people… Take Pilate for example… he is trying to placate Caesar… because if he does not, he will never leave his post, in which many referred to as the armpit of the world…all the while, trying to appease the Jews….the truth of the matter, Pilate is all about Pilate…! He says he will listen to his wife, who tells him to leave Christ alone, he is a HOLY MAN… but Pilate acts one way in front of her, and another way in front of the Crowd… TWO FACED!! King Herod, talk about a piece of work, he proclaims to the wise men, he wants to worship the newborn King of the Jews… yet, when the wise men leave, he is all about killing 2000 children below the age of 2… for he, King Herod, is the ‘king of the Jews’…. Not this child…. Truly, TWO FACED…. And what about Judas…. He walks with Christ, proclaims Him to be the Savior of the world, even holds the man’s money…but when push comes to shove… he will become TWO FACED and sell out Christ for 30 pieces of silver … the price of a common slave…. You know what is amazing…each of these three men… all TWO FACED… all eventually took their own lives…. !!!
Yet for everyone of those… there are those people like Jobe… who are truly a man after our Savior’s own heart! No matter what you do to him, against him, about him, towards him… say what you will…. But when push comes to shove and at the end of the day…. He is not…..NOT… TWO FACED!!! ….his words say it all… ‘naked came I into the world, naked will I return’! The Blessed Mother, albeit 14 was TRUE to Her Words… Your Will Be Done!!! St Joseph, follows the lead of an angel, not to leave Mary or Her Son…. Truly a Man of His Word!!!...
Well, here we sit come 2000 years later… the question for you and I, myself included….are we atr times... TWO FACED?! Lets see…
H.. Do we treat everyone the same… rich, poor, black, white, male female… or are we Two Faced? Do we behave one way at work and another way at home…do we get mad at one person, and take it out on another… do we tell people we can keep a secret, and then tell someone else – keep this between us….do we take what we hear at home and tell it at the office, or vice versa… do we pay our parents lip service at home, and contradict them at school…. Do we talk about people behind their backs…on FACEBOOK…in TEXT… in EMAILS? … do we follow our Catholic faith outside the Church, like we profess inside the Church at Mass… Will we follow all of Her Teaching outside the Church walls… like we stated inside the walls… will we make the Sign of the Cross here in Church, but hesitate outside…just so we don’t offend anyone…. Another words be… TWO FACED… what about praying to the Blessed Mother…we can do it here in Church, but outside… well… we don’t want to feel the heat for venerating HER…??
I. Well, let me make it easier… you mean to tell me, you are going to kneel during the National Anthem… and then stand to receive your check… that is supplied, supported and guaranteed by the Country which you just backhanded…? Or worse… you are going to play in another Country… England… kneel for our National Anthem and stand for theirs out of ‘respect’… yet the reason we left and formed our own country was due to their lack of respect of us as a people, a county…. Do you know, that our Country’s National Anthem, was formulated when the country whose anthem you stood for, was bombing our country!!!! Shame on you… Shame on you new Orleans… and you call yourselves… ‘saints’…?!
J. My B & S in Christ… I leave you with this…Lincoln was known for many things, but two specifically… his mind was excellent, he was one sharp guy… the intellect and wisdom was almost without comparison… and the other… was he was ugly as the day is long… he was also known for being a ‘not handsome person’… so when … during a debate, He was being ridiculed for being ‘TWO FACED’… to a point the guy who not stop shouting it… so finally, Lincoln looked out into the crowd and said, ‘my opponent says I am two faced, but that is not simply not true…. If I had another face, I would surely choose that one’!!!







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