2017 Homilies (Written)


Matthew 7:11-17 (As built; Amite #276; 9-24-17)

…. The year is 1930, and his name is …. Thomas! Thomas lives in Fountain Bridge, Scotland… and his family is … POOR!!! As a matter of fact they are so poor; that they could not afford even a crib for Thomas upon his birth… they used the top drawer of their dresser! They lived on a street, called the ‘street of smells’… Thomas said, they had every smell known to God… they had the smell of beer everywhere, due to the breweries… they had a huge rubber facility… so they had the smell of burning rubber, along with the discharge from the plant… Thomas said, ‘you pick the smell, and we had it…’!! Well like most kids, Thomas was not one for school… even though, he would tell you on the side, he enjoyed math and reading…. So when it was time to decide to do something, Thomas headed to the Navy! There were two things Thomas learned or got, if you will, from being in the Navy… both were tattoos! One said, ‘Mum and Dad’, the other said, ‘Scottish Power’…!!! After the navy, Thomas returned back to Scotland and was looking for work… he did a little of everything… from shoveling coal, to laying bricks, to cleaning coffins, to you name it…he did it! One of the good things going for Thomas was his look… he was a handsome man… about 6ft, 200lbs… and he carried himself well!!! So he decided to do a little modeling… which paid about 15 schillings/hr… and he did this until, they found out he was a good soccer player and they paid, 25 schillings/hr… but then again, he could only play this until he was about 30… so Thomas looked for something else…and he found bodybuilding!!! And he entered the contest for Mr. Scotland… Thomas came out 3rd!! Well, this kinda helped Thomas in a way… because people began to take notice of him… his look… even his ATTITUDE, was special…. So being that he was noticed, he was offered a part in a musical… and according to the producer… Thomas…. Was………………terrible!!! He couldn’t dance a lick… but she did say, ‘he was so good looking, he could just stand there’!!! Not to mention he had the right…. ATTITUDE…. Soon thereafter, he got a bit part in a movie for Disney, called ‘little people’…. It didn’t do well, but it opened the door to another bit part in the movie, ‘Requiem of a Heavyweight’…. And from there things begin to take off… he had parts in the movie, “Murder on the Orient Express’, and ‘A Bridge too far’… and even had big parts in the movie the ‘Untouchables’… and ‘Robin Hood’…. But Thomas gets his notoriety from the series of movies that he did… it all started out with him being an agent to fight, the evil Dr. No… and from there his looks and ATTITUDE took him to be one of the prominent actors of our time… in his movies, he is a big time spy identified by a number….. He had a secretary named, ‘money penny’ and he always drank a ‘martini; shaken not stirred’!!!??? Yes you know Thomas, as Jean Thomas Connery …. James Bond, 007!!! All because of his looks yes, but his ATTITUDE as well……….
THE GOSPEL TODAY…. IS about, ATTITUDES!!! Let me explain…At 6am in the morning, the King goes to get workers, then again a 9, 12, 3 and finally at 5…. And they each get paid a denary… regardless of the hours… now in our day and time, we can see the argument, but at the same time… we can see too that the owner, can do as he wishes… everyone agreed to the price…so the ATTITUDE needs to go away…. but remember, as a first century Jew… when you here a parable…always remember, there is a twist… the twist here, is that we can see the argument… but the issue in the parable isn’t really about money… its about the Kingdom of God… and at the beginning of time (6am) HE the KING sent adam and eve into the garden, the world… at 9 he sent Noah, at 12 noon he sent Abraham, at 3 HE sent Moses/David and at the 5 hour, HE sent HIMSELF… a last chance effort to save as many as possible… granted the others have been working in the world longer, and they deserve Heaven….but the Good Lord is saying, that I can do what I want, with My Children….the reward for those who came in earlier…and worked the world for ME… will receive Many Blessings…but don’t discount ME helping my other children….
Lastly, remember this parable is in Matthew’s gospel who likes to reference money, being he was a tax collector…last week, the unjust steward owed 165,000 years of work and was sent free initially, but he chased down those who owed him less than his owing, substantially about 100 days wages… and wanted his money….
THROUGHOUT SCRIPTURE… it’s those people with the POSTIVIE ATTITUDES… who leave such a Positive mark on the world, Mother Church as well… Take Mary, the Holy Mother, She is 14… 14, when an angel appears to Her… and HER ATTITUDE… is simply, ‘your will be done’!!! WOW!!! What about Mary Magdalene, she would rather get up on Easter Sunday morning, early… and be with a ‘dead savior’, than live people…. Her ATTITUDE is all about Christ… She does not care about Pilate, the tomb, the seal, nor the soldiers… she is all about CHRIST…!!! What a DIVINE ATTITUDE…and she is rewarded in Scripture, for being the first to see the Risen Christ!!! What about Veronica…(her name means true icon…) her ATTITUDE is all about helping Christ… she is willing to stand in the procession of the Crucifixion… block the road, the soldiers, whomever, whatever…. She cant take away the cross, or help with it… she Just wants to wipe His Face!!! What courage… what an ATTITUDE!!! Yet for each one of the aforementioned… there is always someone with a ME ATTITUDE… take King Herod… he is so enamored with being or having the title, ‘king of the Jews’, that he is willing to kill 2000 young children, under the age of 3, just because three men show up wanting to find him… talk about a piece of work, what an ‘ATTITUDE’…. Did you know, that he was so hooked on himself… its all about ME… that he gave an order to his army, that on the day of his death, to kill his entire cabinet… this way, someone will be crying on the day of his death!!! Judas, he too had an ATTITUDE…it wasn’t good enough that he was an Apostle, he needed to be paid too… it was all about ME!!!
My B & S in Christ, it has been 2000 years…. But the ATTITUDE that we bring to the table is the same as it was in the time of Christ…!!! When you wake up, are you a miserable morning person… and then justify it by saying, ‘oh, Im just not a morning person’?!?!? What is THAT LAME EXUCSE…!!! You mean to tell me… you have the right, with that POOR, IN PRUDENT ATTITUDE… to be moody and temperamental… causing everyone else to stand clear…to try and look past this walking mood ring… just because… you can’t control your own ATTITUDE??? You are so weak minded… that we justify it…?!?!?! Don’t you see… when you cause others to have a poor attitude, or to curse or get mad…due to your behavior or ATTITUDE… you garner some responsibility for that sin too!!!! What about heading to work… is your ATTITUDE so poor… that you are a walking time bomb heading into work…?!?!? You are crouch, ugly… off handed… condescending… just because you have to work…??? Or worse, you bring that ‘TUDE… home and destroy the family meal, other family member’s day… the evening…??? Is your ATTITUDE, such that you are an ‘angry’ person…and you justify this by saying, ‘well, this is just how god made me’!?!?! I DON’T THINK SO…YOU MADE YOU THAT WAY… HE MADE ALL THINGS… good!!! You are just going to have to get happy in the same pants you got sad!!! Stop spilling you venom onto others… the sin is on those who do this…!!! What is your ATTITUDE towards your parents when they tell you, ‘you can’t do something’?!?! … I mean how dare thy tell you… I mean you are a teenager and you wrote the bible!!! Remember this… you have never been 30, 40, 50 etc… and they have been a teenager…!!! If you have a bad ATTITUDE…then you need to swallow it like a grape… peal it, eat it and be done with it… nobody told you to share this …. Sinful ATTITUDE… just cus ya can!!!!! If you see the glass have full… then get another *&^%$ (dang) glass!!!!
My Friends in Christ, I leave you with the words of ….Jack Sparrow…yes, Captain Jack Sparrow of the pirates of the Caribbean… “The problem is not, the problem! The problem is your ATTITUDE about the problem… now do you see the problem?!!!!







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