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“Change” (making a change…)
… His name is Isaac… he was born in the 1930’s, but became very popular in the 2000’s….Isaac was born in Brooklyn, New York… he is one of four children… his mom was a great homemaker, and his dad a bus driver… they are Jewish to their core! Isaac would tell you that his HS days were….well uneventful… and when he graduated he went to Armed Services… to the Army, to help the US in WW2… considering he loved the US, and how his fellow Jews were treated by the Germans… there was no other option! When he returned home, he attended & graduated from Syracuse Univ…. he married his sweetheart… and together they just seemed to click…they had a great sense of humor…so much so…together they appeared on the Ed Sullivan show some 20-30 times…. But then they knew they had to make a CHANGE… the appearances were slowing up…and being Isaac was a good actor, they decided that he should go on to try movies…and so he did… Nasty Habits, Heartbreak Kid, Hairspray, Highway to Hell… and even appeared in one of his sons movies, Zoolander… 1 & 2! But then again, the movies were few and far between, so Isaac decided to … CHANGE venues… give tv shows a shot… he appeared in the series, the Good Wife… as a judge…but his popularity truly came about…late in life… when he played George Costanza’s dad, in Seinfeld … or the father in law in King of Queens… yes you know Isaac, as Jerry Isaac Stiller… Ben Stiller’s dad… !!! And you know what is amazing about Jerry Stiller… when they asked him about all the ‘CHANGES’… he made in his career was their one thing he was glad he didn’t CHANGE… was who he married… Anne was the love of his life… and when asked, how did he know she was the right one…he said, well when he took her to dinner in a very nice place…she knew he was struggling and his family was quite poor….she only order a cup of coffee….but when they got up to leave, she stole the silverware…he knew then, she was the one for me!!
THE GOSPEL IS ALL ABOUT… CHANGE!! Our Savior is trying to get Peter, James and John in particular… to CHANGE HOW THEY SEE HIM… from Jesus, to the Christos… and lets make sure we understand the setting from the perspective of a 1st century Jew… Scripture should only be studied from this perspective… remember, the Gospel is taking place/written if you will, after… AFTER Christ has ascended into Heaven…so Peter, or any Apostle describes the Transfiguration … when a ‘mountain’, a ‘very high mountain is mentioned…any 1st century Jew hearing this…immediately would begin to think… Moses, climbed a high mountain to receive the 10 commandments and conversed with God… and his clothes and face became radiant…. Elijah was on a high mountain, when God spoke to him in the breeze…. And now Peter, is saying, he was on a high mountain, conversing with Moses and Elijah… the only two people in scripture who were known to visit with God and now, Peter, James and John do the same…moreover; His face is like the Sun, and clothes are radiant…. And even more similarities… a cloud comes about, and to any 1st century Jew…a cloud represents the HS, the Chariot for GOD… and if that is not enough… they Hear, God the Father speak, see Christ and the HS is present, a Triune God…!!! Make no mistake about it, the Apostles, at least Peter, James and John come to know Jesus as the Christos… !!! CHANGE, has taken place…
THROUGHOUT SCRIPTURE… those that makes CHANGES… TOWARDS CHRIST… now have their name in the book of LIFE!!! When Mary sits at the feet of Christ… as Martha busies herself with the chores of the day while Christ is their midst… Christ has to correct her, that Mary has chosen the better Way… Martha must CHANGE her mindset…and she does! Even later in life, when both Martha and Mary both seem to forget that Jesus is God, especially when their brother Lazarus dies… and Christ comes to their house…they both approach the Good Lord as if he is limited to what HE can do… Lord, if you had been here he would not have died… Martha, Mary… I AM, the Way, the Truth, the Life… yes, Lord we know…and in the end we will see YOU… You could almost feel the sadness of the Good Lord… they need to CHANGE HOW THEY SEE HIM…and they do, but only after HE raises Lazarus from the dead… Peter, too had to CHANGE on how HE saw the Good Lord… Peter do you LOVE ME, agape… like I LOVE…and sure LORD, you are my buddy ( he seems to say…) I love like buddies love… Peter, DO you love me… well sure Lord… Peter Does not know HOW TO LOVE, until it CHANGES FOR HIM… at his own Crucifixion… Peter learns that LOVE is a verb, its action… its SACRIFICAL!!! Yet for everyone who makes CHANGES …for the better, there are always those who simply refuse to make any CHANGES… Pilate…those are the rules, you jews made them up, you kill him… I was my hands of it…2000 years later we still play off the words, washing your hands of something…the rich man refuses to help the poor man Lazarus… he doesn’t need to CHANGE…he has the money…. And as a result of such, we still do not know his name…
WELL HERE WE SIT SOME 2000 YEARS LATER… ARE YOU WILLING TO MAKE ….CHANGES in your life…. Or are you just going to keep kicking the can down the street…hoping against hope that something will just…. Happen,….kinda, sorta, maybe, who da heck knows… B & S in Christ each and every one of us has 1 thing we need to STOP doing, and 1 thing we need to START doing… we need to make at least one CHANGE… I AM asking you, begging you to just make one CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE…TO BRING YOU CLOSER TO GOD AND STOP KICKING THE CAN… how much longer will you continue to cuss like a sailor… 40,000 words in the English language and you cant find another word, besides a curse word…or worse, GD or the f bomb!! Out of the mouth of Lucifier himself…. If you curse more than you say, thank you each day… you are cursing WAY TOO MUCH!!! Do you gossip more than you say, thank YOU….??? You mean to tell me, that the only thing you speak about is others… that’s all you know… shame on us!!! What about praying… to we stay up too late and decide not to pray… we will catch it again another time… or sleep in too long…hit the snooze way too much… and then blow off our prayers??? This must CHANGE!!! …. How many times do I hear people say,,,fada… I feel asleep praying my rosary, but its ok, my guardian angel finished it… your guardian angel is in heaven, he doesn’t need to finish it!!! You need to finish it… how much longer will you watch those shows that are imprudent… how much longer will we get on the internet and watch pornography… have that extra drink …. We are DESTROYING OUR FAMILIES….!!! This must… CHANGE!!! What are you and I waiting for…. Are you angry all the time and justify this by saying, well that is just how god made me… NO HE DID NOT!!! You made you this way, HE MADE ALL THINGS GOOD!!! How many excuses will we use for always running late… sleeping in too much…this must CHANGE!!!
My B & S… I leave you with this…. Life will not…WILL NOT get better by chance… it will only GET BETTER with…. CHANGE!!!







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