2017 Homilies (Written)


Matthew 10:26-33; (As built; Amite # 265; 7-2-17)

… It’s the 1980’s, 90’s.... his name is Steve… he was born in Massachusetts, Littleton I believe… he is 1 of 4… his mom was a psych nurse and his dad an Elec Engineer… they are Catholic to their bones… Steve went to an all-boys Catholic High School… his high school years were pretty uneventful… he really just kinda blended in… played lacrosse and was a goalie for their hockey team… he went on to college, attended …….. Where graduated in History… Steve went back home and became a Post man… it lasted about 6 months… they parted ways, you see Steve took too long to deliver the mail… then he got a job at a 24 Store, working night shift… that didn’t last either! Well one day, his friend Steve Colbert, the late night host… gets him some work at a Comedy Store… which leads to a show called ………, then came Fox Catcher, then Anchor Man, 1 & 2…. Then Get Smart… then The Office followed by, a 40 year Old Virgin… yes you know Steve, as Steve Carell … and when asked about his Catholicity… he was quite direct! I love My Church, Mother Church… the Sacraments, the Eucharist… the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ… I loved the Traditions… and it makes me be more Generous!!!
THE GOSPEL TODAY IS JUST THAT… the more we do for Christ… the more GENEROUS HE will be with us… HE WILL NEVER BE OUTDONE IN HIS GENEROISTY.. you heard it just read… If you love ME more than your mother and father, you son, your daughter…and you carry your cross…. A prophets ‘award awaits for you!!! As a first century Jew… two things come to mind immediately… one, how can you say more than my mom and dad…when it’s a commandment, the 4th to be exact…? The Good Lord reminds them of the First Commandment… to love God with you whole heart, mind and soul…. And there is a reason this is first and the parents is 4th…He is NOT condoning breaking it… HE is however placing emphasis on what it means to LOVE GOD!!! Secondly, the cross is a brutal way to be executed in those days…so to say, to the apostles pick up your cross and follow me… is very daunting to say the least!!! It was an absolute brutal way to die…numerous types of Crosses… T’s, elongated T’s, X’s, some were lit, others low enough to the ground for dogs to eat… etc!!!
The Good Lord is telling them, the road will be tough; the reward will be even GREATER!!!
THROUGHOUT SCRIPTURE… all the Great players were Generous… think for a second….Veronica… takes her veil… its not like she has so many of these and GENEROUSLY gives it to Christ to wipe His Face… on the road to Calvary… and HER REWARD IS GREAT!!! The Good Lord will never be out done in GENEROISTY… Lazarus.. was one of the wealthiest men of his day…yet when Christ ascended into Heaven, according to Tradition, he walked away from everything for Christ… became a Bishop!!!
Well, here you and I sit some 2000 years later…. Do you consider yourself a GENEROUS PERSON?!?!?!... lets see… we are going to take a little test… 10 points… 6 right is a D and that does not stand for dandy… 7 is not passing… object mediocrity is nothing to shoot for…. 8 passes… are ya ready… here we go!!!

When you leave a tip… less than 15%, 15%, or are you generous with 20%?
If there is a long grocery line… and someone is behind you…. Don’t let them in, let them ahead of you – but there are exceptions, or are you generous and let them go ahead?
If the ticket comes to the table… and the one who pays is not there, do you…. Pay just your share, pay a prorate share based on the total…or are you generous and pick up the tab?
You friend buys you a lotto ticket…you win.. 1 mill… do you send them a thank you ticket, give them 10% or are you generous and split the winnings…?
At the cleaners, they put a tip jar…do you refrain, or are you generous and leave a tip?
When you outgrow clothes…. Do you have a garage sale, sell them outright… or are you generous and donate them to charity…?
Shoes….!! Do you own more than 50 pairs of shoes, including sandals, out of season, in season, my season, our season; I can’t spell season, tennis shoes…. Or will you get rid of 25 and keep 25 ….or will you be generous and only keep 10, giving the rest away to charity?
Donuts… your boss does not make it in to work…he usually buys the donuts… do you put up money to buy some, put up half…or are you generous and buy the donuts for the office…?
Bahamas… you have won a trip…but can’t make it due to conflicts of schedule… do you try and sell it… do you try and get half you money one way or another…. Or are you generous and give it to family or a friend…?
Time/Money… for a charity event… will you give your money… or your time…or be generous and give both money and time?
Baits….? How many baits to you have in your tackle box….over 50…over 25 giving the rest away…or 10, and gave the rest away to a charity…?
BONUS:… When you give money to the Church… do you give 2% or less….5 % or less or are you generous and give 10% as per Scripture and tithe??

Remember My B & S in Christ… remember the commandments… yes, Love God with you whole heart, mind and soul…but the second commandment is important as well… love you neighbor as yourself!!! Remember too, what the good Lord stated… I was hungry and you game me to eat, I was in prison and you visited me… I was naked you clothed me…. Christ was asked, Lord when were you hungry, in prison or naked…. He stated, when you do it for the least of your brothers you do it for me….!!
I leave you with the words of Winston Churchill “You make a living by what you make…You make a LIFE by what you give”…. So …. Be …. GENEROUS!!!







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