2017 Homilies (Written)


Matthew 10:26-33; (As built; Amite # 264; 6-25-17)

“Wager”(placing a bet….)
… It’s the 1990’s…. her name is Noelle… she was born in Toledo, Ohio…she is 1 of 5 children… her mom is the quintessential mom, her dad is an attorney… and they are CATHOLIC!! In HS, Noelle began to show an interest in acting, drama….the theatre… so much so, she stared in an HS play called Hello Dolly and then again in Damn Yankees! The parents could see where this was going…and they had their concerns…. Being very Catholic… and heading to LA, etc… they would be willing to WAGER all they had to protect their little girl…. Well, it didn’t take long for the bug to take ahold of Noelle… she auditioned for the show Dawson’s Creek… and did so in her basement… sent it in fed exp… and believe or not…it was a hit…she got the job!! Well, this opened the door for Noelle…she got parts in the movies, like… Ice Storm, Singing Detective, Mad Money, the Gift, 1st Daughter… and then the big hit, Batman Returns… according to TV Guide she became one of the 25 top female actors under 25, then she made the top 30 list, when she became 30…. But it seems her fame came when she married a scientologist… garnered her the nickname TomKat… after a combo of her husbands first name and hers… granted she finally separated from Tom, and the family WAGERED all they had to get her back, and into Mother Church… St Frances Xavier in Toldeo, yes…you know Noelle, as Katie Noelle Holmes!!!
THE GOSPEL is all about… making a WAGER!!! The Good Lord is telling His Disciples, there is NO WAGER worth your soul…PERIOD!!! And please make sure you understand the setting… the Good Lord has called His Disciples together…to remove, the FEAR… with regards to what words to say when speaking to others… HE tells them, the HS will give them the words to speak, have NO FEAR… on how to ACT… be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves… on how to go about, I will be with you until the end of time…. Three times, HE TELLS THEM TO HAVE NO FEAR… there is nothing this world can give you, or scare you with… You have been made in my Image, I am with you until the end of time… STAY THE COURSE…and you will be with ME, for ALL ETERNITY!!! and please remember this… the Good Lord said not a sparrow falls from the sky without His Fathers knowledge…and He knows the hairs on you head… that is how involved HE IS…(never said, the hairs that are saved, just counted….)
THROUGHOUT SCRIPTURE…people reacted out of FEAR… they bet the farm… and all too often… LOST!!! Take Judas, he wagered, he bet that Christ was not the Savior of the World, the new King… and he lost his APOSTLSHIP … Pilate WAGERED his kingdom, that Christ was not king… he killed himself years later… yet for everyone who does this…there are those who placed a bet with GOD… and had no FEAR of the world, its offerings, or tactics… MM, Lazarus, and Longinus himself…all walked away from the world, and bet it all on Christ… and now today, we speak of them by name!!!
WELL ITS BEEN 2000 years…what is amazing my B & S in Christ… is that we make WAGERS everyday… we WAGER that the sin we committed is no big deal… we WAGER that the little gossip… does not matter much… does IT?? When we gossip to someone, and then to another… each time, it ‘double downs’…. And then again and again…each time the person passes it on… We WAGER our soul when we text, email, speak imprudently… remember, we are never neutral… so before you speak, act, write, email, text… you are wagering…. With Christ, or the evil one… and when we pass… our WAGERS will be called….and we must settle up… why would any one… WAGER their soul, all eternity on things of this world, or the lure of the evil one… Pascal was right… any one with good logic, common sense…would WAGER that God did exist…if you are right, then you are all in… HEAVEN… if you are wrong, you have lost nothing…. Therefore place your WAGER…. On Christ!







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