2017 Homilies (Written)



Luke 2:22-40 (As built, 12-28-14; Amite #287)
  1. “Patience”
  2. …The year is 1960 and his name… Maurice Michaelwhite…he is born in London… he is one of 3 children… his youngest brother suffered with severe epilepsy… Maurice’s mom was a good cook…and also moonlighted as a cleaning lady… his dad worked at the fisherman’s market… Maurice will tell you that his HS days were uneventful for the most part…and upon graduating from HS…he headed to the army… which was required of all men and women in GB… Maurice once said, that he thought it was a good idea for all to do this… he said, you have a greater appreciation for your country…and less likely to complain about it when you get older…. While in the services… he became a big fan of Humphrey Bogart… so much so… that he told himself that when he gets out…he is going into the film industry and that he did… he was a messenger of sorts for a movie company running errands, delivering movies, scripts…etc…. And someday he knew that if he was PATIENT enough he would get a shot at the movies… and sure enough he did… he got a bit part in the movie, Funeral in Berlin…followed by Bombing Britain… and then got a part in the movie… Dirty Play… it lead to his debut in the movie… ZULU… and it did pretty well… Maurice thought his path was golden… but it didn’t work out that way… things got pretty slim for the next….. decade! When asked about that decade… Maurice will tell you, most of his movies didn’t make tv right away and when they did… it came on at 2 am… everybody is sleeping and since nobody was watching, they thought he was dead! Well, he said his PATIENCE was wearing thin…. But then finally, the PATIENCE PAID OFF… he made the cast for the movie… A Man Who Ought to be King… then A Bridge Too Far… then Hannah ‘s Sisters… and then with Austin Powers in Gold member… and his biggest hit…. The Dark Knight Trilogy… he is Bruce Wayne’s butler…so to speak… then the Italian Job, Get Carter… and now in Dunkirk… you know Maurice… but you know him by his new name… the one he changed when his agent told him in a phone conversation in a phone booth… that his name needed to be changed… to look around and come up with a new name… he looked right… and saw a billboard for a new movie called, the Caine Mutiny! Good thing he didn’t look right, Maurice said, he would have been called Michael 101 Dalmatians~! You know his as Michael Caine…!!!
  3. THE GOSPEL TODAY IS ALL ABOUT …. PATIENCE!  My friends in Christ, upon the birth of Her Son, our Savior Jesus Christ… Mary had to way 40-60 days to be purified before She could enter the temple… talk about Patient!!! The Woman, the Most Holy Blessed Mother…  FULL OF GRACE… had to wait 40-60 days to make sure she was acceptable to the temple… this is Like Christ being Baptized… it was the law and Her and Her Son, came to fulfill the law, not break it! And if this was not enough Mary and Joseph were… POOR… more so than Al… so much so, they could not even afford a lamb for the offering of bringing a male child into the temple…you see, back in their day… if you bring a male child into the temple, you had to bring a lamb as sacrifice/payment so to speak… if you bring a female, you could bring or offer, one turtle dove or pigeon… but if you could not bring a lamb, you had to pay double …hence, two turtle doves or two pigeons!!! She now how to be PATIENT once again, in trying to find another (2) dove or pigeon… I mean really, you can afford a lamb, so now come up with another bird… talk about PATIENT! The same could be said of Simeon, he has been waiting his entire life for the coming of the Savior… to see him, to hold him, to bless him… and now when his time has almost come, the Savior comes to him… talk about PATIENT! The same could be said of Anna, she too had been patiently waiting… please remember, the numbers used to describe her life are significant… she was married 7 years… 7 is the most complete number…which represents the Christ child (ie most complete, 7 days of creation, 7 years to build the temple…six jars at the wedding of cana, Christ is the 7th jar, hence why he said My hour has not yet come… blood and water from MY side… will be the 7th jar… 7 means complete)  the number 84, when she passed… represent 7 times 12 (the number of apostles)… Anna’s numbers represent the beginning of Mother Church… Christ has come, hence the most complete number… the most complete person…7… and he will leave it to the 12… to start Mother church.
  4. Throughout Scripture…there have been several people whose PATIENCE HAS MADE A MEMORABLE MARK ON MANKIND… think about Veronica, because she was patient… waiting on Christ to  come… not worried about the soldiers telling her to move, cursing her…not worried about what others would think… just standing there waiting on Christ to come and because she was PATIENT in doing so, today we have HIS veil! And so you know her name… Veronica… veron means ‘true’… ica means ‘icon’… hence; true icon! The same is true with Joseph of Armamatheia… here is a man who could have given his tomb to anyone… to a friend who passed away, another family member…or saved it for himself…but was Patient and because he was, his tomb…HOUSED THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD! What about the lepers in Scripture…. Do you think they just hung around outside of town waiting for Christ, because they knew HE would be by any moment… think for a second…first as a leper you are confined to an area…and you can’t leave, but if you do and your are caught…you will be stoned…you are fed only by the generosity of family or passerby’s, who throw you food…yet you will risk all of this to be in front of HIM…and equally important… it is not like you knew exactly when the Savior was coming thru town… nobody had a bulletin board with arrival times, etc…or was there a town crier, like Paul revere riding thru town… proclaiming the Big Guy is on HIS way… or someone texting HIS arrival time… they had to hang around outside of town base on rumoror innuendo, hoping that it was true…. It is all about… PATIENCE!!!
  5. THE QUESTION FOR YOU AND I, 2000 YEARS LATER… HOW PATIENT ARE WE… well let’s see… when you are driving and someone is in front of you at red light,,,, and the light turns green …how long before you begin to complain, curse, honk your horn, lay on your horn…a nano-second!? When you are driving and the person in front of you is driving like a Sunday afternoon, just slowly driving without a care in the world… and you are behind them… the problem is that it is not Sunday, but Monday and you got things to do… do you pass them, giving them the ‘your number one’ signal!!! What about when people don’t use their blinkers and you waited for them, only for them to turn right before you…do you give that look … ‘like you and the horse you just came in on’!!! When you go to work, do you complain about having to repeat yourself over and over again, because the guy you work with is the village idiot…maybe the Good Lord sent him to you so you can educate him, or teach you PATIENCE!!! What about when you are in line at Wal-Mart…and the line is backing way up…and there are only two cashiers available… yet there are 50 cash registers that could be opened… and if that is not bad enough… the other cashier that was working, now decides its break time…. Where is your PATIENCE?!?! What about when you are checking out in the 10 item or less line, but the guy in front of you has more than 10 items, you know this, because your counted the items…how PATIENT are you?!?! What about when your grandparents or parents ask you how to work the remote, again…for the 100 the time…. Are you going to be PATIENT… with them…or show them yet again, how to turn on the computer, send an email or pull up a picture…how PATIENT are you?!?!?!  Because let me warn you….your parents, grandparents took care of you when you could not take care of yourself… they washed you, fed you, clothed you, and cleaned you… now tell me who had the ‘THE WORSE END OF THAT JOB’!!!!
  6. My B & S in Christ IMAGINE….…. The measure that you use to measured/judge others is the measure will use to measure/judge you…now replace that sentence with the word… PATIENCE… the patience, that you use to measure/judge others, is the patience I will use to measure/judge you!!! BE PATIENT!!!
  7. I leave you with this… Being PATIENT… does not mean sitting still, but sitting still with a GOOD ATTITUDE… !!!
  8. Amen!!!







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